Twin Flames : As Scorpios Leave Our Skies, We’re Asked To Release The Past Once And For Good.

These past few days may have felt like a Retrograde for some ! Memories of our past have come back up to our consciousness, but in a different way this time. Our hearts didn’t want to relive past hurts or dramas to feel – instead, our minds wanted to analyse and understand, as if we had missed some pieces of this puzzle of love.

– Living the relationship itself is crucial to move forward – 

Through the Twin Flame journey, different tools can be used to move forward and closer to what we’re longing for – the reunion.

I’ve found out that the journey is about clearing the energetic baggage that we carry with us and which doesn’t allow to match with the frequency of unconditional love and forgiveness. Energy clearing is therefore “the right way” in order to get rid of these emotions, thoughts or patterns that we don’t need. 

This clearing may happen in two distinct forms – by using energy clearing tools (see article How To Keep Your Energy High ) AND OF COURSE by living the relationship itself, because what our counterparts do is precisely what our souls need to see and learn in order to heal and raise its vibration.

Progress isn’t made by waiting or thinking, but by taking action through one of these two means.

Our Twins are actually like people with whom we’ve made contracts – we were brought together in order to grow spiritually and emotionally. That’s why interactions must happen – either in the physical when it’s possible or by meditating – because these represent the path to reunion. 

Even if energy tools are really useful, the relationship itself brings back up to the surface in a perfect – yet often painful but surgical way – what needs to be seen and healed.

That’s why what we’ve been doing lately — try and understand what has happened this year, the patterns that were at play and the part that we’ve played in the storyline — is perfectly healthy.

– The pain felt between counterparts was actually linked to older and other events –

2016 has been hard on most Twins, but as usual all has happened for the best and all was meant to be.

There is no need to feel pain, resentment or to seek revenge. Actually and even if our Twins have behaved in a way that has brought difficulties for ourselves, what has happened doesn’t represent Who they are.

They’ve been the tool, the method by which our wounds have resurfaced and been cleared – but them, as people, friends or lovers – aren’t bad or even responsible for what we’ve felt. It really is like an organized play of love, and they did exactly what we needed within to grow.

The truth is, it’s not really about them – actually their role was to act in a way that would  trigger us and bring back to the surface our biggest fears or most important childhood wounds.

That’s why often people say that their Twins is like their father, mother or “horrible first lover”.

On the surface, it seemed that they “did that to us” — but if we go deeper, we can easily see that the pain that we’ve felt at that time was too intense to be only caused by what they had done the days or weeks just before. 

The pain was actually linked to deeper and most likely older events of our lives.

So, we’re asked once and for all to separate our Twin from the negative emotions that they’ve unconsciously made us feel – because these are truly two different things.

– 2016’s unfoldments have brought balance between the Feminine and Masculine parts of the pair –

Often, I’ve seen that Feminine counterparts were waiting for a real and sometimes committed relationship, while Masculine’s ones were pulling away because they weren’t ready for it. Both of them had at that time different expectations – in other words, they weren’t aligned energetically or were claiming different versions of love.

The Feminine parts of many pairs wanted more love, more joy and more time with their counterparts – while the Masculine didn’t want to lose them but didn’t seem to be ready for anything else either. The bigger expectations were on the Feminine side, the faster their Masculine counterparts have pulled away.

At first women have kept their true desires for themselves because they could intuitively feel that speaking their truth would make their Twin run even faster.

But 2016 has brought a big change for them — because as time went by, they finally saw that their inner peace mattered more than anything else so they decided to implement this by speaking their truth.

This was truly an important phase: Feminine counterparts have taken back their power, decided to pursue their own joy more than any outside thing or relationship and seen that they didn’t need anyone to be happy. 

This was a huge step because they’ve showed both themselves and their Twin that they wouldn’t compromise – even for this kind of love.

In the meantime, Masculine counterparts have seen that these women wouldn’t accept some sort of middle-ground situation if it felt unfulfilling. They’ve found out that if they truly want these women, they’ll need to become able to “offer” more.

Both Feminine and Masculine counterparts have therefore learnt a lot this year. Independence, self-reliance and self-worth for the Feminine; a need for answering in a more reliable, respectful and committed way the needs of their counterparts for the Masculine.

Feminine Twins have risen while the Masculine has evolved to become more aligned with them – they both now stand in truly different places from where they were when 2016 begun, and the gap between both has been narrowed.

Also nobody should feel guilty – neither the one that has “pushed” for placing too much pressure on their counterpart, nor the one that has “run” for not answering their expectations. These situations were simply needed in order to make both partners evolve.

– Attachments to the past are now no longer needed – 

This being said and now that the lessons have been seen and understood – the past is no longer needed. The Twin Flame’s Journey is about learning and growing yes — but once lessons are made, over-thinking, wondering or past memories aren’t needed where we’re going.

New cycles are called by releasing old emotions and patterns, and by taking with us into the future only the new wisdom acquired.

We’ve reached a point where we understand enough of what has happened to really drop the luggage of the past and move forward from a place of newness.

New patterns are about to emerge, from the letting go of the old ones. All the past adventures were needed – yes, all! even those that we once perceived as failures or dramas – to attain this level of awareness, light and growth.

So we should only be grateful now… and let the past float away as old shirts, songs or melodies that don’t resonate with our hearts anymore.  


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