Message for the collective of Twins : The Twin Flame’s Ascension Was A Journey Back to the Self – Reunion Won’t Happen For All.

Dear Twin Flames, this piece is going to be different from what I usually share with you. It was channelled in the middle of the night for the collective of Twin Flames and I didn’t edit it at all. I wanted all Twin Flames to read the words in their purest form — I’ve just decided to split it in two parts and added a few words from my own journey that came because of the strength of the message and the emotions that it caused. 

– The Purpose Behind the Love Story – 

You think that you’ve done all the work in the name of « that love » — to save it, to make it happen, because of it or in reaction to it. That love was so powerful, so it became your everything. But this isn’t true… All that has happened because of it, all the steps — were actually your own journey back to the Self.

After the magical part of it happened, the push & pull game between the two halves started. It was so beautiful, these first moments – could you remember ? more than magical. Never-seen, that love was. So unusual, so deep, you were coming back home – weren’t you ? So you’ve fought for it.

With all of your heart, body and soul – you fought. You tried to understand, to introspect, to unveil the mystery. You’ve used so many ways, seen and unseen. You’ve spoken your feelings, to a million different people, in so many different ways.

We know, we’ve followed everything. You’ve been so brave.

But the truth is and since the beginning, you were fighting for yourselves.

All of your buttons had been pushed through this Divine encounter. Behind all the back and forth, the tears and the sunrises, the never-again and the there-will-always-be-hope — you were actually talking to yourselves, climbing mountains to release lower vibrations and ascending up to your own power. 

Those were Divine meetings.

Even if all of your shared chapters have seemed to be a passionate story, a modern spiritual Romeo & Juliet thing – the truth is, your other halves had entered your lives to force you to release all the wounds, traumas and past hurts (childhood, past lives). But also lineage’s traumas – because you’re old souls so you had entered this life – the individuation’s one – with a huge energetic baggage to clear.

You had volunteered to become warriors of light, openers of new ways – that’s why you met them. You bumped into your counterpart so that you could start the process of releasing all the 3D, matrix type energies — patterns, identities, roles, masks, limits, beliefs.

Friends, partners, jobs even – all that wasn’t truly aligned with your authentic self was removed from your lives, step by step.

You’ve become a blank page. Ready to create your new life, your most beautiful version – ready to land your soul’s song in the physical. You were asked to do all and everything to find your truth and rise in your own power. Because of that love – you went down to hell and rose back, you’ve become Kings and Queens, the emblems of the new paradigm.

We’d like to congratulate you all for the work, all the efforts. We’ve followed everything.

– This is a message from above for the collective of Twin Flames –

Dear Twin Flames, it was only about that : triggering the Ascension process for all of you, so that you could become that light in the world, a Burning Hero, a Star of the dismantling of the matrix.

You’ve all succeeded in that task. You’ve made it, the worse is behind. That journey was one of the most difficult that human beings may experience on Earth, but we knew that you could make it because you are all strong and old souls — and above all because you had agreed for this.

Ultimately yes, we can tell you all that Twin Flames have incarnated together and met in this life to reunite but… we’re sorry, Reunion was never what truly mattered.

Reunion won’t happen for everyone. Because what has always really mattered, was that as many as possible of you ascend – make it up to the summit of the mountain. You had volunteered to become light-bearers – and Love was the easiest and fastest way to get you all to this space. That’s why your counterpart was engineered in a way that would feel so attractive, so appealing to you. Everything was planned. It was all ordained.

We knew that all of you would do crazy things, in the name of that love.

Reunion never was the « true », the ultimate goal. The goal was to make you become what you were meant to be – gateways of light, facilitators of the physical implementation of new ways of being. The dream of Reunion was what was needed to lift you all to this 5D space.

Without this, you would never have succeeded that fast.

I’d like to add that yes without him, I’d have never become the person that I’m now and that no matter what happens in our future, he’ll always be apart of all that I’m doing – my life has unfolded as the consequence of this Divine meeting.

Of course, don’t misunderstand this – Reunion still could be and will happen for some, many of you. This was always supposed to be your reward. But the thing is, both halves have free will and some of you haven’t agreed to take the road of enlightenment. So, they won’t be ready to meet you there – and as you can’t go backwards, Reunion won’t happen in the physical in those cases.

Some Twins have refused to do their inner work. Yes, some said no.

We are sorry.

Remember. Some day, many of you have decided that this love was too gold, unexplainable, unbelievable, heaven of Earth even – it was worth the fight, you had decided. I can do it, you said – and we’ve heard it. We know exactly whom of you all have said Yes to the calling. This specific moment is when it all started. 

Many of you have made this decision many months or years ago. Many of you did so between 2012 and 2014. We’ve been following everything.

Dear Twin Flames, we love you so much. You have worked so beautifully, but not all of you.

Some have refused to take their journey to the self, most likely because of fear. The 3D feels so much safer, controllable and known, you know. Not everyone is as brave as you’re.

The ones that have refused are still ego-driven and their ego said « no, this mountain is too tall ». But don’t misunderstand us, they’ve loved you truly and from their depths. You too, have been their gold. You were too – their magic, their miracle, their revolution. But they couldn’t follow.

It’s not your fault. 

We can tell you that they all felt so much for you and they all knew that this was immensely different. We can tell you that they all knew that something strange was happening, something beautifully strange. But they also knew that leaps would be required – and some couldn’t say yes.

That’s why some were and will stay, simply catalysts. We’re sorry.

We can sense the dream, the pain, the struggles of yours. But more than anything else the idea of it, the essence of always being together that you’ve felt and cherished- the gold that they have been for all of you.

You’ll never forget, no matter what happens now. They will always have such a special place in your hearts.

Anyways know that the energetic bond that has formed when you met in the physical is and will remain unbreakable, divine and eternal. In the higher realms you and them will never be apart. Never. We can guarantee this to you. It was always a healing cord between both of your Hearts, and that way it will remain – no matter where you’re or what you do.

This year has normally prepared many Twins to get ready for their purpose. You had waited for it, right? Don’t worry, your time has come.

 I myself remember thinking all of my childhood “but, what’s the meaning of this life? Why aren’t they questioning more, these beliefs, this reality?”. If I come back to my own journey, I couldn’t truly exit the 3D for good even if I could feel the calling deep inside, and I’d never have found my power — if he didn’t come my way. What my Twin did, nobody else could. The strength and boldness that he offered, nobody could. I’ll always be grateful. He was the ultimate teacher, the hurricane saviour, the divine tsunami. 

It has been the same for All of You, Twin Flames. So much love that you’ve felt, so much pain also, so much growth so fast – we’re so proud. Many of you have made it, as individuals. The Divine Feminine has risen in unexpected ways, the Divine Masculine is beautifully following this trend.

But, some were and will stay simply catalysts. If nothings changes in the physical as 2017 begins and slowly unfolds until May or June, maybe this should be taken as a sign that your counterpart hasn’t decided to take the Divine road to enlightenment, authenticity and freedom.

Those won’t be able to meet you above – because they’re still in the matrix. And you can’t go backwards.

Now that you’ve ascended and found yourself, you know that Reunion isn’t a “must have” anymore – it should be seen as a Bonus.

Those that don’t experience Reunion will be blessed in other ways.

We can tell you this, we would never abandon such souls, such beings of light. Never.

You can have faith. So many of you have done the work. We’re so proud. We’ll follow you every step of the way. 

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