Message For The Divine Feminine ~ Don’t be Afraid to Rise.

Ladies, this is the pulse, those are the words of the womb of the Earth, those are the words from the core of the Sacred Feminine.

Ladies, you’ve been told that relationships mean to compromise and that you need to change yourself, a little or more — to adapt to someone, to a man, to your partner, to your « love ».

You’ve been told that if you really do what you want and feel, if you really speak your heart, act, behave, live as you want to & if for those reasons you could loose him – then you shouldn’t, then you shouldn’t be yourself.

Let’s say you want to change jobs and he doesn’t. Let’s say you want to be more spiritual and grow, and he doesn’t. Let’s say you want a new level of sacred sexual experiences and he doesn’t. Let’s say that you think that you deserve more love or respect and he can’t, or doesn’t want to offer this.

So you change your mind about what you truly need, and you ultimately stay no matter how you feel deep inside — because you want to keep him. 

The truth is, you want to keep “love” because you don’t know what will happen to you if you don’t.

You’ve been told that you needed to fall on your knees, put their needs & views first, if you want to keep a man but this is not true.

Your mission is to Rise in Your Own Power and see who comes — who meets you in your truth.

So if what he offers doesn’t feel right… I’d like to tell you, Lady Queen, that you don’t have to repeat what we’ve all done for years, for centuries, for ages. You don’t have to change your own way, to forget about your true needs — to keep him.

This is from the womb of the Earth, don’t become a Lady in suffering to make sure that you’ll maintain a relationship.


I want you to know that, if you refuse a relationship because it hurts, wants you to be someone else, doesn’t respect your needs, doesn’t honour your body — you’ll meet other men on the way & as you grow.

I want you to hear and trust me that, the more you rise and grow in your own personal power the more interesting, the more adapted to you, your beauty, your strength — the men you’ll meet on YOUR WAY, will be.

You need to trust that everytime you refuse a man because you know you deserve more deep in your cells, it’s because you actually deserve more.

You need to trust that if YOU become a Queen then you’ll meet a King.

You need to trust that life has its own way, and that if you’ll let go of the « wrong » things for you – it means that you’ve been emptied out for new things, the right things, to come your way.

There are often sunsets before new dawns, releases before new beginnings.

We’ve all been in such situations already. You and I and our mothers and sisters and ancestors. All of us.

We’ve compromised in the name of « love » — we have compromised because we thought that we couldn’t lead life on our own, we’ve compromised for men because we thought for ages that we needed men to feel strong, safe or worthy.

We’ve compromised for « love », let’s say for relationships because we thought that life was too hard to be traveled alone.

We’ve compromised for centuries because we had been told that women are not strong enough to stand alone on their own two feet, but that wasn’t the truth. It isn’t, it never was.


I want you to know,they want you to know — to feel, deep in your cells that it’s not that way. No it’s not.

If you could find your power. If you could feel, identify, build in time your joy, your bliss and your power in this life you would see that you can stand alone and so you’d never settle before the true station of your heart, before that one, the right “one” that will be the right “one” for you.

Not the “perfect” man, no – just the right man, for you. That loves the whole of you, that takes you as you are – and no less.

That void that you’re feeling when you say no to those men that didn’t want, or couldn’t give you what you deserve shouldn’t scare you. That void is a clearing.

It’s how you free up space for things and people that are more aligned with you, this is how you let them come in. New people, or new versions of the same people.

It’s scary because we wonder in such cases if we’ll be alone, if we’ll meet someone else, if love will be on our way. Yes, I’m telling you YES. Yes because it’s energy. New & higher things always come our ways when we agree to be emptied out and to become a blank page.

Yes we can adapt for love but we can’t compromise, or sacrifice if the deal is to forget about our authentic personalities or true needs.

Love isn’t that – love always wanted the best for you. Love never wanted to see you small, trapped, uncomfortable. Love never wanted you to sacrifice. Love always wanted you to be happy, love never wanted to keep you or control you if he can’t give love back.

Love always was on your side. Love was meant to heal you & of course not to drive you away from yourself.

Love was never meant to be conditional. If love asks you to be something that you don’t want to be to keep you, then it’s not “true love”.


Ladies, this is the pulse, those are the words of the womb of the Earth, those are the words from the core of the Sacred Feminine – never be scared of leaving “love” if love isn’t that. Never be afraid of running away from love, if love doesn’t want you happy, strong, powerful, magnificient, authentic, true.

You need to trust. You need to trust that there are always higher versions of things after the leaps that we take to move away from what feels wrong.

You need to trust. That void that you’re feeling – it’s not the truth.

Nurture yourself, love yourself, become your own lover, your best friend, your best support, the most amazing cheerleader for yourself, your grounding scent, your morning music, your goodnight sweet dreams. 

Support and love is always available, within yourself. Letting in what feels “wrong” will never fill you, I mean the way that you’re longing for.

Honour yourself, love yourself, take care of yourself as if you were a treasure, take care of that woman in you and you shall see, that there is no void.

And if there is no void within, then you can wait for the “right” things.

And until you don’t meet the one that wants to grow with you, to witness all the aspects of the Divine Feminine in you – just love yourself, love yourself and rise, be your own beauty and don’t settle.

Don’t settle before the One that truly and in all ways feels right, comes your way.

Ladies, this is the pulse, those are the words of the womb of the Earth, those are the words from the core of the Sacred Feminine.


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