The Twin Flame Journey is your journey back to Wholeness. On that road, you will use your soul counterpart as the most accurate mirror for expansion, for growth, for deep transformational change.

The Uniqueness Of The Twin Flame Connection

It is never truly about Another. It is about the loving space they hold, it is about the heart opening they facilitate. It is never truly, fully, about another. It is about the remnants of shadow they reflect back to ourselves, it is about the wrong-reasons-why-we-got-there but didn’t know about until we saw.

Yet sometimes, it is, actually, about Another.

I remember feeling this, with the highest clarity, centuries ago, for someone.

I remember feeling this, and thinking this – and since then life has happened, in a million different ways but strangely, this knowing always remained, always came back.

On the evolutionnary path, it is never truly about the other. We walk most importantly to learn about ourselves, and we learn in interdependence – thanks to and through this magical, divine, sacred and sometimes crazy mirroring thing we experience with all those soul contracts we are blessed to receive.

But I remember feeling, and thinking once that, with this specific Soul — and even if the mirror thing got activated like madness sometimes, in all its glory, drama, intensity and fear, and even if the best as well as the seemingly worse were learnt there — that underneath all the rest, all the layers, and above everything else,

Somewhere, up in the sky or down here in some mysterious sacred room — we were only about Love.

I remember feeling that in the highest and most timeleness Truth, it was truly about Him — as an essence, as a melody of words, as a certain way of being, as an energy.

As if no other feeling of love, no other appreciation could be that pure, that strong and deep yet detached, that all-forgiving and accepting, that certain, that ever-present, that genuine.

As if no other love could be that solid, structural, sure, stable, lasting – could just « Be » as this one Is.

As if maybe, if one day I was ready for Love – for the Essence of it – then it could only happen there, like when things fall into place and a given puzzle-piece falls into its own unique, dedicated spot.

As if the highest form of love, in all its beauty and purity – if one day I was ready for it – if one day I became Love myself – then it would, as evident and obvious as magic, only be him.


Q&A – asking all your questions about the Twin flame journey and my own personal experience

Dear Twin Flames, I will offering for a week Q&A calls of 20/40 min where you will be able to ask anything you’d like to about my understanding of the Twin flame journey:
*what I feel are its main lessons, typical unfoldment & steps
*how it has played out for me and more about my personal experience
*what we can expect of it at its different stages.
Contact me to schedule a call (price 40-50€). 
Sophie ❤

Twin Flame sexuality – When a man enters a woman with his soul

““Conscious Sex” is when a Man enters a Woman with his soul.

He is not there to be the king of the castle or the number1 acrobat of the year.

He is there to give Her his energy and what He knows.
He is there to love her and honour her, as sacred task of Man.

Both are here to land sacredness on Earth, to ground love as the Heart into primal.

Both came here to embody Divine Force in its strength, in its infinite magic, in its wild, unlimited and ecstatic power and force and ground it into what’s Real.

He is there to give her the space where she reveals Herself, where she becomes God, life force, where she unites the Four Elements.

He is there to see and receive Her so much, that she just opens and melts into surrendering to Him.

He is there to surrender His warrior’s carapace in Her, he is there to become the softness of his given heart and welcome, through her, more of His own soul.

Both have come together to see how the Masculine and the Feminine become One.

He is there to show her, that at least here and now, she could let go and become She.

He is the explorer – longing to touch, to heal and to learn the deepest, most ancient and primal truth of his Empress, from the magical infinity of her temple space.”

– Written two years ago, happy to share again. ❤

We can feel love in our hearts, an infinite, unconditional, unlimited love for another… while setting our limits and boundaries in the physical, in order to find the right equilibrium, that sweet spot, specific to each connection – where the actual give & take feels harmonious, light, balanced, right.

A Journey Of Many Layers, Always Closer To Your Homecoming.

With Others and through bonds with others, you will release certain layers of you that were “blocks” on the way to true, pure, unconditional love. Others will help you feel, bring to the light and release Layers of you that were in fact unnecessary for your moving forward.

Those layers sometimes were only yours – but also, sometimes layers of trauma caused by the karmic stage of the Twin Flame relationship. A negative imprint they left on you. A memory which stays, never flies away. A feeling of rejection, deep abandonment, betrayal or fear. A deeper wound that can only come up and be worked through in the context of closeness or intimacy.

Those layers can’t be released and worked through by thinking or intellectually. They are identified when doing something, connecting or participating in life as a whole. It is like, Wholeness is only tested in the contexts of Sharing Space.


In all cases, you will always Trust. Any step, no matter how it looks like, is always You releasing more of what’s no necessary & progressively  basking more and more into the Sun.

You coming back Home, to Yourself… in all ways.

As a consequence, you will allow your journey without judging it. Knowing that nothing, is not synchronistic. Remembering, that on this path there are no coincidences.

That all has been orchestrated… for the final meeting, the ultimate dance, the lightest, and deepest, Homecoming.




“This is what I knew when we first crossed path. I just knew. It’s hard to describe. I stared into his eyes but I actually dived into myself. Nothing to do with lust or attraction or even what we describe as “love”. This was Knowing. This was ONENESS.”