Twin Flames: Create Your Own Luck.

This « relationship » isn’t an outside situation — but the external mirror of the energy that we hold within. Whenever you do something to find your joy, to get closer to your authentic self or to raise your vibration, you also automatically come closer to your Twin. Whatever work you may be doing to speed up Reunion, mechanically heals yourself as well.

This is the magic of the Twin Flame Journey. As within, so without.

– Why taking action? –

Of course Twins are meant to come together. That’s why they have met in the physical world. However, magic never happens on its own… Magic needs witches, priestesses and shamans to unfold.

We often say that the journey will unfold according to Divine Timing. But the truth is, there is no outside creature or phenomenon that’s going to rule Divine Timing for you. Instead, Divine Timing means that we receive blessings in life when we’ve reached a certain vibration. We attract what we’re a match with. 

Therefore until we don’t match the vibration of unconditional love we can’t “receive” our most beautiful gift… which is our Twin.

Taking action in order to match high frequencies is what’s needed right now for all Twin Flames — to believe, to hope or to trust is essential but, not enough. We’ve always been and will always be responsible for our lives. The Twin Flame Journey is an interesting example of this fact.

Some people speak about luck. No, we are not unlucky or lucky — we decide to do the work in order to attract to our lives unlimited joy, purpose and abundance – or we decide not to.

Remember that “waiting” for Divine Timing is disempowering. waiting for your Twin to work on their own sh** is disempowering too, because all the while you’re waiting it’s like your life depends on a big unknown player behind the scenes, or fate. It’s like your own life depends on someone else. This is not the truth. 

We do create our experiences. Or at least, we have the power to do so. We have the power to decide if we want to create our own experiences. 

Instead of waiting, taking action is recommended because it puts the energy and the situation itself in motion. So what shall we do?

– Going Deeper Is Needed – 

Taking action is watching your thoughts and beliefs, and making sure that they don’t go the wrong way. Going the “wrong way” would be to think exactly about what you don’t want to experience, or believe that the Twin Flame Journey is a struggle, or repeating endlessly the movie of what they’ve done wrong — as if this was the ultimate prophecy of you both.

Life changes when our thoughts and energy evolve.

Taking action is also diving deep within to “heal” your wounds, meaning to get rid of the hurts of your life for good. You need to clear and delete both the negative emotions that came through the relationship with your Twin (you’ll always end up seeing that the pain wasn’t really about them – it resurfaced from another experience of your life, and to make you see that you were still carrying old burdens of negativity) AND also others — those that weren’t reflected at all by the relationship.

Actually at some point you’ll get to a place where it seems that everything about the relationship is healed. However if reunion isn’t there yet in the physical, it shows that you need to go deeper within and tap into your unconscious — where past memories and traumas are stored.

The inner work is like a Russian dolls game. We discover fires, tears or nightmares within as time goes by — layer after layer. There is always more to be revealed. There is always a doll after a doll. While we go deeper and deeper, we find more and more joy and inner-peace. When enough has been seen and healed, high vibrations can be attained and maintained in a stable manner. That’s when Reunion can happen.

We continue our personal work to “heal” ourselves, find our own joy and power — because it’s good for both our Twin and ourselves. Remember that Twins share the same intial energy core frequency, so whatever is good for one is good for both.

– Raising Our Vibration In A Lasting Way –

Twin Souls need to work in order to maintain a high vibration — whatever may happen on the outside.

Once the vibration increases and stabilizes at levels that are close to unconditional love, outside circumstances are less and less likely to affect them and drive them to lower frequencies (such as pain, guilt or fear). 

We can raise our vibration by following our joy and intuition. We can raise our vibration by deciding to stop giving that much attention to what people think of us — but by focusing on our own happiness. Every time we take a tangible action in our lives (places, jobs, people and so on) that allows us to feel better and happier, our vibration raises — it’s as simple as this.

Raising our own vibration is seeking our own joy, peace and harmony every time that we’re given the opportunity to choose. When people trigger you, simply see that most of the time critics or bad words come from a place of pain and negative mirroring, distance comes from a place of fear or lack of self-worth, etc.

People aren’t “bad”. We – as them – simply don’t always do what’s expected, even if we try. Understanding, forgiving and learning to love and accept no matter what is an effective way to raise our vibration in a solid manner.

Also when an issue arises and negative emotions come back to our awareness, we can decide to listen to them fully. We can decide to hold our own hands, wait for the message to be fully heard and release it. We need to remember that positive and negative emotions are all part of the same storyline — there is always joy after a moment of darkness.

Clearing progressively what remains of “negative” within us (hurts, fear, shame, guilt, etc.) is actually truly positive — it’s the only stable way to reach a happier life. On the opposite when we try to bury our negative emotions and silence them, we’ve the illusion that some progress has been made but this isn’t the truth — clearing the blocks has simply been postponed to another time.

Negative thoughts never die or leave our bodies and minds by themselves or by the intervention of God — they’re released when we agree to listen and witness them entirely, as we’d hold another part of ourselves, gently and with respect. Don’t push thoughts or feelings away when they’re painful : instead, listen, understand and let go. Pretending that nothing is happening within would only slow down your journey.

Also we shouldn’t focus that much on the outside situation — the 3D illusion for example of not being together or being separated. Have you noticed that since the first time that you met your Twin, they never truly left your mind and heart? This is the sign that separation has never truly existed. You weren’t obsessed — your soul and inner compass were just reminding you, day after day, always and always, that more action and work were needed to achieve your dream and come together with your Twin.

– You Are At The Driver’s Seat –

Have you noticed that we receive blessings when we start to act precisely to find blessings? Have you noticed that miracles happen when we start to work to achieve our dreams? Have you noticed that magic happens when we start to act in order to make magic? Have you noticed that we meet our tribe when we really step out of the situations that weigh down on us and take leaps in the physical?

The truth is, they’re no “lucky people”. People build their own luck.

And, there is no “responsible-of-the-negative” Twin, the one that would be responsible for a cycle of separation — because Twins share a very similar energy. There is no one “awakened” Twin and a “sleepy” one.

There is separation, opposition or hierarchy between Twins. Simply, the relationship will reflect back to you your own issues until you clear them.

Some may tell you that “working for Reunion” is a loss of time or handling your power to someone else. This is not true, because once again — whatever you do for yourself and to create more authentic and stable joy in your life – helps your Twin’s situation as well. Whatever energy clearing work you may do in order to take action for Reunion, helps yourself too.

What leads to them, leads to you.

So dear Twin Flames, there is nothing to worry about now. The steps have been taken and much progress has already been made. Just keep in mind that devoting time to yourself and to what brings you joy as well as taking action in order to feel better and raise your vibration is what’s needed now.

Work in order to match the energy of the situations that you want to experience in your life.

If you want to be with your Twin on the long-run, your vibration must rise high enough to match the only frequency where the two of you shall meet — which is unconditional love.


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