Twin Flames : See All the Truth-s, Release The Fears – It’s Time To be Heart-Led

As March goes on we see more and more truth about the past and about what happened between ourselves and our Twin Flames.

We have recently released the story of ourselves as victims, the story of ourselves as Wounded Twin Flames.

We have taken THAT VERSION of the story out, but as always on this journey things change fast and we tend to see things with newer lights very often.

Now we tend to see that Love Story with new and healed eyes. Yes, we did things wrong too and yes, their love was immense too and yes, we sometimes were the “runners”.

Possibly, we even broke their hearts too.

The most important message is the following :

As a matter of fact LOVE was always there. Sometimes it’s us that didn’t allow it. We bought into the illusion of “if they loved me they would do this”. We refused to trust ourselves. Instead we looked for evidence of love. We silenced the heart’s calling. We didn’t believe in it. We chose fear. We refused to let what we wanted the most to be, be. We let the mind win. This is outgrown now. Now we get to choose, who leads – THE MIND OR THE HEART?


For a very long time we have seen our Twin Flames as the ones that were responsible for our own pain.

We went into deep struggles and suffering because of that relationship, so we blamed them. We forgot that them – as people – were only vessels of what we needed to heal. The human artefact of what our soul needed to see and release in this life to reach Individuation on the Fast Train.

The pain and even traumas they caused was all meant to be that way — this has made us heal and reach the space we were are at now. Indeed, a lot has been healed last year and as 2017 begun thourgh this relationship. The first months of 2017 have even caused faster and deeper releases, as we are coming closer and closer to the core of the Wounds and the heart of our Souls.

As we heal, more and more truths are revealed. About our Twin Souls yes, but mostly about Ourselves.

More and more awareness means seeing what we ourselves did wrong

As we travel into March and we release more or maybe ALL of the pain that they had “caused”, we get to see things with a different light. We get to remember all those things they did “right”.

We get to remember the beauty of what we felt, before we ourselves got in fear, let the mind lead and run away from them.

We remember that sometimes, we run as well and we get to see that there was never a “runner”, but TWO.

We get to see that some days, they showed love, attention and care to a level that we were absolutely unable of – at least at that time.

We get to see that perhaps, the love that our Twin Flames had or have for us is deeper than we ever thought.

We remember when they managed to be heart-led when we failed.

We can’t avoid the intensity of the truth-s that surface now — yes, we were human beings too and we often failed, as well, to fllow the heart, to live “in 5D”, to love with no evidence of it, to follow our soul’s calling, to choose love over fear.


Now that we are able to see things from a higher perspective, now that we are able to see the bigger picture of that love story,  what will we do with it?

Now that we’ve healed ourselves enough to get closer to our core/our soul and feel more and more free of the ego/the mind’s fears, what are we going to do with it?

If we don’t know yet, that doesn’t matter.

What matters now is to allow all the shedding take place, allow all the layers to be released and let the fears go.

Let’s see more and more truth-s about ourselves and release, on the way — all the past fears, the disbelief, the lack of trust, the questions, the mind’s way and let’s get closer, through this Twin Flame Journey to the core, to what the Heart always knew, to Love -to That Love.

And when we feel ready, when we are “Heart-led Enough” – what will we do with it?

Next steps will be revealed soon.

Dear Twin Flames, remember : Pain was needed to Heal ourselves and build Bravery. As our own Pain heals Clarity grows, Truths are revealed & the Bigger Picture is being shown. Those New Insights will give birth to a new kind of Action coming from a Healed base and coming from a more beautiful, compassionate, solid and mature Heart.

Much love



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