On the path of Twin Flame “reunion” or coming together, we often times see things in black & white.

The depth of the love that we feel as well as the emotional intensity which characterize the Twin Flame bond might have us focus our energy on “them” and on “the situation”, and think that the only signs of its possible progression are found within that bond only… but the Universe actually conceals a bunch of other useful omens and signs on the path.


We learn in time that everything is intertwined — what happens with them and what happens with others, in the sense that what we heal is healed no matter what the specific situation which allowed the healing of a specific core wound is.

We may think that only through this specific Divine Partnership our wounds may be healed because “no one else” could take us that deep within, cause such a draw, etc. And this is partly true, in the sense that the way we feel for our Twins is not temporary and will stay in time  — which makes a big difference with “other people and partners in general” for sure. It is true that while we may feel drawn for a while to other people because they are a match to a given layer of ourselves, they help us see or heal or recover from a specific thing that we had within — the connection that we feel for our Twins has no time-limit and reaching harmony with them could actually be seen as the “destination” or the deepest part we may be able to reach within.

While people come and go on the path in general terms, our connection with our Twins shows ups & downs but never “leaves” or fully “fades”.

However and while Twin Flames are in “separation”, the Universe bring to them other rooms of experiences, other tests, other connections and adventures, other chapters of life, other shared healing journeys with others SO THAT they may heal more WITHIN themselves and while their Twin is traveling the healing path of self-discovery on their own and they are “unavailable” to trigger their partner and help them dive within.

While Twins are in separation, other “things” happen in their lives and help them Raise their Vibration — therefore feeling closer and closer to the level of energy that the Twin Flame bond represents  : deep knowing of the Self, acceptance of the different parts of the self, ability to process the emotions on their own, ability to open their heart to love, ability to step out of codependency relationships and partnerships, ability to walk toward their truth while finding balance and anchoring in the human world that we live in, connection with both above and below, ability to become “powerful” from the heart and without imposing oneself based on the ego restrictive ways of being seen in the world.


We also understand in time that even when we have no physical clue or evidence about what may be going on on the other side of the Soul, and in the heart of our Twin — an easy way to know is by having a closer look on our personal situations and what is their recent evolution or history.

Three types of relationships may be “studied” : the one we have with ourselves, the one we have with others in general and with other romantic/intimate partners if that is our truth.

For example, the level of acceptance that we have for our own selves is a good reflection of the level of acceptance that we have for our Twins. It is interesting to always remember that, and even if all lives are different, Twin Souls share similar patterns, personal stories of “achievements” and “regrets” about life, as well as what we sometimes call “qualities” and “flaws”. When we start to see that our “biggest mistakes” actually find a reflection in their own lives, as well as the opposite, we learn to understand, have compassion and forgive everyone at the same time.

What is that specific thing in their lives that we have difficulties understanding and forgiving and, where is the mirror within our own selves?

We may feel often “they are too much in the ego”, “how could they do this or that?”, “how could they hurt me that much and run that far?” etc, but if we can see what is the reflection within us of that specific pattern, we have the ability to heal it within ourselves and therefore for the couple.

We are reminded that if we can always bring ourselves back within any time we are triggered through the unfoldment of the Twin Flame Relationship, we actually heal both our own wounds and fasten a little more the access to the heart, the core, the treasure that our partner carry within. In other words, the layers that we uncover within ourselves, are actually layers that we uncover for them and for the relationship too.

As individuals, we are the path toward reunion and the path shall be found always within… however healing ourselves, is healing themselves too.


Other people are interesting “indicators” as well. Our growing ability to process what the “world” throws at us, and of staying in peace and grounded no matter what our closed ones may do or say is a great sign of the healing which happened within.

If we can stay with others and being ourselves without running away even if they disagree, meaning if we can be both in our power and in respect for other people’s paths — it shows that the knowing of the self that we’ve built paradoxically allows us to be more outwardly and to eventually separate from the cloack we had once built around ourselves to find our center, our truth, our passion, our authentic self sometimes in isolation in order not to feel too exposed while we were doing that sacred and sometimes difficult exercise.

Our ability to remain ourselves while functionning with others shows that a solid core and foundation has been built within — and that solidity is also a beautiful asset for the Twin Flame relationship, as it proves to be very useful when our partner shows a face of themselves that we didn’t know about, which seems “fake” or which triggers us for any reason (coming from the ego, not “spiritual”, not respectful of our freedom, etc.).

In other words, on the Twin Flame path, each training that Life offers is one that the Soul should accept to take. 

As athlets, we are trained and we practise on many playgrounds — but eventually, all of those skills, the successes of many battlefields and stages always benefit and serve the ultimate truth and place where we want to use all that we know… and that space is the one of the Twin Soul connection.


Likewise, there are things that more intimate connections with others, even if they are temporary or fleeting, may help us heal and this therefore paradoxically speeds up the Twin Flame journey.

The way we relate with the people that we are or could feel drawn to at an “romantic” level is an interesting indicator of where we ourselves stand, who we draw to us and why, how we respond to the energy of “love”/”sexuality” in general, how we connect with others when we get closer to them, how we relate to people when love brings fear.

This is an interesting indicator of the “level” the bond with our Twins is currently aligning with.

We may be reminded that, what we could be tempted to do with our Twins is exactly the exact same thing we reproduce with others. We receive the same triggers from other connected people, because ultimately it is always about US. They make us fear the same things, they come in and out with similar energies and we learn with them, those “other people”, how to find balance WITHIN even when connected with other souls.

For example, we may enter the life of people and practise with them — therefore providing and offering a sort of “sacred space” or container to explore ourselves. Fears of speaking our truth, of being too much, of showing ourselves, of being naked in love whatever that means to us, don’t HAVE TO be healed only with our Twin Flames.

We learn, if that is what we need, to explore and “be with” without attaching, needing, identifying with it, searching.

We learn that we don’t have to “withdraw” from the energy of love when it is not exactly what we wanted or expected, we learn that if we can feed ourselves on our own it is actually OK and beautiful to accept people exactly as they are.

We learn that, if we can feel comfortable and full enough within ourselves, it becomes safe to be with the ones we feel attracted to and we feel love for, even if they don’t answer our “needs”.

We explore how we can be guided more by the energies of love, adventure, interest, physical draw, friendship, joy, pleasure, or whatever feels “light” — rather than by the energy of fear, attachment or “will they answer my needs and make me happy?”, which actually come from a place of lack).

By allowing life in general, we understand as well that beauty is found in many places actually, it is always there and always goes at the same time, it flows and fluctuates in life, as our Twin Flame do…

We learn that our joy and peace is found within. Yes, love increases our own inner feelings of happy, and the departure of love makes us feel weird and sad and empty sometimes…but in the truth all of this is an illusion, we are always safe and full on our own, even through the wind and waves of love, and that is precisely why we can let it in.

I’ve enjoyed connecting with you,