The Right Time For Sacred Unions

Sacred Unions – Separation between two people doesn’t have to be an “Ending”. Most of the time we need to heal ourselves first before we’re able to come back to a relationship in a new and fresh way.

Sacred Partners come together After the cleansing has taken place in each of their bodies – and not before.

Sacred Reunions are the rewards for two souls that have walked the path of inner healing, awareness, personal power and growth for many years or many lifetimes.

From new found Inner States of balance, happiness and truth for both partners, a relationship may bloom in a different way.

It now gathers two healthier, higher and lighter versions of the same Old Souls — free from their own old ways, but now closer to the golden core of their sacred souls.

In others words, before is never the right time. Life always knew better.

You can come back to Yourself and trust, that the rest was always taken care of.


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