Twin Souls share a very similar essence, energy & higher calling — even if it may show up in different forms in the physical reality or the current choices that both are making.

Twin Flame Soul Reports study both natal charts & their interferences, intersections and soul similarities to answer the following: 

* What are the marks of a past life, and soul deep connection between both in the charts?

* What are the key traits of your shared Twin Flame energy that we can learn from your charts?

* What is the calling & destiny of your unique couple soul’s blueprint? 

* Which type of lineage & soul group are you likely to be originated from?

Sun, Moon, Venus & Mars placements, as well as the Lunar Nodes, Lilith, Asteroids & Sacred Geometry Composite symbolisms will be primarily studied. 

Contact me via the Contact page to arrange your Twin Soul Astro Report. Two formats available: 1h20 Zoom video call or 1h recording directly sent to your inbox. 

Much love, ❤