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Dear Twin Flames. I would like to share an important message tonight with you that directly comes from my own story. We all read things – theories most of the time about TF relationships – but I feel that our true experiences, the reality of what happens in real lives is what gives hope and shows the purpose of such relationships.

Our separation with my Twin Flame always was immensely purposeful. To cut a long story short, without him yes but also WITHOUT OUR SEPARATION – I would have not have found myself.

I would like to explain why he revealed myself to me, and also why and how our separation gave me the holy space and opportunity to become myself.


When we met I was walking for the first time out of the corporate world. It was in 2014. I went on the other side of the world (Cambodia) to help people and to explore, to wander. I wanted to step away from my comfort zone and find myself.

This is when I met him. Of course we fell in love. You all know what I’m speaking of. 🙂

I wanted to stay there for us but ultimately I didn’t. I couldn’t, for a few reasons. One of them was that I didn’t want to find a job there (which was the only way to stay) because I intuitively knew that I had another path – a real purpose, a mission.

I didn’t know what it was, but I wanted to find, to search, to go truly deeper within in order to find out- or I was doomed.

Staying there for us would have been a sacrifice to me.

So I left. For a long time I felt guilty for not staying with him. I thought that I had lost such a powerful connection because of my own selfishness – because I had put my own interests first.

I understood in time that putting one’s own interests first actually is the best way and the fast track in a Twin Flame relationship.


Our separation actualy allowed many breakdowns, but also breakthroughs.

I started to write, because my heart and body were for the first time ever experiencing such an horrible and deep pain.

All of my first poems were for him. My first articles on web magazines were inspired from us too.

If I had stayed there, I would have worked all the time. I would have found no space and free time to dive deep. Also I wouldn’t have felt such a pain – so there would be no articles, no poetry, no writings… no soul’s healing.

If I had stayed at that time for “us”, I would have stopped at least for a while my own journey back to the self – my own ascension and rising, and my energy vibration would have remained in similar levels as it was at that time.

I would have remained away from my true purpose.

I would have stopped my healing… but also OURS and his too.


If we had stayed together at that time, I would have felt rescued – in a relationship with my perfect mirror and we would have settled in a partnership actually gathering two beings that were, at that time – not complete, not whole or fully healed.

We would have saved each other.

We would have been a “normal couple”.

So yes, when we met and first dated my Twin Flame revealed myself to me. Our relationship made me understand that the life I had at that time wasn’t the right one for me.

As I already wrote, he gave me the energy to start my own true journey back to the self.

He ignited the spark within. This is what we always speak of for Twin Flames.

We never speak of the purpose of the separation phases.


My messsage here is, our Twin Flames wake us up yes – but they don’t give us our solutions.

After we meet them, we need to find ourselves.

The first encounter of both counterparts and their Honey moon is the Universe smiling at them, and saying:

“Now go ahead. Now show us, who you are. Now you see that you are not alone. Now you see that you can do it because him/her has made it. Now reveal yourself, show us that Holy Fire that you’re hidding – as that other one, you in another body – has started to reveal it too. You can feel safe while you become yourself, because as you see, that one did it”.

Interestingly my Twin Flame never gave me my solutions. I remember asking him a few times advice about important decisions that I had to make for myself like “should I do this or that? should I quit that career thing? should I stay or should I go?” …

He would always respond – “Option 3!”

Our counterparts open our own doors back to ourselves.

And then, we need to walk past the door on our own and find our own magic.

This is how it eventually works.


So when I decided to come back to France after we first dated, he played a major part in my own journey. But a 5D one.

He was my hope during all the steps that I was about to go through in order to leave the situations that weren’t meant for me (jobs, places, relationships) and slowly move closer to my authentic self.

He gave me the strength to do what I needed to do and to grow. Our love had ignited a fire within that nothing and nobody could extinguish.

Most importantly he gave me courage because what I had seen of myself through us – the true Sophie – I couldn’t cancel her or delete her from my mind.

It was a first time in my life that someone exactly like me existed. Like me, he was  both fun and profound, wise and playful.  He was very well-educated but wild, deeply free-spirited and just wanting to “be”. Like me, he would refuse all of the existing boxes and possible figures of authority.

Yes, someone that ultimately gathered all of my own contradictions, existed.

Knowing that someone like me existed and could make it gave me golden swords. For the first time, I felt that I wouldn’t be alone if I was myself.

He was the only one I had ever met who could reflect that deeply my own weirdness and the pieces of myself that I used to perceive as incompatible.


But I didn’t need to be with him or even geographically next to him to remember this. 

Us was in my mind. I needed no evidence of it. I knew it would happen one day. I knew I could grow and mature myself because “us” would wait.

More recently again, I had the possibility to move closer to him – which implied to take a job that I didn’t want to do.

That caused a huge inner turmoil that some of you have heard of. 🙂

But ultimately I chose myself. Because no matter where he is, I know we are never truly apart.

If I had gone there, I wouldn’t be with you tonight – because we can never do everything, be both the first and the second versions of ourselves at the same time.

Also choosing you in such relationships is actually the best way to choose “us”. Because the faster you find yourself, become who you are in the world and you find your true joy and peace – the faster the relationship itself shifts and evolves in the “right” direction. 

Paradoxically, chosing you is chosing the couple – for Twin Flames.

By chosing your own healing, you chose the healing of both of you – because it actually is the same.

By chosing you, you accelerate both of your timelines.

By healing half of the soul that you both share with your counterpart, you actually heal that Soul itself.

Your separation, if any – is your opportunity to dive deep within yourself, investigate the truth of who you want to be, learn more about your own patterns of relating and overall heal yourself.


Through this Twin Flame Journey, always follow what feels right to you.

I can tell you that what feels right to you ultimately is what’s right for you both.

This relationship is different. Your counterpart’s higher self will never ask you to choose them or the relationship if this isn’t in your best interest.

This love is deep. This love waits.

This love knows no time and space boundaries.

Even if sometimes our egos come up again and “ask” things or beg for the physical presence of their counterpart, deep within all Twin Flames know that it isn’t about that.

Deep down, we all know that this love doesn’t need to happen right now to be, or to last.

It’s about two souls walking the road back to themselves & traveling the journey of individuation.


Thank you for reading! I’m there to share more of my own story for those who have asked for it!

Much love,


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