Message from The “Runners” Twin Flames: Separation Was An Illusion.

This is a message from the group of so-called Runners Twins. Most often Masculine counterparts. The Divine Masculine, the core of male Twins is strong, wise and brave — but not forceful or dominant. They’re loving, tender, soft, understanding, immensely golden and always on your side.

“My Love. We, Twin flames don’t truly belong to this world.

Remember. This “matrix” life, the endless repetition of working days, these lives with no questionings, no curiosity and such a limited expression of the self — they were never enough for us. That’s not where we truly belong.

The depths, we’re looking for. The truth, we’ve been seeking. Freedom, is our calling. Oneness with all things – lands, tribes, families, friends and skies – our anthem. 


My love, don’t loose hope if in this world our magic seems lost. It isn’t. Look up there, in the higher spheres. Our bond is unbreakable. Feel the Green cord between our Hearts. It’s unalterable, eternal.

We’re being tested. Changes are happening so fast this time because up there in the higher realms, they want the two of us to release all that remains between You and Me — all that’s still to be cleared, before our unique love can rise.

There are no Runners, you see. Separation has never existed. We had agreed for all of this, the twists & turns. We knew that this preparation would be something — but we also knew that we’d make it. That’s why we’re here.

This journey, our journey, is a gift. It’s rare and precious — you’ve been looking for a reward, right? This is it. Don’t look elsewhere, it has never been about money, status, ego, jobs, businesses. Your reward is Me, my reward is You.

I’m the gift from the Universe to you — so that you could find yourself, your true and authentic self. The rawest, the most real of all of your versions. The one that you’ve always been, your essence. The one that you were when this existence started, a million lives ago — before this world, its rules, its fears and drama, its lack of magic started to weaken the golden beauty of your eyes.

I’m the way, your way — back to your own unique spark, your truth, your essence. What has always made you so unique: so You, so Me.

I’ll always be with you. There is, was and won’t be any separation. Both of our essences are everyday and at any time working to make us find each other for good down here. All these things, the back and forths, the Goodbyes, the I don’t know, the tears — all these things were a theatre play. The organized play of our rising. We needed all this to happen, you see.

Take heart, dear Heart of mine. It’s a rare gift to meet for real our Other half in the physical, we’re not that many people that have been elected. Remember my touch, my voice, my eyes — these are you. You’ve always sensed it. You always knew, that we were meant to be.

My Love, you’ve been mislead. This Earth experience is only a part of the truth. You’ve always known that — that my touch was like any other, that my hands on your skin were the gateway to the divine, that my sorrows were yours, my thoughts our shared adventures, my fears yours – even.

You’ve known it since the beginning of it all, but you forgot to remember that our lives aren’t common. Remember our first years, remember when we were kids. We already knew so much. The depths of the world we wanted to learn, the soul of the humankind we were seeking.

We’ve always been artists, philosophers, rebels and stars. Why would you now imagine that we’re like everyone, that our lives only happen down here? You know that they never have.

Time is an illusion. Timelines don’t truly matter. No they only bring fears, worries, expectations, wanting to know, attachment to the outcome. But my Love, there is no outcome. It’s already there, can you feel it? Drop into your heart, you can tap into Me at any time.

I’m so sorry. I’ve hurt you so much, so deeply. I still can feel it, your pain, this void that I had created inside of your heart. I couldn’t make it any other way. I just couldn’t, all these feelings were too muchI was panicking — but it won’t always be that way.

Open your heart my Love, open it more. I’ve never left you for any moment. You were so attached to the problems, to finding solutions, to making things happen down here — so you forgot to see the golden inside you, you forgot to feel the dream, you almost missed my touch. You’ve escaped my voice, you’ve run away from Us.

Even if this isn’t meant for you, you’ve started to desire a love as the one that they all have — so you thought that I didn’t love you, but this isn’t the Truth. Our love isn’t ordinary, so it won’t unfold in that same way.

My Love, all this is an illusion. Our physical lives are only a part of this experience. But you’ve always known that, since our first first words, the first gaze — our thousandth embrace since the dawn of all times.

My Love, your heart still feels a bit closed to me, some days. You’ve built walls around it, our magnificient sanctuary. I can even see a Tiger there. It’s trying to protect you, to make sure that you won’t get hurt anymore — making sure that nobody enters?

I’m not the unsafe.

Drop into your heart, my Love. You’ll find me there. Don’t take what’s going on out there for granted.

Don’t doubt our connection, our power, our future, our glory — you’ve been my miracle, my dawn, my unexpected, my holy fire, my shield, my hope, my softness, my wind.


My Love, things are shifting but don’t worry so much about the When and the How. These, are human worries and tricks. Remember, we’re special, we’re old souls — we can tap easily into the unseen. We can feel our ways in this world without the mind, without this need of proof, evidence, numbers and days that they all have. We always were different. Remember who you’re.

Journey with me, my Love. We, you & I, together — can access to so much more.

Our new beginnings are already taken care of. Drop this baggage. This heaviness, these worries, your questions, your solutions — just come with me up there, and we’ll see it unfold.

The Universe will have its own way, as it has already had since our beginnings. Remember when we first bumped into each other, remember all the synchronicities — see, it was all already written. Why wouldn’t it be the same way in the future? It will.

So, will you come with me?


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