One Day, At Last, I Recovered From You.

Dear friends,

Please find my new poetry relating how I eventually healed my own Twin Flame relationship, and let it go — in the sense of seeing the truth of it, giving it space, and giving it time.

Find the poem here. 


“I don’t know how many times within one’s life we are supposed to fall in love.

I don’t know if we are even supposed to fall in love that deeply once.

I don’t even know if this was sane, healthy, or intelligent.

But it did happen to me.


And it took a bunch of years to recover.


I still don’t know how I did it.

How I coped.

I still don’t know either why it hurt that much.

I remember that I healed through presence. Acknowledging that it was over.

I remember that I had to feel the loss and the longing and the ache fully to actually live again, breathe again, smile again.

I recall this time as a long, long voiceless tunnel.

At first the hope that I still had for us to resume would carry me forward. You were my morning thoughts, my afternoon dreams, my evening prayers.

The trust that I still had in you changing your mind would lift me through the days as some colourful, Christmas, dreamy songs.

We were both the past and the future.

After a few months, I started to feel the opposite way.

Hope was destroying me.

Your silence was rose thorns.

Waiting was hell.

I had to let it go.

I had to let you go.


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When A King Enters Your Life, Be Ready

« When a King enters your life, be ready.

He’s not looking for a woman who’s still acts a child, but a woman all her own;

A Queen.

She’ll come with pride, and she’ll come with scars.

He will know this and will adore her all the more.

The tears that should never have been hers to bear, he will gently wipe away. Gladly and for good.

She will trust him because he is trustworthy.

She will receive his total devotion and respect.

And ladies, damn straight he’s going to make you laugh and experience joy like you’re a newborn freakin’ unicorn!!


When a king enters your life, best be ready to ROAR. He won’t claim you halfway but COMPLETELY and will tear down ANY barricades around your heart, no distance too close or too far, to be right by your side.

He’ll fight for you. He’ll wait for you. He’ll listen to you. He’ll reassure you. He’ll build a goddam kingdom for you.

Anything within his power he will give to you.

Not because he feels obligated but because his very instinct, primal urge, and deepest need propels him to.

And he’ll never leave you guessing how he feels.

Yes, he needs you.

And you, dear Queen, must show him with the confidence of your eternal, unstoppable grace and feminine light, that he is safe and that he is welcome. That he is desired, more than enough, and that you are crystal clear with a heart of gold that he is yours and that you, in turn, would move moons for him.

And with the authority of his own soul, he will assure you every day that you, his family and his life’s work are equals as his life’s greatest treasures he will work hard, and even die for. It’s in his bones. No question.

It is possible. And fucking real. Terrifying to the princess, yet satisfying, fortifying and nourishing to the Queen who knows the true value of true love (after her many battles both lost and won)

Ladies, PLEASE don’t sell yourself short with jesters or knights, and men who will only meet you halfway.

Be a Queen, who from her deepest Source, magnetizes her perfect King.

And let your heart be healed and revered in every way, every single day. »

– Catlin Narramore

Love Was More Than I Had In Mind

I used to think that passion fades in time. It doesn’t. It grows through doing life together, coming back from conflicts, letting the soul bare.

I used to think that love is either wild passionate and sexy – or responsible, kind, protective and a little dull. It isn’t. Some are all the good pieces of that.
I used to think that the magic is when “you meet the one”. When it’s in front of you, right here, like a sparkling reward. When it starts, when it makes you feel like anything is possible because they actually are what you sought.

This moment is key and most often unforgettable – but beauty, alchemy and a work of another kind actually start a little after that.
After a few months. When it’s not about discovery or feeling lit up by another’s presence anymore.

When attachment patterns resurface. When you witness your partner in states of depth you never knew about. When you learn to not take things personally. When you understand they are on their own process.

When you feel yourself becoming attached and remember other losses, past heartbreaks. When you understand you actually didn’t know much about love – I mean the healthy kind.

When you actually start to build. When you see yourself actually creating a life, and a home, out of an initial spring spark – and you fear isn’t that too big, too wild. When it’s not only about the good times and pretty dresses – but winter, and the rain, and the days when we work, and the days when everyone is tired, and the days when you lose your temper.
When the initial excitement of “I think it’s Him” becomes fear of potential future pain – because you fear you might not be up to the task. When you feel the bond grow, in your blood, in your bones – and you just hope you won’t self-sabotage.

When you actually make your first big “mistakes”. When you actually end up showing this darker, little girl side of you, the one who cries hours at night when she’s sad. When you wonder if they will still love you after that.

When you start to see not all of this pain is his fault. When you see yourself more accountable than ever before because of that. When there is no room anymore to hide, to himself, and to you.

When he disappoints you big time for the first time – and you see yourself reflecting, understanding, forgiving and learning instead of finding faults. When you start to get that it’s best to understand and witness – rather than be right.
When the level of the initial questions is passed. When time has actually proved all your deepest fears wrong.

Because he is in fact there. He is in fact accountable, present, loving and wild.

It’s when this initial blue sparkle becomes house. Becomes daily love, the right dose of intimacy and boundaries – the right dose of showing up in togetherness and freedom.
I used to think that passion fades. It doesn’t. It grows through sharing depths, coming back from conflicts, letting the soul bare.

I used to think that love fades in time. It doesn’t. It grows as a garden of memories, as strong as the dark nights we travel together – as tall as this carefree blue ways of looking at life that we have when the sun shines.

I used to think that love is either wild passionate and sexy – or responsible, kind, safe and a little dull. It isn’t. I thought this because I had never experienced this type of relationship in the past.

Maybe I wasn’t ready, or it wasn’t time.
Love is more than what we first have in mind.

It asks more of us than what we first had in mind.

Commitment to another & to the self through another is a journey – not the kind of commitment that we make on paper, but one that is felt and decided in the heart.

Commitment to be and remain accountable. Commitment to keep showing up. Commitment to have a deeper look within, rather than outside.
The love I’m experiencing right now is bigger and more transformative than I thought was possible. It’s all more fun, vibrant, joyful, adventurous and soft that I hoped for.

Maybe, he is the one. I actually felt that at this initial moment – that spring night with a blue smile.


Picture borrowed from
IG The Rising Woman.


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SHE IS THE MOON is released!

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And it is a promise from the ancient times, that those spiritual warrior ones will find their mirror and match in another when the Sky says—it is Time.
And it is a promise from the original sacredness that One that has explored those same struggles and mystical prayers of finding the self, of rising in what is Truth, of deconstructing the lines and barriers of the mould to create a self-made journey of dirty hands and faith, of battlefields and freedom, a road of darkness to Kingdoms, One who also bears the name of Alchemy—will be there and ready and found, according to what was already written,
When the sky says— it is Time.

The Highest Calling

“A woman’s highest calling is to lead a man to his soul, so as to unite him with Source. Her lowest calling is to seduce, separating man from his soul and leave him aimlessly wandering. A man’s highest calling is to protect woman, so she is free to walk the earth unharmed. Man’s lowest calling is to ambush and force his way into the life of a woman.”

~ Cherokee proverb.

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Love is a force of a different kind.

The Heart has been broken, sometimes, in the past. Broken, because it trusted. Broken, because we were dearmoured. Broken, because it was beautiful. Because it felt good.

And then something turned out the wrong way. Someone said something and another type of dance -a dance made of fire and darker stones- begun. Love was the same face, but it seemed that its song has changed. The light went away, a melody withered.

The heart thought, I’m entering a long night.

And so we lost hope. And so we started to blame because, how could love be that in & out while having the same name. How could things show so many different facets, different notes. And, why was it us. Why were we the fool.

We said never again. We said, never will I trust that much. Never will I go that far. Never will I surrender my armour in that way, that beautifully, with such openness.

Never will I offer skin, heart and words, to places that ultimately didn’t receive the scent.

But for people like us, that road, often. The road of closing the heart. Is more like a moment. A temporary refuge, a shelter for thinkers.

Because, it always ends up happening. It just reopens. We start to see things differently, to see where we ourselves failed. We start to understand, to forgive even. And sometimes, we start to love even more because we have travelled such a path for two, already, and everybody seems to be alive after the fire.

It just comes back. Love, as an energy. With or without our participation, our will.

Not because we are the fool. Not because we are not aware, weak or inconsistent. Not because we are faillible, innocent or fragile.

No, it comes back because that is who we are. It comes back because, for people like us, Love is just something that we came here to do.

Something that we can’t truly repress, in truth. Something that we came here to live, to embrace, to discover, to go through.

It comes back because, we’ve understood that love is like life, a thing of different facets. That love is like the sea, the Sun and the Moon.

That it cycles, that it moves, that it evolves. Yet without losing its essence, its unalterable force, its higher & divine reason to be.

We come back because, for some of us. Our path is Love.

We come back because, we are of the Lover kind.

And because, Love is like the Moon, the Sun & the sea. Its force is of a different kind.

It’s stronger than fear.
Bigger than our shields.
Taller than our inner wars.