When a Man enters a Woman with his Soul.

When two people are deeply connected as Souls, they experience new heights and forms of Sexuality.

Sex doesn’t have to mean Duty. Sex isn’t a Contract or a written line in the middle of a marriage’s agreement.

Sacred Sexuality is a shared willingness to explore the Beloved from a new perspective — a committed desire to Journey Deeper together, to see and hold more of another’s soul.

Conscious sex may take bodies to ecstasy, but it isn’t done in the name of pleasure only.

Conscious sex happens when two people are willing to Surrender together in sacred space and to open their secret garden to one another.

True Intimacy isn’t what it always seems — being naked or revealing one’s skin.

True Intimacy is about baring one’s Soul and allowing the Body to flow in accordance to what the Heart feels.

Intimacy is allowing one’s body to be the tangible vessel of what a soul longs to speak.

Conscious sex is a body that shakes and waves, because a heart can’t contain the depths of what it feels.


“Conscious Sex” is when a Man enters a Woman with his soul.

He is not there to be the king of the castle or the number1 acrobat of the year.

He is there to give Her his energy and what He knows. He is there to love her and honour her in a way that requires no words.

He is there to hold Her and create a sacred, gentle, safe space between two Souls.

He is there to give Her the strength that she needs to reveal herself.

He is there to surrender His warrior’s carapace in Her, he is there to become the softness of his given heart and welcome, through her, more of His own soul.

He is there to see how the Masculine and the Feminine become One.

He is there to contribute to Her and Their greater good.

He is the explorer – longing to touch, to heal and to learn the Heart of his Empress from the magical infinity of a closer space.


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