Twin Flames: Past Hurts Were Burnt For Good. 


I can picture tonight all Twin Souls, in the flames of their passionate love. They’re gathering all the bad memories, all these things that weren’t understood – all the pain, the drama and the suffering – everything is written on paper, and letters are burnt.

Because, negative past memories between them are now no longer needed where they’re going.

In love, we tend to attach to past hurts and misunderstandings and relive them over and over — but the truth is, the past only exists if we call it back in our present lives. Otherwise, it’s already gone. 

I’ld like to remind us all of something I’ve learnt the hard way — we’re the only ones that keep our past alive and the burden active. We’re responsible for reliving, for remembering over and over the most painful, the horrible and the thorns.

While we think and think again of the same things, we give our attention and energy to them — and not to the unfoldments of a new kind that could happen in the future. We devote our time, energy and attention exactly to these things that we don’t want.

“The more anger towards the past you carry in your heart, the less capable you’re of loving in the present” Barbara de Angelis. 


– Why the Twin Flame’s Pain Was Anyways Of a Different Kind : The Bigger Picture Of The Relationship –

I’ld like to remind everyone that our Twins have come into our lives to teach us. In other words, they’ve entered our paths to trigger us where it would hurt the most — not because they’re evil or bad, but because we’ve agreed to grow, expand and use this relationship as a means to reach this shared goal.

In order to grow, expand and ascend, we needed to release the energetic baggage made of negative emotions that we were carrying — this baggage comes from our childhoods or other past events that we had unconsciously buried deep down.

This is the bigger picture of the Twin Flame’s relationships. “What they’ve done” should be looked at from this angle — in order to release these past hurts linked to other people and situations, we needed to relive the pain. The struggles that both partners have gone through together were simply the tool that they’ve used to clear this baggage and reach a higher place. 

That’s precisely why the past that we’ve shared – its essence – doesn’t matter at all. All can be forgiven and forgotten.

Imagine a route. Two people are walking. They want to meet and fall in a beautiful embrace, but they can’t yet. They’re too far away and between them lie obstacles. But they start to walk anyways, because they really want to be together and they intuitively know that it can happen.

So they start to walk, they move through the relationships — and on the way they’re sometimes asked to climb mountains, swim in cold water or even to wander alone for a while. They’re asked to get stronger and to release all the things that keep them away from one another or stand on the way to Reunion.

The clearing of this energetic baggage allows the growth and expansion of both partners taken individually, and represents their way back home — which is also the way back together.

In other words, it was never hurtful for nothing. When it was rough on you, it always was for a this higher reason.

That’s where the magic is between Twin Souls: whatever has happened in your life because of your counterpart, or whatever you’ve done because they’ve triggered something in you was meant to happen, it was the “right” way — both for the pair and for you as an individual being.

Nothing should have unfolded differently, even the negative between you and your counterpart. As we said: all that has happened was an organized play of love.


– Struggles Were Actually The Way to Ascension – 

That’s why the past negative emotions that we’ve felt with our Twin – pain, betrayal, anger, lack of understanding, abandonment – should be looked at in a entirely different way.

Yes, we’ve all lived ups and downs but these aren’t the truth. The truth is, our Twins have entered in our lives to help us ascend, clear karmic baggage and open up to unconditional love.

Actually what we’ve felt and even if it was hard and rough on us, was a gift. If they hadn’t showed up in our lives and if what has happened hadn’t, we would still carry this emotional baggage — which kept us away from ascending and raising our vibration.

It’s precisely because we’ve felt this negative baggage and therefore released it, that we’re now able to move past it.

To raise our vibration is key even for ourselves taken individually — because it means getting closer to our soul’s song, finding ourselves and stepping in our power.

The higher our frequency rises, the happiest we feel and the closest we stand to our purpose. 


– Twin Flames Are Bunches Of Roses – 

I love to compare Twin Flame relationships to a bunch of roses. The first time the Universe provides us with such a gift, and most often in miraculous circumstances, there is a beautiful feeling of love, openness and of coming back home that flows in our hearts.

Our lives change, in a pink, yellow or red way, depending on our Twin. Life feels more tasteful. We believe that us was, and will remain, only that: a bunch of young scented roses — but the journey is only beginning.

Progressively the bouquet reveals thorns, and it includes a lot of messy leaves. Those disfigure and hide the flowers. They are too many, and their beauty isn’t at par with the cheerful and bright melody that the roses themselves desire to sing.

The flowers represent the Twins’ souls, they are the pure love which is the only piece that will remain, while all the rest can be considered as stemming from old patterns and negative habits that both partners have brought with them from past lives, childhood or personal adventures.

The Twin Flame journey is about seeing the leaves, feeling what they have to say and discarding them when time has come. If you start worrying about the whole bunch and why it’s happening in such a messy way, simply remember that He/She is the rose and He/She is you.

The leaves are what you both need to heal, and aren’t meant to stay — the bigger picture is different.

So when your mind go back to thinking of the leaves and thorns once again, simply take this as an exercise. Feel the old issues and release them — but don’t attach. Remove these things that are hiding the beauty of the roses, and let them float away. 

When you prepare a bouquet of flowers and you remove what you don’t like, do you usually keep dead leaves in your hands endlessly, do you relive this action over and over to remember that these specific leaves were dead ones? No, you simply take them away.

Same with past hurts — release, don’t attach and most importantly: forgive.

I’ve understood that my Twin isn’t responsible for the pain that I’ve felt — on the opposite he has been a tool, a means to release the worse that I had within — and I’ld love that you all feel the same.

Tonight, past struggles and negative emotions are burning. And instead of putting out the fire of the love that you both share, it revives the flames, it adds up to it. Because this fire is absolutely special, it’s of another kind: it can’t be extinguished. 

“No matter how hard the past, you can always begin in the present” Buddha.


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