The call was so strong, because it had to. Because you needed such a clear and strong guiding voice to step out of what wasn’t true for you. A strong call is what you needed. But also, it had to touch your heart, deeply. It couldn’t be someone telling you what to do, or a book or anything. Or you wouldn’t have listened. A strong call is what you needed, a strong call from the outside, but it had to feel like coming from yourself, from your core.

You needed such a strong, obvious, trustworthy call – it felt from the occult even. To help you move away from what wasn’t happy, joyful, genuine, aligned, what wasn’t enough. To help you reach your highest self. Ascend, build you True Self, become, grow.

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You need to keep walking toward a Vision, even if not manifested yet.

But if you ever wonder why it happened that way, why it has been that difficult and strange sometimes, you will remember. You will remember that they did it for your Soul, for the revelation of Yourself and for your growth. To trigger your sacred expansion, to make you Become your highest You.

It’s a soul contract, a partnership… concealed behind some twists & turns of love. A blessing of the Sacred, disguised underneath failed crossroads, behind silences.

A blessing of You, remembering you. Such a magical, improbable task in fact… but not, truly not, a disappointed work of love.

Women embodying Sacred Feminine codes have many missions,

but one of them is to open the Heart of the men that have been chosen to embody the Divine Masculine’s traits.

This « relationship » isn’t an outside situation — but the external mirror of the energy that we hold within.

Whenever you do something to find your joy, to get closer to your authentic self or to raise your vibration, you also automatically come closer to your Twin. Whatever work you may be doing to speed up Reunion, mechanically heals yourself as well.

This is the magic of the Twin Flame Journey. As within, so without.


You don’t have to believe in anything that feels wrong. Your heart knows the Truth — it knows whom it loves, and this is now set in stone.

The ones that don’t understand Who you’re and What you truly believe in, are possibly not meant to travel your future with you. 

This is truly not the time to give up your dreams – what’s meant to be, will always find a way.

Timelines? We don’t care about these that much. We’ve come here to learn, and we’ve all of our time.

It’s precisely when we start to accept, love and find  ourselves more and more – that we don’t need the love and attention of another, to feel happy or whole.

When we begin to feel more and more complete on our own, we become able to love freely — without specific expectations, without wondering what it may become or even if it’ll stay.

This is the gift of Twin Flames. They don’t rely on their counterpart to find joy, they already are joy. That’s why their love is detached, it’s based on freedom.

We protect ourselves from intense emotions, we hide our hearts behind walls to feel safe — but the truth is, by shielding ourselves from being hurt we also shield ourselves from love.

Having our heart naked in front of true love would feel almost unbearable, so unsafe and risky — so we hide our feelings, we escape from speaking the truth, we do everything to maintain our dignity. But the truth is, opening our hearts to give love to the one that truly matters is actually the path to receiving this love.

“Even after all this time, the Sun never says to the Earth: you owe me. Look what happens with a love like that, it lights the whole sky.” Hafiz