Message for Twin Flames : The Power Is In You.

« The power is in you. The answer is in you. And you are the answer to all your searches : you are the goal. You are the answer. It’s never outside » ~ Eckhart Tolle.

I’d like to speak to you of a new energy for Twin Flames. This, is the energy of the weeks to come. I’m not saying « the energy of 2017 » because honestly nobody knows what 2017 will bring… did you know last January what 2016 would be about ?

Let’s no be mediums of our lives and probablist readers of our love destinies.


I’d like to tell you today something very straightforward and that may seem triggering and destabilizing — STOP FOCUSING ON THIS. STOP FOCUSING ON THIS TWIN FLAME RELATIONSHIP.

Drop everything : the need to know what will happen, the desire to make this “story” unfold, your desire to make it work.

Lay everything down. Let it go, and now focus on something else. In 2017, life will meet you and you won’t need to chase life.

I can see that either you focus on making it happen or you focus on forgeting about it. Both ways, you still focus on it. Those two attitudes are simply the opposite sides of the same coin called: Hyperfocus. 

Both will lead you to the same energetically, which is lack and loss of freedom. Freedom is found within, joy is found within. Your life is in your hands and you don’t need any outside event or person to make it happen.

Yes, the past months were different. Yes, because you can’t truly reach a place of freedom and joy while you still need to « heal » about things that have happened in your life. Twin Flames needed to heal, instrospect, wonder, understand about what they’d done with their counterpart. Twin Flames needed to come back to life after a few struggles, but they couldn’t do it the fast and fake way : they needed to recover by healing important wounds.

Efforts had to be made or Twin Flames would have remained stuck in pain, frustration and anger for ages — or on the opposite they couldn’t grow that much. « Negative » emotions needed to be released for sure, and that’s what has been done.


But now, and this how it seems from all the Twin Souls I’m speaking with and counselling — this work has been done, Ladies & Gentlemen. 


Yes, some « experts » of sacred love will tell you that you can heal both of you – you and your Twin – on your own — make it happen with a magic wand from the comfort of your home, if you may. I don’t think so because as explained below, everybody has free will. I also don’t think so because – why would you devote so much time and focus to an outside situation, while you have so much to give to what is really happening in your life?

Forget about the fiction, and come back to the unfolding mysteries of your daily happening life.

Some will tell you, let them go. Some will tell you, get a stone and pray everyday for them, send love everyday to your counterpart.

I’d tell you : do something else. Just don’t do anything about this now. Don’t do anything black, anything white, just do something else. Either you force yourself to “let go” or “to love”, to “forget” or to “dream”, both is happening outside of you and this isn’t what will make you feel happy, for real.

Those approaches don’t feel aligned now.

Your happiness will simply be found in creating everyday your joy and personal power. You never needed any outside situation to be solved, to feel in bliss. 

Drop the « obligation » to make it work, forget about « it’s him/her or no one else » — this isn’t true, because first life is immense and secondly life is long. Just lay all of your Twin Flames mantras, quotations, dogmas, recipes and strategies down — and come back to yourself.

Forget about « if I date someone else I postpone reunion ». Forget about « he/she is the only one that I can love ». You’re putting yourself in a cage of your own will, with such sentences. So date whomever you truly like. Just be happy, just take back all of your attention to be happy.

Life can’t be organized with rules, life only happens.

Tell me what’s your joy, and do it. Tell me where and how you built your personal power, and act on it. You never depended on any outside thing, to be happy.


I’d like to go further by telling that, it doesn’t “all depend on you” as we may read sometimes. 

The truth is, we can never change people, even the ones that we love. We can never force love — love needs two people to be.

Yes you had meditated and spoken to their higher selves in the ether many times. We had to, because we needed to see the other side of the story, we needed to understand that there was a bigger picture of this — a place where we are already united with our Twins.

However, people don’t have to be in the physical as their higher selves are. Some are like that, some aren’t. Twin Souls are very high vibrational souls, however some haven’t landed this part of themselves in the physical.

Part of these practices are now seen as fiction. Talking in the higher realms is cool, but I can tell that you deserve true and truly lived happiness, joy and harmony in this world too.

You can’t change your Twin Souls. You can’t help that much the people that aren’t you. You can’t do the work…. even you can’t decide for them, to do the work.

The important message there is that they have free will. 


Now open the window and see, how beautiful life is. Now open the window and go out in the world. Life is calling you. You’re receiving right now while reading these words the blessing for more life, fun and happiness.

Life is calling you, love is calling you.

Work on yourself, land your magic, embody your dreams, your power, your goals, become your own magic wand and see who comes. It doesn’t even matter if someone comes or not, what matters is that you find happiness on your own.

It’s not that what we had said was wrong. But everything changes. And now you deserve to love — you deserve true love, and true love in the physical even. Someone that will be as free, wild, amazing and sparkling as you are — but also someone that loves you, truly, and paint your life in golden pink.

You deserve true love and this is what I want you to know now.

You’ve reached a new space. It’s all about finding and building your personal power as 2017 starts. Everything can change but right now, the magic of life wants you to focus on yourself.

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