A Letter to Younger Me: He Didn’t Break You.

Dear Twin Flames, you will find a new writing below. Designed for the hard times of the Twin Souls Journey.

When it’s tough, we we lose hope. A reminder that we always recover from love, even this one… perhaps, until it comes back…

“I thought I would spend a life not being in love, because of our love.

I thought no other man would have eyes of that same blue.

I thought nobody else would feel so close.

None of these were true.

It’s funny, yet so beautiful, how life is—one day you think you are dead, that you already passed away—but you aren’t.

You think that life has left you, but it didn’t.

You think love only had one name—it doesn’t.

One day he leaves and you see yourself laying on the floor, breathless, lifeless, desireless, hopeless, futureless. You think you lost everything that was you—but in fact, at that exact moment that you thought you were forever laying there, you were up. And you became something you never were before in your life.

A broken heart that stood up.”

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Much love,


You Gave Me the Sex that I Wanted.

Read below my latest blog on love, intimacy & sacred sexuality: 

I had always been looking for somebody who would be both primal and sensitive. Connected to his heart and strong. Deeply present, loving and nurturing and soft — and wild too. Sexual. In his power. 

That was you.

I have thought and talked a lot about sacred sex in timebut as an idea, because I didn’t know until I found you. 

Until that point I believed that a man, in the bedroom as in life, was either too soft, too tender, and even reserved — or conversely dominant, disconnected from his heart and possibly there, in the bed with you, more for the performance and the fact of making the woman orgasm  partly in order to reinforce his own pride.

Before you, the men of my life may have had technique — but they lacked presence. 

Some can miss the key point, which is: doing the love making with you, deeply connected to you — in response to your opening, to your love.


It’s funny because now that I’m typing this, I realize that the reason why our sexual life is so beautiful, to me, is because you gave me the love that I longed for. 

It is because of the trust that we built together that my body agreed to let you lead. 

It is because you were always present, consistent, reliable and sure, that you didn’t meet any resistance within my body, within my soul.



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Much love and gratitude,


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I No Longer Need You.

This is again a personal share about how I happened to detach, to lose attachment and this in a positive “way” for my soul mate. How I have lost in time attachment to what he could bring. How we started to be two individuals, yes living together and interdependent and in love — but on two separate journeys. 

“I remember thinking we were soul mates, we would be best friends, and we would travel the world together.

We would endlessly explore France. Road trips, the sun, lightness, adventure, and you.

I also remember thinking that now that I was with you, you would be my joy—and that I was saved, and that I would be happy, because now I was with you.

You see, I was used to plenty of space, freedom, and autonomy as a single woman. But when we started to dive deeper as a couple, I think I started to lose this: I started to need you.

Love is fanciful, as attachment is.

I was starting to make promises to myself through you.

I was starting to feel better, not because of myself, but because of you.

It is an illusion to think that people heal us.

Men are not there to fill voids, in truth.

It is a princess dream to think that one day, a knight on a white horse will come for rescue.

It was a maiden mistake to think that a man can truly change a woman’s life, and that woman can be fed through man.

So I have stopped needing you. And I think this is for the best.


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A Love Letter to the Man who Never Came Back.

This is a post about my own Twin Flame journey.

“You know you really love someone when you don’t hate them for breaking your heart.” ~ Unknown

It relates our story.

It is a love letter to the man who never came back. It is a love letter to maybe the most important love of my life — but we never got closure.

Read an extract below:

“When we met, I was engaged and my whole life was on the other side of the world, so at first I resisted you. A new chapter of my life was starting and I could feel it, but I couldn’t acknowledge it and allow you in.

You insisted. I told you I needed time to think. You kept being there. You were an energy, a calling. I was drawn to your spirit, to your soul, to your words. The first night that we made love, I felt guilty but this was only a side note, because what I had been looking for was you. With a capital Y.

Nobody had ever clicked with me that way. I thought you would be my all: my hero, my husband, my best friend, my soul lover.

During this trip to Cambodia, I would travel often outside of the city. I would think of you daily. What a life could be like with you. Why you felt so similar to me, yet distant and ethereal. Almost unreal.

In fact, you were too good to be true.

The power of our possible union made it almost unrealistic.

But I couldn’t be fully there with you yet either. I had to let go of the rest of my life. I travelled back to France. You texted while the taxi was driving back home. I thought I had to make a decision. The more I was avoiding feeling you, the more you were there—in my body, in my heart, like pink honey in my thoughts.

In time, the desire that I had to be with you won over everything else. I quit the rest of my life to be with you.

This is when you said no.

But the leap was worth it. Otherwise, I would have spent a lifetime regretting you.”

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Much love,



On Trauma Bonding: Free Yourself From Unhealthy Attachment.

I have written a new blog about trauma bonds: its roots, why it affects some of us and not others, how it takes hold and implements within our nervous system, and how to free ourselves from it. 

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Much love,


Extract below: 

“I’ve experienced trauma bonding several times already—mainly in the context of romantic relationships.

Of course, initially, I didn’t know that I was “trauma bonded.” I would have never imagined that trauma and love, or an idea of love, could be found in the same place.

Here in this article, I will refer to trauma bonding in the context of romantic relationships.

Trauma bonding takes hold easily when we have experienced these types of unhealthy attachments during our childhood. In fact, our nervous system is wired in such receptive ways precisely because we’ve been been there before. A child who has experienced abuse from a parent may, as an adult, have difficulties distinguishing, at the level of the nervous system, abuse with love.

If you were abused as a child, you had to internalize and bury your feelings of sadness, anger, unfairness, or hurt in order to be able to stay in that same environment and be still taken care of.

Your life depended on your parents and you weren’t self-reliant enough to break the bond—so you may have learned how to cope with your feelings by seeing them with rose-tainted glasses and not fully see the truth.

In some way, the child had to minimize or even deny the abuse that was happening in order to get the love, care, and attention that they needed from their caretakers.

“The capacity for dissociation enables the young child to exercise their innate life-sustaining need for attachment in spite of the fact that principal attachment figures are also principal abusers.” ~ Warwick Middleton

Later in life, the individual may still expect love and attention from someone who is simultaneously abusive to them, because they were trained to—and because as a child, eventually getting the love that they needed from their parents was the reward they were seeking after enduring more grueling cycles of distrust and fear.

To the adult brain that experienced abuse in childhood, red flags may feel like home.


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One Day, At Last, I Recovered From You.

Dear friends,

Please find my new poetry relating how I eventually healed my own Twin Flame relationship, and let it go — in the sense of seeing the truth of it, giving it space, and giving it time.

Find the poem here. 


“I don’t know how many times within one’s life we are supposed to fall in love.

I don’t know if we are even supposed to fall in love that deeply once.

I don’t even know if this was sane, healthy, or intelligent.

But it did happen to me.


And it took a bunch of years to recover.


I still don’t know how I did it.

How I coped.

I still don’t know either why it hurt that much.

I remember that I healed through presence. Acknowledging that it was over.

I remember that I had to feel the loss and the longing and the ache fully to actually live again, breathe again, smile again.

I recall this time as a long, long voiceless tunnel.

At first the hope that I still had for us to resume would carry me forward. You were my morning thoughts, my afternoon dreams, my evening prayers.

The trust that I still had in you changing your mind would lift me through the days as some colourful, Christmas, dreamy songs.

We were both the past and the future.

After a few months, I started to feel the opposite way.

Hope was destroying me.

Your silence was rose thorns.

Waiting was hell.

I had to let it go.

I had to let you go.


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When A King Enters Your Life, Be Ready

« When a King enters your life, be ready.

He’s not looking for a woman who’s still acts a child, but a woman all her own;

A Queen.

She’ll come with pride, and she’ll come with scars.

He will know this and will adore her all the more.

The tears that should never have been hers to bear, he will gently wipe away. Gladly and for good.

She will trust him because he is trustworthy.

She will receive his total devotion and respect.

And ladies, damn straight he’s going to make you laugh and experience joy like you’re a newborn freakin’ unicorn!!


When a king enters your life, best be ready to ROAR. He won’t claim you halfway but COMPLETELY and will tear down ANY barricades around your heart, no distance too close or too far, to be right by your side.

He’ll fight for you. He’ll wait for you. He’ll listen to you. He’ll reassure you. He’ll build a goddam kingdom for you.

Anything within his power he will give to you.

Not because he feels obligated but because his very instinct, primal urge, and deepest need propels him to.

And he’ll never leave you guessing how he feels.

Yes, he needs you.

And you, dear Queen, must show him with the confidence of your eternal, unstoppable grace and feminine light, that he is safe and that he is welcome. That he is desired, more than enough, and that you are crystal clear with a heart of gold that he is yours and that you, in turn, would move moons for him.

And with the authority of his own soul, he will assure you every day that you, his family and his life’s work are equals as his life’s greatest treasures he will work hard, and even die for. It’s in his bones. No question.

It is possible. And fucking real. Terrifying to the princess, yet satisfying, fortifying and nourishing to the Queen who knows the true value of true love (after her many battles both lost and won)

Ladies, PLEASE don’t sell yourself short with jesters or knights, and men who will only meet you halfway.

Be a Queen, who from her deepest Source, magnetizes her perfect King.

And let your heart be healed and revered in every way, every single day. »

– Catlin Narramore

Love Was More Than I Had In Mind

I used to think that passion fades in time. It doesn’t. It grows through doing life together, coming back from conflicts, letting the soul bare.

I used to think that love is either wild passionate and sexy – or responsible, kind, protective and a little dull. It isn’t. Some are all the good pieces of that.
I used to think that the magic is when “you meet the one”. When it’s in front of you, right here, like a sparkling reward. When it starts, when it makes you feel like anything is possible because they actually are what you sought.

This moment is key and most often unforgettable – but beauty, alchemy and a work of another kind actually start a little after that.
After a few months. When it’s not about discovery or feeling lit up by another’s presence anymore.

When attachment patterns resurface. When you witness your partner in states of depth you never knew about. When you learn to not take things personally. When you understand they are on their own process.

When you feel yourself becoming attached and remember other losses, past heartbreaks. When you understand you actually didn’t know much about love – I mean the healthy kind.

When you actually start to build. When you see yourself actually creating a life, and a home, out of an initial spring spark – and you fear isn’t that too big, too wild. When it’s not only about the good times and pretty dresses – but winter, and the rain, and the days when we work, and the days when everyone is tired, and the days when you lose your temper.
When the initial excitement of “I think it’s Him” becomes fear of potential future pain – because you fear you might not be up to the task. When you feel the bond grow, in your blood, in your bones – and you just hope you won’t self-sabotage.

When you actually make your first big “mistakes”. When you actually end up showing this darker, little girl side of you, the one who cries hours at night when she’s sad. When you wonder if they will still love you after that.

When you start to see not all of this pain is his fault. When you see yourself more accountable than ever before because of that. When there is no room anymore to hide, to himself, and to you.

When he disappoints you big time for the first time – and you see yourself reflecting, understanding, forgiving and learning instead of finding faults. When you start to get that it’s best to understand and witness – rather than be right.
When the level of the initial questions is passed. When time has actually proved all your deepest fears wrong.

Because he is in fact there. He is in fact accountable, present, loving and wild.

It’s when this initial blue sparkle becomes house. Becomes daily love, the right dose of intimacy and boundaries – the right dose of showing up in togetherness and freedom.
I used to think that passion fades. It doesn’t. It grows through sharing depths, coming back from conflicts, letting the soul bare.

I used to think that love fades in time. It doesn’t. It grows as a garden of memories, as strong as the dark nights we travel together – as tall as this carefree blue ways of looking at life that we have when the sun shines.

I used to think that love is either wild passionate and sexy – or responsible, kind, safe and a little dull. It isn’t. I thought this because I had never experienced this type of relationship in the past.

Maybe I wasn’t ready, or it wasn’t time.
Love is more than what we first have in mind.

It asks more of us than what we first had in mind.

Commitment to another & to the self through another is a journey – not the kind of commitment that we make on paper, but one that is felt and decided in the heart.

Commitment to be and remain accountable. Commitment to keep showing up. Commitment to have a deeper look within, rather than outside.
The love I’m experiencing right now is bigger and more transformative than I thought was possible. It’s all more fun, vibrant, joyful, adventurous and soft that I hoped for.

Maybe, he is the one. I actually felt that at this initial moment – that spring night with a blue smile.


Picture borrowed from
IG The Rising Woman.


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