This is a channeled message received directly from higher realms unexpectedly.

At this time of the evolution Twin Flame Feminine counterparts must focus on the progression of their own healing and feminine path. A lot has been processed already and this in absolutely amazing and unexpected forms. Things have progressed faster than we thought and the level of Wholeness and Completion now found in the Divine Feminine has been highly seen and felt as impressive.

We have witnessed the Divine Feminine working almost relentlessly on purging and cleasing negative ways. She has also worked on reaching what we call the Inner Harmonics and achieving what’s needed inside to make Her more in purpose, present, modern and full Outwardly. The balance that she has been working on while respecting her Truth is and has been admirable. She has known how to work on self-reliance, autonomy and what we call Independence — without closeness of the heart, walls and withdrawal.

She has in fact learned the difference between needing and wanting, between the human heritage of love as dependence – and love in freedom.

IT IS NOW ASKED, for Twin Flame Pairs that are in physical union or not to keep the work.

The message is clearly that the Divine Feminine Only has the magical golden potent and almost sacred Power in This Life to heal the one that they Know is their Divine Counterpart.

It is important to feel that the Mission of the Feminine is of reaching Wholeness and Healing Herself fully. It is a promise of the Gods and the Goddesses that She Is The Key. The Sacred Door.

It She Does we can tell you that the Other Half which is Her – will find its way back Home which is Her.

She has been given the sacred task mission and responsibility, the divine duty, unavoidable and irrevocable to bring healing to the shared soul because Only Her can Heal Their both human forms and Him.

It is of the utmost importance to understand that they physical is and has been since the beginning a sort of Catalystic Ilusion and Play, and in a sense that nothing of what was seen saw was real. The bond as well as the tasks that both Twins have played for the unfoldment of Ascension is of the highest mystical, of the most ancient sacred. What she will do now, only Her can do — what he did to crack her open, only He could do.

As it is said above, He will bring the Sun in Her, and She will bring the Sun in He.

We are always watching and assisting you. Your feet Must Follow the path of the individual healing of what seems to be the Feminine side of the flame.

Her journey Must Be her priority as her journey is her healing and her healing is the Wholeness of the Temple — which only can allow the return of the other side, of the God of the other half.

It is of the highest importance that the Divine Feminine walk in Trust and Faith, whatever this means. We add that the wrong direction leads in the right direction.

Her, as leading the evolution as the global consciousness and Embodying her role must be of sacred purpose.

She Must do for she has to do no matter what He.

In the name of Him and of the memories of all the ages of the humankind, in the name of what He will be, in the name of the Immense Healing Power she is there to bring to the Earth, to her people, to life, to men, to He — she must walk without turning back always in the direction of what heals her in all the components of what she knows that Her Soul needs for healing and resurrection in the total spectrum of joy and of the New paradigm.

She has to be extremely confident and walk where she knows that she has to go no matter what is seen. It is a promise of the Gods and the Goddesses that She Is The Key, the Sacred Door.

As was written a long time ago – He will bring the Sun in Her, and She will bring the Sun in He.