The Gift Of Twin Flames : When Love Becomes Freedom.

We’ve entered the Sagittarius vibrant and spiritual energy! December will be freedom, expansion, high aims – a journey to our biggest dreams.

How do we deal with this call for freedom, while we would like at the same time that our love life unfolds in the physical?

This is where the magic of Twin Flames happens…. Twin’s couples go beyond paradoxes and make the dream come true : for them, freedom and a strong, long-lasting love aren’t opposite — but the two sides of the same coin.

– Relationships Of Another Kind – 

Twin Flames meet their counterpart in the physical world when they’ve already reached – from previous experiences or even life times – a significant state of awareness and enlightenment. Twin Flames are what we call “Old souls”.

In other words, counterparts come together when and because they yearn for more — for another kind of love. 

First, they want to feel deeply and strongly for their partner — they don’t seek love to match society’s expectations. They don’t want to find the one that checks all the boxes — but magic, sparkles and butterflies.

They want “true love” — someone that loves them for their depths, the most real and raw parts of who they’re. Because, they can’t fake love.

Have you ever been with people that love you because you’ve this specific job, because you’ve some sort of status or position in our society ? Ever had girlfriends that like you because of what you wear, and based on how beautiful you all look when you go out as a team ?

In other words, ever met people that love you because of what can be seen of yourself on the surface ?

These people love us too, but sometimes conditionally. They love us because of something that we give or bring to them. They love us because we make them feel brighter, smarter or more successful.

Twin Souls don’t love that way. They fall in love for the essence of their counterpart. The love that connects Twins stays and deepens no matter what happens on the surface of things – whether they change or not, fit it the mold or not.

Also and this is even more important in time… the love that they share is of another kind, because it lets them be free.  

– When Love Works Precisely Because It’s Free – 

Twin Flame’s Unions don’t require the usual “commitment” which has been shown to us in the Western world as the “right and only way to live”.

They want to be committed to one another — but this commitment is at the same time and more than anything else a commitment to personal growth, expansion and freedom. 

The main goal of Twin Flames is personal development and self-discovery. In other words, what they want in this life is to discover, learn and find themselves by experiencing and trying.

The truth is, old souls and Twin Flames want a love that doesn’t attach them to a given place, job or kind of life — but a partner that will allow them to feel free, change and evolve as much as they may need in time. 

They want a partner that won’t ask them to choose — between their individual joy which is self-discovery and freedom, and the relationship.

You know, experiences are only possible when our romantic partners let us be free – free to try, succeed or fail, free to change our minds, free to be with other romantic partners even, free to taste life as much as we feel the need to. Because this is how growth happens — by living, experiencing and discovering.

Twin Souls understand the needs of their counterpart… precisely because they feel the same. Both counterparts can only fall in love with someone that’s able to let them be free.

So, always remember that when your counterpart has pulled away from you, it’s also because you couldn’t love them and let them free both at the same time yet.

I’ve understood through my own journey that Spirit will never let Twin Souls come together, if they can’t yet go beyond the paradox that’s presented to us in the Western world — which says that love is attachment, constraints and obligations. Which says that love is about choosing between the relationship and what we really want to do, which says that love only happens when we “compromise”.

Love doesn’t have to be that way, and anyways Twin Souls aren’t made for this kind of love.

Twin Flames may only come together in the physical with someone that doesn’t “need” them — because the truth is, they’re not always able to be up to this kind of expectations, simply because they’re journeying.

Things should be looked at from the angle. Your Twin has never let you down or abandoned you — it’s more that they can’t give you, this kind of physical proof of love. 

Because, they were simply not made for this — but the good news, you weren’t either!

Twin couples are about to come together more and more on the physical, and will show to the world that love doesn’t have to be like we’ve been taught. We were told that love is about getting married, buying a house right away and having children; and love is beautiful that way — however old souls and Twins in particular can’t truly fit and be happy in such schemes.

Again, they’ve incarnated this time to learn and grow — which can’t happen by settling too soon or by stopping their own journey to the Self, at a moment when they’ve not found themselves yet. 

It’s not that they don’t love – or I’ve never loved anyone myself! – it’s because they can’t be happy in such schemes. 

Twin Flames would never reject their true nature – which is freedom – for love. Anyways, would that be love to ask your counterpart to become someone that they aren’t?

When I say “freedom”, it’s not freedom in a bad way. It’s not about finding sexual partners all over the place, traveling endlessly or getting married a hundred times. No, we as Twin Souls don’t seek freedom for fun or from a place of lack of respect for the opposite sex.

We seek freedom because we’ve understood that the path of discovery is actually the road to the Self, and to enlightenment. 

– An Unbreakable Bond – 

Twin Flame’s relationships are also about commitment… but of another kind. Twin Flames are connected through a strong and unbreakable bond — which is one of the soul.

The love that connects Twin Souls is one that is and remains — without conditions, agreements or limitations. 

They don’t love because their other half complete them, fill a void within or because they need them — they simply love, and freely.

Twin Souls are “committed” to each other but they don’t need to say it. They’ve agreed to come together in this life but this requires no words, no rings, no schedules or timelines.  

Their “commitment” doesn’t require any of these physical proofs — because their love will stay no matter what, it will remain with or without flat, with or without children.

All these things don’t truly matter, they’re not “needed” to make sure that the ties will last — because their bond goes beyond what can be seen, it transcends the physical. 

Actually Twin Flames are committed to one another in the higher realms. It’s a love beyond love.

I personally don’t need any evidence, paper, words or promises about the future to feel deeply in love with my own Twin Flame. I don’t even need to know if we’ll last or not.

Because, what we as old souls and Twin Flames yearn for — is a love that accepts and understands the journey, understands what “freedom” means. It’s a a partner that seeks it too, a partner that understands that commitment can be freedom, and freedom can be commitment. 

It’s a love that won’t restrain us from living our own path.

This, is the gift of Twin Flames. They’ve understood that love isn’t always about being with one another in the physical world if one needs to wander, love isn’t always about speaking when their counterpart needs to stay within, love isn’t always about respecting plans if their journey takes them somewhere else.

Love is about feeling strongly for someone, without expectations and attachments. It’s about witnessing their growth hand in hand or from afar, it’s about being with and letting go, it’s about rising together as one — and setting free. 

But to reach and deserve “this love”, we need to understand that they – as we – can’t really promise anything else than loving purely and freely. Because they’ve come here to grow and learn, you see? We’re the same, a mirror.

Because they want and need – as we do – to continue their journey. They don’t want to give up for anyone. That’s why they want you and only you… because only you can truly understand. 

And, 2017 will reward those that are ready to live the gift… I’m hearing. ❤

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