The truth about Twin Flames: Beyond Paradoxes and Suffering.

We hear and read a lot about Twin Flame relationships. Our Twins enter our lives as the most beautiful and disturbing hurricane ever.

The reunion usually starts with a strange feeling — it seems that we already know this person. Love develops quickly, and in a deep way.

The connection feels magical because it works on many dimensions — intellectual, sexual and spiritual. Something in their personal stories feels surprisingly familiar. We share similar visions and expectations about life, and not he most typical or easiest ones.

However, most of the time the fairy tale transforms quickly into an intense journey of growth for both individuals, because the relationship makes them face themselves and transform.

We know that, but what else can be said about these?


Each Twin Flame romance is unique, and will only unfold according to the rhythm of the journey of both souls. Even if we’re all influenced by bigger trends and planetary shifts, Twin Flame relationships only progress at the pace of the two individuals involved.

We could say that Twins fall apart in March 2016 and reunite in February 2017, which I don’t agree with even if that’s true.

Whatever the energies may be on the outside, a soul learns only when it’s ready, and no sooner; a heart awakens when its time has come, and no earlier than that.

So if you’re one of the Twins, don’t listen too much to what happens in other romances. You and your other half share the same energetic field, but most likely with no one else in the world.


What do such relationships mean? Why Me and why Us?

Twin Flame relationships happen when both individuals have reached a significant state of spiritual evolution.

Twins come together to bring about in their reflection — the other Twin — the growth that is needed so that both could reach their highest potential. That’s why it hurts:growth happens through healing, and healing allows the dark to surface.

We meet our Twin in the physical world when life wants us to:

* Learn to love unconditionally,  which means finding happiness in a relationship based on friendship, freedom of becoming what both individuals are without restriction, understanding and forgiveness, joy no matter where and how far the Twin is.

In other words, Sacred unions happen between individuals who are independent and strong enough to stand on their own two feet, or between those who are learning to be so.

Twins meet because they’re ready to love someone from a place of self-love, without being needy for their partner — which could be the case because of a lack of self-worth, urge to be cared for and rescued, or any kind of codependency pattern.

The challenges that these relationships bring are all meant to be, and take place precisely to enable both souls to attain this state of unconditional love.

* Find your own purpose, and be some sort of a mentor in the world, even on a small scale. Twins aren’t brought together because their eyes match, even though they often do.

The Universe make them cross paths because they’re meant to work hand in hand on a mission, and start a project, adventure or business destined to improve the world. The task requires that their respective forces and abilities come together in the physical world.

Twins never come together to live confined, but because they share a destiny of light which will bring more peace, ethics or joy around them.


But what about the pain that the Twins cause to one another ?

The Twins first meet when they are both ready to step into new stages of growth; the beginning of the romance corresponds to the start of a shared journey of deeper awakening.

A series of short reunions and separations happen afterwards.

Both Twins finally reunite and find happiness as a couple when the wounds that have come to the surface have been healed and both partners know themselves enough to undertake the mission that they were meant to in this life.

If both partners do their own introspection and healing work (childhood patterns or relating in relationships, etc.) and progressively become their higher expression, this state will most likely be reached.

On the other hand, until this hasn’t been processed by one or both, the partners will perhaps meet over and over again, but one of them will push the other away because their soul knows that their time hasn’t come yet.

The reunion must be magical, and partners won’t allow it to happen for good until one of them is fully ready.

The Twin Flame relationship is your road to enlightenment. What your Twin triggers in you, nobody else can.

Even if the Twin brings to the surface our deepest fears and pains, it never happens for no reason, but because there is more to see and heal within.

The wisdom of Kabbalah says that the Divine can only develop within a soul when there is enough room left for it to blossom. Enlightenment may only emerge when a state of tabula rasa — also called Nothingness or Akin — is attained and lower patterns of relating or habits are released.

This state, when both partners seem to fall apart, doesn’t actually mean that they will never meet again or be together.

It only means that the state of Akin is needed in order to allow both to go further in their own spiritual journeys and dive deeper. More of what’s not needed for their common future (remnants of past relationships, fears of falling in love, beliefs, etc.) simply needs to be released.

Such souls must find their power before they truly reunite with their Twin, so that the pair reaches its highest potential.


When going through a difficult time on the Sacred union’s journey, never forget that every pain is temporary, and:

* See how blessed you are that such a reflection of yourself has entered your life and made you become who you are. Who would you be without him/her? In which situations would you still be stuck?

* Remember that even if the pain was unbearable on some days, your Twin may have been through a lot as well as the relationship was unfolding. You have both been through similar processes of seeing something that you were avoiding, so forgive him/her, understand that everyone has done their best, and that you’ve most likely shared everything, even the intensity of the pain.

* If you are in the period of the separation, understand that nothing in life is permanent, and that’s you’re not being punished — the stars have decided that it wasn’t time yet. Live your life, meet someone else if you do, or stay single if you want. Simply focus on following your bliss, because what you both experience as a couple is nothing but the reflection of the state of growth reached by both individuals separately.

* Understand that time isn’t truly important in such relationships. Significant soul transformations are unlikely to be completed in two months. Always keep in mind that everything has happened as it should. When it hurts, it’s time for growth. When it’s nothing, it’s time to come back within and heal more of yourself, to be together again when you’re ready for a new cycle of lessons.

When it comes to Sacred unions, there is no need to think, fight, seek, blame, forget, scream or cry; things simply happen when their time has come.


And let’s go beyond paradoxes by trying to forget the sentences below:

* We are not together, so we will never be. You’ll be, maybe, when it’s time and if you do what’s required for yourself in the meantime.

* Nothing is happening, so I need to delete him/her from my life. Twins will never find peace in a black-or-white understanding of their situation.

See how you fight your heart when you decide to forget, because it always comes back. Just lay down your weapons, this specific battle is one of the kind that you’ll never win.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should come back to expect something special, or allow your feelings to take control over you.

The answer is neither in forgetting your Twin, nor in waiting for a sign or forcing the reunion, but shall be found in between the two: you’ll find peace by simply being yourself in the world, allowing that you love no matter how far he/she is, and no matter what doesn’t happen, but without getting attached to it, making decisions for it, or expecting a specific outcome or schedule.

You just love from far away, have a happy life, work to become at your own pace the star that you were born to be, and trust that the magic will happen.

Because it will.

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