I feel called to share today that we always have to remember that the Twin Flame process is first and foremost a journey back to the Self.

And as anything finally happening to acknowledge that a Destination point has been reached, what we call Reunion happens (if they do in this present lifetime) when both parts are Healed — and not because there is a New Moon or an energy shift. Those planetary movements help us progressively do the work if we ride the cosmic wave — they support us but they don’t replace our responsibility to do it, & their impact on us as well as the work we have to do from the energies is always different from one person to the next as our journeys are unique, and as what we are here to heal and learn individually shows specific characteristics, a different depth and complexity on different key matters and come from distinct personal histories.

To explain this further I’d like to refer to the principles of deep healing and of the transformation of trauma.

The Divine Love process speaks of deep inner work and healing and of profound diving in the Psyche of the self – its patterns, its past in all ways, its trauma.

It isn’t a superficial journey in the sense that it takes us to what’s stored in the subconscious and we don’t know about before we do, yet directs our ways in the tangible.

Also it requires time, because only time allows solid embodiment. Yes, the journey immensely strengthens our spiritual connection and understanding, meaning it happens up there and in the mind — BUT most importantly it’s meant to reshape lives, asking the targeted souls to embody, to evolve in the physical and to turn understanding into a new kind of self-agency.

The journey leads us if we allow it — and if we don’t hide behind the « it’s meant to be » which actually gives comfort but takes us partly away from the truth of what has to be done & from the evidence of the work that we have to do — to the wounds and trauma that we didn’t even know about before.

It seems important to understand that what needs to be healed is not always accessible to the conscious mind and the rational brain, and that’s why the journey continues until it clicks – even if « we think » we’ve arrived. Thinking we’ve arrived would be like deciding deliberately that a soul is healed WHILE we store most of our traumas in the body and the subconscious, and those are not accessible and seen by the rational brain before they are.

Our emotional side and bodies keep things unprocessed and not integrated until there is a committed desire to see and go into healing, AND/OR until we receive the corresponding triggers from the School of relationships and life.
As any Empire, the deep healing of the Twin Flame process requires work, time, commitment and many stones. It employs various kinds of builders and artists, and it witnesses many storms on its way. It requires an embodied participation in life and in the possible triggers that life experiences may bring.

It requires trust, inner knowing, magic & a constant dialogue with the Stars… but also to see the full truth of the height and of the bigness that we are here to build.