Twin Flames : Your Heart’s Opening In This Relationship Is Actually Your Way Back To The Self

This is an important message for all Twin Flames that will be explained in different way thorough this article : you can come from your Heart Chakra in life only when you let your Heart flow freely with them.

When we are stuck on the Twin Flame Journey – feelings blocked, too many emotions trapped within, too much love or too much fear – when we can’t express ourselves or release in any way what goes on within about out Twin Souls :

Our heart is stuck – and we can’t come from our centre/Heart Chakra in life generally (work, purpose, other people).

The Twin Flame Journey must happen – either by having direct interactions with our partners or by other means of expression and release of the Heart – because that is the way our souls have chosen to open our Hearts to our true selves.

When emotions are trapped within about them – the heart’s flow is stopped – both the heart’s flow linked to love and relationships but also the flow of the Heart led’s life, the truth of who we are, the truth of our purpose and the truth about how we behave in the world.

They open our hearts to unconditional love yes, but generally too.

Example : when I let my heart flow towards my Twin Flame, I’m at peace, relieved, in joy, able to give and receive love freely with him yes, but most importanly in the world too. When I keep my feelings trapped within about him, when I stop the flow, the release, the sweet words or the tears – I can’t fully express myself from the heart and with other people.

Our souls – as Twin Flames – have decided and chosen to take this Twin Flame Journey. So, when we repress the waves and tides and butterflies and tears that this adventure causes within us – we block our own Journey to joy, purpose and freedom. 

We block the Healing of our Heart.

The TF journey is a Journey back to the Self and the journey must be taken if we want to reach our highest and most powerful expression as an individual.

Opening our Hearts to love equals opening our Hearts full stop & allows to experience a Heart led life.

If you feel stuck in life please come back to the love’s part of your Heart and see that if it could open more, release more, speak more and more freely – your life opens us too, to more aligned and fulfilling experiences, because this relationship is there to break open your Heart Chakra.

As Twin Flames our peace in life is found when our Heart is at peace, with them.

The healing of this relationship is the way to our own personal joy and freedom.

Any progress made on the Twin Flame Journey is a step closer to ourselves, a progress on our own journey back to the Self. 

At every step of this journey the Heart must find a way to express itself freely.

Because when the Heart is blocked, the Throat Chakra is blocked as well —  our true identity and our true voice feels silent and closed, because our core is the Heart and if the Heart closes down the Throat finds it more difficult to express itself from our center (our Heart) because the Heart itself is confused.

What keeps us away from giving and receiving love freely is attachment to the outcome and expectations.

When feelings linked to our Twin Flames are trapped within and can’t get out of our bodies, our ability to live a Heart led life this day is diminished.

What keeps us away from the flow is the fear of being hurt.

The rest of the message is the following :

It’s not a love story, only – it’s most importantly a story of the Self which unfolds because and through, this Love.

What matters there is that your Twin Flame brings you back to you, closer to your core, over and over.

This relationship is the way, the catalyst, for yourself back to yourself.

This is a story of Self Grandiosity in Purpose and of Self Becoming in Truth, that unfolds because of this Love.

It’s the story of your truth, your essence, of your gifts unveiled because and according to the unfoldment of this Love.

It’s a story of the Heart and the Crown opening because and through the Fire of this unique Flame.

It’s a story of the Self rising through its meeting with Another.

It’s a story for Warriors of the Heart that ultimately rose after adventuring the Love’s Battlefields.

It’s a story of two people becoming their best version in and most importantly FOR the world – because of an unbreakable bond, of a deep, enlightening, never-ending, Divine, sacred relationship.




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