It could be or be not – but it doesn’t have to

There are some important soul connections that we sometimes call our greatest teachers, or Twin Flames – or karmic contracts when we are in a different mood – that are both of a highly significant importance for our growth and indirectly shape our path EVEN IF, at least to a certain extent, they end up not being what we thought.


It’s because the connection is strong, that we decide to break free from the other versions of love that we had before.

It’s because we’ve seen who we are, the deepest, through the reflection of a very connected and similar soul; through who they are and what they did; through the mountains they’ve climbed and the reality of what they are unable to take further; by acknowledging a soul power that feels so familiar, well-known as well of the bigness and work of that is still to be achieved,

That if we accept to see, we grow so deeply and fast.

It’s because a love is too strong that we open in such compassion and forgiveness; it’s because rejection is too painful that we leave, run or hide.

It’s because the bond is unavoidable that we decide to commit to understanding, why this and why that, to healing, to growing. It’s because we have hope that we study, we seek the why, we accept to see honestly where we ourselves failed, what we have to work on if we want to find love. And as we heal the pain, and seek reasons, sciences, theories, angelic explanations – we unveil our soul wisdom, we give birth to our waters, the Gifts.

It’s because of them that we’ve released the ego layers of what we do on this Earth – because we remembered through the radiance of another soul, our promise to be of service.

It’s because of the strength of an example, that we found the boldness to never go back.

To a very interesting extent, certainly irreplaceable – it’s because of it, of them, of the similarity, of the love, of the inspiration, of the rainbows, of the flames, of the folly of it – that we have become this very specific Here & Now.


They were the way, so often the Why of our important steps.


Yet, surprisingly, there comes a day when we feel that we arrived.

We feel happy again. The dreams that we had have found reality, sustainability, shape. The energy we felt has become ours. The spark they caused within, the truth, the message, the vision, the authentic self, is becoming our days.

We have become that, the magic and purity of what we saw with them. We have become the glimpse of ourselves that we witnessed, once upon a time, in their eyes.

And we love again. We have projects of love again. We see that true love is possible elsewhere, we enjoy another. We find love that isn’t a rescue from pain, we find love that is the togetherness that we seek.

We find through the soul of another the real and genuine desire to be with. We feel inspired to explore with other eyes, again, we feel ready.

In a way, we have what we were looking for. Peace. Joy. Love. Purpose.


Yet, surprisingly, they are not there. The Twins, the greatest teachers, the deepest karmic contract, the most golden loves.

They were the roots, the origin and the way. They were the awakening, the shedding and the reasons why. They were the conversation of our hearts, the opening and the closing, the dance between compassion and love or preservation of the self and boundaries, layer after layer and yes after no,

Until freedom from the turbulence, from the dream, from the ache & the layer of detached love – a love which doesn’t seek, doesn’t even remember almost – is found.

They were all of it and they were key.

Yet, one day we perceive another destination on the horizon. Peace. Joy. Love. Purpose.

The teachings were the only way, but the teacher is gone.


I have spent years thinking that something should be a certain way or I’d never recover. Thinking that true love was only one man. Thinking that the only reason of all of it had to be « us ». Thinking that the reward couldn’t be any other thing. Thinking that joy, a joy that’s genuine, soul-aligned and pure and full, could only be with that soul. Thinking that love had just one name, one colour. Thinking that when the self is found enough, they are back.

I’m seeing now that I was wrong.

Queens can be crowned on their own, without Who should have been the King.

Life is long,

However destinations are not always what we thought.

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