“There is a corner of my heart that is yours. And I don’t mean for now or until I’ve found somebody else. I mean to say that whether I fall in love a thousand times over or never again, there will always be a small quiet place in my heart that belongs only to you”. Beau Taplin

It’s hard to love unconditionally, when we are too attached to how things should be. That’s why sometimes the Universe forces us to remove our attachments to outcomes, to how things should play out or look like, so that we can love more freely.

Sometimes people’s absence has nothing to do with you. Keep the heart soft.

The faster you heal yourself, the faster you receive Divine Destiny.

And sometimes, to heal themselves, Divine Counterparts must precisely be apart so that individual karma is cleared without interfering with their Twin’s own process,

& so that the karma that the Soul carries on a shared level is released without recreating – within the sacred bond – any turmoil, hurt, pain or layers of a lesser level than the one of Divine Union.

As you move deeper into your own wholeness, life responds. If you feel too triggered by a connection always remember to come back to yourself. Your feelings and emotions yes, but also creating You & your own divine Soul Path. As you do so, as you rise in authentic power, alignment, inner joy & sovereignty, connections are reshaped. Most often if the external
is not what you wanted or thought, it is a symbolic message from the Universe asking you – « rise a little more. build yourself a little deeper. make this wholeness of yours a little more stable, solid. show us a little more, a few more sparkles, of your own magic ».

You learn to love yourself so much that only those who can love you properly, will be offered the keys to your heart.

It is always important to remember that both counterparts receive signals from the higher realms and from the magic of synchronicity when they are supposed to do something or communicate.

In particular, masculine divine souls have been asked by the Universe, to wait until their counterpart has found wholeness, joy and deep knowing on her own – before their shared journey resumes in the physical.