Twin Flame’s Reunion: Going Deeper Is Needed.

We speak about Unconditional Love and say that this is the Key to the Twin Flame’s Reunion. But it’s actually a little more complex.

Unconditional Love can’t happen with a magic wand or because we desire it so much. Unconditional Love isn’t reachable on its own : it is the outside consequence of a process of personal healing and inner growth.

The Key to Unconditional Love is Personal Power and Self-Reliance.

To love unconditionally requires true inner strenght and shows that the Twin Flame process is above anything else an inside job.

You can love unconditionaly only when all codependency patterns have been released — when you don’t need that He / She acts perfectly to feel happy and complete.

You can love unconditionaly only when YOU have found your power, don’t rely on your wonderful lover to fill you but when you feel more and more complete on your own.

Unconditional Love is only possible when we are strong enough in ourselves to resist any storm and to understand that our worth doesn’t depend on what our Twin does.

As within, so without. Unconditional Love is reachable for a soul when she has learned to embrace, love and fight for herself completely and doesn’t need to make sure than someone else will do it for herself.

What happens with the Twin is the reflection of what has been achieved on the inside, or of what still needs to be worked on.

We can only love our partner with no condition when He or She isn’t the basis of our joy, when we have found enough within to be happy no matter what happens on the outside. And when what the relationship triggers within both souls – even if it’s most often a lot in our specific Twin case – is perceived as bearable, because joy comes from within.

A heart is able to love with no condition when it has truly found happiness, joy and esteem on its own — and not truly possible beforehand, even if it wishes to love unconditionally more than anything else.

In other words even if someone truly truly wants to love unconditionally, this can fail because to wish and desire isn’t enough. It is also required that both Twins achieve a certain level of deep growth.

As Kabbalists say, the Messiah only arrives when He is no longer needed. This is the Twin Flame connections’ baseline.

So the process, dear Twin Flames, is :

Know & accept yourself enough to build the life that you love and be your own joy —> Then you’re powerful on your own, you don’t need anyone to be happy, to be yourself or feel complete & the outside less and less affects you —-> Then you’re able to love unconditionally and no matter what happens on the outside, because you don’t need or rely on : you only love.

Then, nothing… You trust that the Universe will make the magic work, and you live your happy life.

And the Universe will play its part then… Because for Twins, I can tell you that Reunion is the highest plan.

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