Preparation of 2017: New Adventures Are Headed Our Way. 

The Twin Flame journey has been a winding road in 2016, but all that has happened was meant to be that way, which we shall soon see as the mystery of life unfolds.

Sacred unions have their ups and downs, and this hasn’t been the easiest period of time that we’ve known. Paradoxically it seems bright again: the Twin Flame’s adventure will be at the heart of our coming months.

We have a strange feeling because we intuitively sense that the reunion could be imminent but in the meantime there is no apparent sign or clue in the real world.

Most of us haven’t heard through modern devices from our Twins for a while now. Also, as the Moon rises in Aries and takes on her way up all of the inner work that we’ve performed in 2016 for complete release, old feelings seem to resurface and bring once again in our hearts low vibrations like pain, anger or fear.

We feel confused. Indicators from the 5D whisper a “Yes, it’s time for a new cycle of growth together” while the 3D reality stays invariably silent. Which one shall we believe ?

My answer is, it’s not yet time for another ride with our Twins, but new adventures are headed our way very soon. Our souls will simply guide us closer to them when the time is right, just as they have always done before. Wait a little longer, there is still a bit more inside job to do here.


The Twin Flame journey doesn’t care about timelines. It only follows Divine Timing.

As for everything that is meant to be in this life, there is no real need to worry, ponder, imagine, force the When and the How.

Spirit will avoid 3D gatherings as much as it can to avoid endless repetitive patterns which might disrupt the Twins’ story even before it has been released.

The Twins’ souls allow encounters in the real world only when previous lessons are over for good, and when it’s certain that the wounds triggered through previous circumstances are healed and won’t once again find their way back between the Twins.

2016 has brought a lot for many Twin Flame couples. Many things have been experienced and seen through the relationships, and this has taken time to reach a state of complete release, which the end of 2016 is about to support. Not being physically together — and therefore finishing the release — will be forced on us until it’s entirely completed.

Twin Flame relationships are magical because they unfold in a perfectly safe way. The rhythm and music that they follow is always guided by both souls and by the Divine.

Our Twin’s spirit is us, and we are him/her, so all the protagonists of this storyline are either divine or immensely close and aligned with ourselves. There is nothing to fear.

So, we should simply wait until clear guidance is allowed before any move. However, we shouldn’t base any decision on what is or not happening in the real world as communication and clues will mostly be intuitively felt and found.


Why isn’t it time yet? The Universe always finds a way to block something from happening if there is a reason to. It could be because something isn’t meant to be in our lives, or simply because we’re not ready yet.

For Twin Flame relationships, it’s most unlikely that it’s not meant to be as we are speaking of the reunion of two parts of the same thing. They attract each other as magnets because they come from the same place of origin and are meant to be together in this life to work on a social/spiritual mission hand in hand.

Sacred unions are unalterable. Twin Flames are never not meant to be.

It’s always about getting prepared for the reunion. Spirit will never allow it while low vibrations and energies are still around, which can affect the pure love that both souls are feeling.

In other words, while two individuals haven’t met their highest frequencies, which is one of their higher selves, the reunion won’t happen because both souls won’t allow it. Our job as human beings is therefore, and in the meantime, to work on self-love and finding our own power at our own pace in order to match the frequency of unconditional love, where both souls are already located.


I love to compare Twin Flame relationships to a bunch of roses.

The first time the Universe provides us with such a gift, and most often in miraculous circumstances, there is a beautiful feeling of love, openness and of coming back homethat flows in our hearts.

Our lives change, in a pink, yellow or red way, depending on our Twin. Life feels more tasteful. We believe that us was – and will remain – only this: a bunch of young scented roses — but the journey is only beginning.

Progressively the bouquet reveals thorns, and it includes a lot of messy leaves. Those disfigure and hide the flowers. They are too many, and their beauty isn’t at par with the cheerful and bright melody that the roses themselves desire to sing.

The flowers represent the Twins’ souls, they are the pure love which is the only piece that will remain, while all the rest can be considered as stemming from old patterns and negative habits that both partners have brought with them from past lives, childhood or personal adventures.

The Twin Flame journey is about seeing the leaves, understanding why they came around with the roses, and discarding them when time has come. If you start worrying about the whole bunch and why it’s happening in such a messy way, simply remember that He/She is the rose and He/She is you.

The leaves and thorns are what you both need to heal, and aren’t meant to stay.


October is asking all Twins to keep their hopes up, more than ever before, because Sacred partnerships will be the foundation of the New Paradigm.

So, let’s simply follow the rhythm of the Twin Flame’s dance, and let the raw feelings that are surfacing right now find their way up to your hearts and out of your bodies.

More is to be revealed soon.

Yes, that’s the message. I hear him, my Twin agrees, A little more patience please, and a thousand bunches of roses are sent your way to say: There was, is and always will be Love. There was, is, and always will be Hope.

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