New beginnings for Sacred Unions: Two tips.

You want Sacred Love but you still don’t “have” it. Why such a thing? At heart you know that you deserve it but even if you’ve tried and hoped, it seems that the Universe hasn’t answered your prayers yet.

Are you punished? Of course you’re not.

— The role of sacred unions —

Sacred Unions are different from normal “relationships”. They don’t enter your lives to rescue you or make sure than an outside individual will meet your needs. Such partners don’t find you to bandage your own wounds or heal some of your scars — but to push you from the back row to heal yourself on your own.

Sacred Unions come into your life to shake you at your core and make you start your own Ascencion, that’s why they unfold as a process and don’t “work out” right away.

Because if they were feeding your needs from the beginning, you wouldn’t learn and grow in order to match the energy of divine love. You wouldn’t face yourself and heal that deeply. You would simply be the same person, but with a new and most likely more aligned partner.

— Mush progress has been done this year —

This year has been hard on most Twin Flames. You’ve been pushing away your partner or they did so. You’ve felt betrayed, abandonned or lonely because while you knew and felt that it was meant to be, life seemed to play with your heart and it took them away from you.

You’ve stopped to belive in life and to trust in love, some days. It seemed that the Universe had another plans — is the Divine able to make us suffer that way, what have I done that wrong? you were asking.

Actually, Life wanted more of you. It wanted you to thrive. It wanted to try out your ability to love unconditionnally , and you’ve now passed the test if you’re reading these lines.

That’s why and strangely, you’re still here, still loving and much wiser. You’ve suffered but you came back. It’s now Spring time for your heart.

Yes, new unfoldments are about to happen. New beginnings and new hopes, because energetically you both have shifted.

A new chapter in the book of love is about to be written.

How do me move forward now?

— Integrate your own masculine & feminine sides —

We’ve said it already, but you need to find your truth and own power in order to match the very high frequency of sacred love.

Until you’re stuck in a lower vibrational template, both of your souls will keep you away from reuniting because such a coming together can’t happen from a place of fear, lack of self-worth, anger or pain.

To rise you vibration, you need to feel both happy and safe.

Happy, is finding out who you are at heart and what sets your soul on fire, and start really doing it. It’s in other words, coming back to your true nature and beginning to fully embrace it. This will plants beautiful seeds for a happy life.

Safety is being grounded. Safety is knowing that you can provide for your own needs, financially and emotionally. Feeeling safe is knowing that you’ve built a foundation that’s solid enough to support you, no matter what. Feeling safe is therefore seeing that yes, you’ve eventually “saved” yourself.

Safety could be to be able to handle life in all its ways, and on your own.

Remember the Key : if you can both create a life that feels aligned and good because what you do is what brings joy, and feels safe no matter what,

… you can take a leap and jump to the next level, which is Unconditional Love.

You will be able to love unconditionnally because you’ll see that you’re strong enough to resist any outside event. So you will be able to love and feel loved in this deep and soul connected way that Sacred Love requires. You won’t be scared to dive into it anymore, because you’ll know that you’ll be fine within no matter what happens on the outside.

Whatever “mistake” you or your partner may do, love will remain, because it won’t depend anymore on right and wrong programmings. You won’t need to judge, fear or experience resentment, because life will already feel good even without them.

Love will only Be and unfold freely, precisely because it’s not “needed” anymore.

— Manifest wisely —

We tend to think that manifestation is to dream of what we desire. It is, but if we “dream” we tend to be surrounded with an energy of lack. And unfortunately, manifestation attracts the exact signal that we give to the Universe.

So if we say to ourselves repeatedly “I miss this / them”, “I can’t have this”, “I would like to be with him but it will never be” — in other words if we come from a place of pain and despair, the vibration that we emanate on the outside is one of lack and need. So, and unfortunately, that’s what we receive.

On the opposite, we need to relax in the feeling that we already have what we desire in order to truly manifest what we would enjoy.

Close your eyes, and imagine yourself in your Twin Flame’s arms. Feel the warmth around you and the pull to get closer.

Close your eyes, and picture the two of you in your dream life. What does your house look like? What are you wearing? Is it a sunny day? Imagine the two of you on a couch, you’re just enjoying your evening. What colors do you see around you? How does it feel? What is he wearing? How is he touching you?

See, by diving into your dream life that way and feeling it in all your body, you’re truly manifesting reunion and planting seeds for a happy life because you’re sending the signals of joy, peace, warmth and unconditional love to the Universe.

And as everything is energy, you’re sending those positive signals to your Twin, too.

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