I offer coaching sessions: these can be either “one-shot” or we can decide to build a deeper healing for your journey and start a longer program.

Coaching sessions (Skype or any other way that suits you): the aim is to create a safe space where we can heal & learn, where we can be ourselves, talk and share in a free and open way about our experiences. We’ll also try and give meaning to what has happened, what could be and what is the overall meaning of this relationship.

We’ll see as well and explore together that Twin Flame relationships are a reflection of ourselves, and how to use what’s going on there as a tool to grow.

Guidance and steps to move forward are also part of the sessions. ❤

Price: 30 min = donation based from 40€

One hour = donation based from 55€ (to book online: Contact).

Readings: based on your personal situation, I’ll give you information about what could be going on behind the scenes & why things have happened between you and your Twin Flame in this manner. Even if insights about how to move forward in the near future are proposed, readings aim at understanding the spiritual meaning of both major past/recent unfoldments and of your present situation. This will give you tools and specific insights to understand and put words on events — which is the best way to dive deeper and speed up your journey.

Price: donation based, from 30€ (to book online: Contact).



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