November 2016

The Gift Of Twin Flames : When Love Becomes Freedom.

We’ve entered the Sagittarius vibrant and spiritual energy! December will be freedom, expansion, high aims – a journey to our biggest dreams. How do we deal with this call for freedom, while we would like at the same time that our love life unfolds in the physical?

This is where the magic of Twin Flames happens…. Twin’s couples go beyond paradoxes and make the dream come true : for them, freedom and a strong, long-lasting love aren’t opposite — but the two sides of the same coin.

Twin Souls don’t come together if they can’t move past the paradox that’s presented to us in the Western world  — which says that love is attachment, constraints and obligations. Which says that love is about choosing between the relationship and what we really want to do, which says that love only happens when we “compromise”.

Twin Flame’s relationships are also about commitment… but of another kind. Twin Flames are connected through a strong and unbreakable bond — which is one of the soul. The love that connects Twin Souls is one that is and remains, without conditions, agreements or limitations.

Twin Flame’s love is about feeling strongly for someone, without expectations and attachments. It’s about witnessing their growth hand in hand or from afar, it’s about being with and letting go, it’s about rising together as one — and setting free. 

Learn more about: Relationships Of Another Kind; When Love Works Precisely Because It’s Free; An Unbreakable Bond. 

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Past Hurts Were Burnt For Good.

I can picture tonight all Twin Souls, in the flames of their passionate love. They’re gathering all the bad memories, all these things that weren’t understood – all the pain, the drama and the suffering – everything is written on paper, and letters are burnt.

Because, negative past memories between them are now no longer needed where they’re going.

In love, we tend to attach to past hurts and misunderstandings and relive them over and over — but the truth is, the past only exists if we call it back in our present lives. Otherwise, it’s already gone…

Past struggles and negative emotions are burning. And instead of putting out the fire of the love that you both share, it revives the flames, it adds up to it. Because this fire is absolutely special, it’s of another kind: it can’t be extinguished.

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Twin Flames : As Scorpios Leave Our Skies, We’re Asked To Release The Past Once And For Good

These past few days may have felt like a Retrograde for some ! Memories of our past have come back up to our consciousness, but in a different way this time. Our hearts didn’t want to relive past hurts or dramas to feel – instead, our minds wanted to analyse and understand, as if we had missed some pieces of this puzzle of love.

We’ve understood that the journey has happened to reach a more balanced situation… both Feminine and Masculine counterparts have indeed learnt a lot this year. Independence, self-reliance and self-worth for the Feminine; a need for answering in a more reliable, respectful and committed way the needs of their counterparts for the Masculine.

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How to keep your energy high on the Twin Flame’s Journey

Along the Twin Flame path you’ve gone through ups and downs. You’ve ridden the wave and you still do, so it seems. But these days you can feel that something has shifted in very good terms, you can sense it especially if you’ve tried to interact with your Twin’s Spirit — hope is there, had always been and will always be.

Now more than ever, the high energy that you’re building within yourself and with your Twin shall be maintained because new unfoldments are getting closer.

How to go beyond common pitfalls?

Learn about: How to avoid common traps; What outside influences can do; A few tips and ideas to put in practise daily.

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All That Has Happened was an organized play of love

There is a huge shift for Twin Flames and Divine couples — the transition is now unstoppable.

Learn more about: The Feminine is rising; The lessons of the Twin Flame journey; Strong souls were required to take all the steps and finally behave from their hearts; Things will unfold on their own.

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Twin Flame’s Reunion: Going Deeper Is Needed

We speak about Unconditional Love and say that this is the Key to the Twin Flame’s Reunion.

But there is a misunderstanding.

Unconditional Love can’t happen with a magic wand or because we desire it so much. Unconditional Love isn’t reachable on its own : it is the outside consequence of a process of personal healing and inner growth…

The Key to Unconditional Love is Personal Power and Self-Reliance.

Learn More About: Unconditional Love; As within, so without; Progress happens in the physical when it’s no longer needed.

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New Beginnings for Sacred Unions: Two Tips

You want Sacred Love but you still don’t “have” it. Why such a thing? At heart you know that you deserve it but even if you’ve tried and hoped, it seems that the Universe hasn’t answered your prayers yet.

Are you punished? Of course you’re not.

Learn about: The role of sacred unions; The progress made this year; The integration of your Feminine and Masculine sides or the journey to wholeness; How to manifest wisely.

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Energy Update: Abundance & Twin Flames

I’ve seen that when we believe that a financial help will be provided, a shift between both counterparts instantly happens — and this change smoothes the path towards reunion in the physical world.

On the opposite, survival mode keeps love away. Money worries and fear of lack are keeping Sacred Lovers far from each other because it is a distraction from what truly matters.

This mostly concerns Masculine counterparts.

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