The pillars of the Twin Flame’s path.

I’ve seen that the Twin Flame’s journey is both universal and very personal.

Very personal because we all – Twin Souls – need to release specific energetic baggage which weighs us down. It initially comes from past situations (childhood, previous relationships, past lives even) and prevents us from fully “ascending” and stabilizing on the long-run at high vibrational levels.

In other words our journeys are always unique because we’ve all learnt to love in different ways, most likely in different kind of families, countries and cultures — so what we need to clear in order to attain the vibration of Unconditional Love is always somehow different, even from one Twin to the other within a given pair.

But our journeys all share very common traits. To say things shortly, I’ve found out that we all struggle with separation phases or what’s called the runner – chaser game (which I paradoxically don’t agree with as developed in an article) after sort of “magical” first experiences, deep feelings or even never-seen connections at physical and sexual levels.

There is often one who pushes the other to make the relationship happen, restart or last, while their counterpart pulls away or “run” — most of the time because of deep-seated fears of “true love”, commitment or of being smothered.

I also know that Twins Flames never mean to hurt their counterpart. They always do their best even if it seems different from an outside perspective.

Actually both Twin Flames deal with their own selves, wounds and desires, learn to distinguish what is their truth and what they aren’t — precisely through the relationship  and because the relationship exists and unfolds. This soul’s partnership happens to make both Twins grow and learn as much as they need for their own journey.

It’s like a deal: we go through this together (Twin Souls are always connected in spirit, no matter how far they seem to be geographically) — we’ll experience each “stage” as long as we both need, before Reunion ultimately happens.

Each stage is a gift from your Twin to you, because it makes you grow as much as your soul actually needs and requests — even the phases of separation are gifts, and most likely the most important and profound lessons of a lifetime. 

The gift that your Twin offers you, is to find and step into your personal power.

To read more about this very important point, go here: All that has happened was an organized play of love.


These things now appear to me as the basics of this journey — so they represent the pillars of my work around Twin Flames, even if in my articles these ideas are sometimes only found between words.

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