Dear Twin Flames, we’re getting closer to the Solstice gateway. This is a time a new magic and clarity for Twin Souls. Forget about all that has happened, all was an illusion. All is well, and you’re free. 

We’ve seen all the work — wow! you’ve done amazing. Every day was a progress this year, and still is. You’ve done so well, you’ve faced so much, you’re on the way back to yourself.

We can tell you that Twin Flames are on their way back home. 

Now you understand that what you saw at that time through your interactions with them, was only part of the “truth” — it was only what you were able to see at that time based on the world’s glasses that you were carrying.

Now that you’ve changed glasses, you can feel how life has changed. Now you can see that they were no “runners”. This is only spiritual vocable, but you both ran. When they were scared, you were scared too. When they were feeling too much for you and therefore decided to leave a room, a situation, a place — you were feeling too much too. They were two runners actually — and, they are no “chasers”. 

Could you now replay the events that have bothered you with your new glasses on?

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