October 2016

Poetry: Her Skin

This poem was written for the lovers that dive deeper through sexuality, and savor it for what it is—which is the ultimate union, the climax of love between two people.

Sexual intimacy is not what our times have made it be. Intimate touch is sacred and enlightening. Sacred sexuality can lead to the awakening and to the fusion of both souls, it can open doors in both bodies, that nothing—no time and no space could close.

Intimacy is magic, when it gathers two hearts that have – and had always been – made for one another…

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Energy Update: New Adventures Are Headed Your Way

The Twin Flame journey has been a winding road in 2016 — sacred unions have their ups and downs, and this hasn’t been the easiest period of time that we’ve known. Paradoxically it seems bright again: the Twin Flame adventure will be at the heart of our coming months.

We have a strange feeling because we intuitively sense that the reunion could be imminent but in the meantime there is no apparent sign or clue in the real world.

We feel confused. Indicators from the 5D whisper a “Yes, it’s time for a new cycle of growth together” while the 3D reality stays invariably silent. Which one shall we believe ?

Learn about: The importance of Divine Timing on the Twins’ path; The power and unalterability of sacred unions; Your Twin as a bunch of roses.

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Beyond Paradoxes: The Truth About Twin Flames

We hear and read a lot about Twin Flame relationships. It’s often said that our Twins enter our lives as the most beautiful and disturbing hurricane ever.

The connection feels magical because it works on many dimensions — intellectual, sexual and spiritual. Something in their personal stories feels surprisingly familiar. We share similar visions and expectations about life, and not he most typical or easiest ones.

However, most of the time the fairy tale transforms quickly into an intense journey of growth for both individuals, because the relationship makes them face themselves and transform.

We know all these things, but what else can be said about Twin Flames? Learn about: Why me, why us; The two most important lessons of the Twin Flame path; How to go beyond common paradoxes; What the pain and hurt between Twins mean.

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