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The High Energy of when You Both met.

Dear Twin Flames,

As I was reflecting this morning I wanted to share this with you ❤

I remember how “energetic” I was when I actually met my Twin Flame.

I had just left for good and after months of reflection and action my “old life”. I had just left for an adventure toward my authentic self, free from the corporate world, the jobs and ways of making money that for me lacked meaning — and I was starting to explore the world to see what it meant to be Human, and to find purpose, elsewhere.

I felt Free, for the first time, from the boxes I was born into and from that type of success. I was truly faraway from home so I didn’t have anymore to even share energy with the people and situations that represented “Old layers of myself”.

I was starting to meet “my people” – the free spirited, the trouble makers and game changers. The artists too. I was also in a time of prosperity and abundance — in that sense I felt Safe, grounded, protected, anchored enough to explore more craziness in life, more rebellion, more folly… more fun and more Heights.

And this is when I met him. He too, was in a very beautiful time of his life.


For us, and for many of you I believe, our energy is magnetic when we are both in Truth (doing only what we like, what feels true and aligned – what “lightwork” means to us) & also grounded, anchored in the physical, with people that see us, friends to share joy with and a feeling of being safe and anchored abundance wise as well – no matter what the ways prosperity actually comes to us, and the level of prosperity that we are actually having.

For us and for many of you, I believe, High Energy within is found when we are both expressing the Authentic Self in our daily lives & when we are here, in this world, able to land our Heaven on Earth, present, embodied,

In other words when Truth doesn’t take us away from Life, and when the need to feel safe, abundant and “part of” doesn’t take us away from Authenticity, our True spirit and Magic itself, either.

It is in this very specific space that we find our best selves and our greatest energy.

Dear Twin Flames, therefore today and in this very powerful energy of April’s beginnings and the Full Moon aftermath, I am asking you…. what would you need to be in your best, highest energy? What are your own keys, those magical 3 or 4 things you need as an individual to feel light and joy within? What are your pillars, what grounds in freedom, purpose, happiness and golden energy? 

How could you find this feeling again… and on the other side of it your Highest Reflection as well?

Much love! ❤


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Twin Flames taking different paths — all actually leading to their own experience of Evolution

Dear Twin Flames!
Sharing with you today a way of explaining what we may have felt in the past months through this Twin Flame Journey. Yes, we are all moving through and working on it… yet we have been walking different paths and made different decisions recently, as far as “remaining involved on the path” or “giving up” 😉 … or “being with another” or “committing to the most sacred one”.
We can connect with the TF energy and frequency – would it be in the physical or at a soul level – and most importantly BE with them when we are in the energy of very high / freedom / flow / truth / the authentic life / most importantly JOY, or what some call “5D”. This feeling, or way of living life, is actually our “goal” – if any. 
Both energies have to be stable and grounded there… In this space of truth and joy, and physical embodiment of the aligned life. However as it is the Feminine polarity which “manifests” the Masculine polarity’s response… when she grounds herself there and remains seated in “I’m in my own version of joy, free and personal power and an open heart that can gives and receives freely”….. magic happens and manifests, causing the response of the Masculine polarity.
Let me come back to the initial entrance of this article. We are presently witnessing different versions of the Twin Flame Journey – which is actually a way, a specific means of traveling the Ascension path.
However I would like to underline that it doesn’t really matter what Twin Flames do or don’t do in this specific given moment. The shape and form their journey back to the soul self is taking, today, happens to be in this given moment. What “matters” is that they keep following their own road of evolution and reaching their own “higher selves”. As the saying goes, “it doesn’t matter how the heart awakens – what matters is that it does.”
That road back to the soul self takes us to Two Main types of life experiences, often fast and burning on that path. What we are looking for is two things, that actually happen naturally and organically.
One, we want to release more of what’s not our authentic self — the activities, projects and things that are not our true selves — as well as the versions of love that are not “5D compatible”, pure, flowing, the ascended ones.
Secondly, we want to let progressively more JOY and ALIGNEMENT in. This again actually happens organically as more “darkness” leaves. But “darkness” doesn’t mean “dark” as we may always think, in a old way of seeing things as black and white, sacred or profane, good or bad — like sad, tortured or convoluted always. Sometimes “dark” simply means not aligned with how we are at heart –– things that we learned elsewhere and actually don’t bring fulfilment to the soul self.
The process is absolutely “magical”. Magical because happening on its own, without us thinking of it, and the less we think of it the faster it happens. As our hearts open through the Twin Flame journey and the initial “struggles” we go through with our counterparts, the higher heart also opens, leading us progressively to purpose and authenticity as for career, friendships, mission and personal power. All things are intertwined. And as we release more of what we don’t want, more joy comes in.
Both happening on their own — because we only have one core, which leads us and propels us forward would it be in love or in life in general… and because that core may only evolve in one only direction, and not backwards. 
We can see people taking different paths because, sometimes “to heal” and evolve on our own paths we have to release more and so we draw to us, which is actually good, situations or partners that will help us see more of our wounds and bring back to the light subconscious patterns. Sometimes, on the other hand, there is a pause, we are at a time where “evolving” means allowing more light in and learning with another kind of teachers. Our vessels are more cleansed and so we receive more beauty. Both processes are actually a dance, with only small voids in between phases.
As a consequence, on this path, we learn to differentiate those who came to us to acknowledge our growth, as a sign sent by Spirit to tell us “I see you, how far you’ve travelled, and this is now we you are able to receive. That beauty, that magic, that type of love, that energy” — & those that came to us to help us release more, see more, a deeper layer of something that we actually don’t want to bring forward on the journey, and back to our sacred counterpart when the time of reunion is there... and therefore that we have to “get rid off” beforehand.
We are reminded that all is sacred and divine on the path of transformation, that all path are deeply Personal, Individual but also Holly. 
What matters most is actually to keep EVOLVING, to keep traveling back to ourselves. 
What we seek is not a specific way or means for growth — but Growth itself.
Our “enemy”, if one, is stagnation — not this or that way of evolving in particular. 
We are reminded as well that experiences shape us. Life is our greatest teacher. We don’t shape life — life does this based on what we are here to learn and what we have signed up for.
The spiritual self is both the sacred warrior that can withstand fire and burn, and the magic creatress manifesting joy from a more healed space.
It is the one that  both commits to truth but respects their own boundaries, integrity and joy. It is the one that sees the intimate vessel as sacred, but also here to learn how to flow with others in deeper spaces of vulnerability. It is the one that remains, yet doesn’t wait. It is the one that holds space, and is there for – yet keeps living their lives according to their own expression of happy, healthy and free. It is the one which knows, yet surrenders to a higher wisdom of life’s events and synchronicities.
It is the one that is grounded but flexible, a full Tree — trunk but also branches & leaves.
It is the one which knows that the heart will always belong to One, at the deepest of the deepest core of it, to a specific land, to a very specific and magical playground — yet flows in this life following the rhythm that dancing with the Universe is whispering. 
It is the one that has understood that walking “for myself” is actually, in this very specific dance, walking for both and healing both parts. 
In that sense avoiding the new things that life sends us, the new soul contracts that seem to be there on our path for a specific reason… is not always the most appropriate respond, if I may say. Those are coming with a lesson that is unveiled in time — would it be, again, releasing more of what’s not meant to travel forward… or raising our vibration to a more beautiful and aligned version of love… and sometimes new soul contracts actually bring Both and help in both directions, less “dark” and more “light”.
We are reminded that full Surrender and Trust is actually the way, rather than analysing, and that nothing is random at this stage of our evolution process. 
But also, that each Twin Flame has their own path of evolution, that none is better than the other — would it involve other partners or not, a lot of time or just a couple years.
Of course the faster we evolve the faster magic happens… but we can’t always evolve fast, given other karmic contracts to clear or inabilities to move fast past deep, deep layers of the self that are actually there and happening always for a higher reason and wisdom.
This is, always though, what a given individual has signed up for — and in that sense all journeys are Sacred and deserve respect, reception and appreciation. 

It could be or be not – but it doesn’t have to

There are some important soul connections that we sometimes call our greatest teachers, or Twin Flames – or karmic contracts when we are in a different mood – that are both of a highly significant importance for our growth and indirectly shape our path EVEN IF, at least to a certain extent, they end up not being what we thought.


It’s because the connection is strong, that we decide to break free from the other versions of love that we had before.

It’s because we’ve seen who we are, the deepest, through the reflection of a very connected and similar soul; through who they are and what they did; through the mountains they’ve climbed and the reality of what they are unable to take further; by acknowledging a soul power that feels so familiar, well-known as well of the bigness and work of that is still to be achieved,

That if we accept to see, we grow so deeply and fast.

It’s because a love is too strong that we open in such compassion and forgiveness; it’s because rejection is too painful that we leave, run or hide.

More below – It could be or be not – but it doesn’t have to.

Times of exception for Twin Flames as the Lion’s Gate opens.

Dear Twin Flames, I come to you today with a channeled message which came through me and I feel I’m only the messenger.

We are in a time of great blessings, physical manifestation and absolute glorious reception and transformation of all the golden, immense and divine love that we’ve built, kept, protected and fought for within and against all the walls and barriers that the path has presented before.

We come through here to underline and highlight again, if this hasn’t been done enough before, the importance of the month of August in general but more precisely the Lion’s Gate as for Twin Flames transformation.

We are now at a “key” moment where at a soul level, it has been said and heard over and over that Enough inner work has been done, processed, done over and over and enough to settle and implement fully within.

We have move past the moment when every trigger becomes a drama and makes us doubt the foundations themselves of the Twin Flames partnerships and its abilities to land,

We are at a time when we Must trust what we know, move forward in faith and toward the physical landing of things.

That specific moment represents a Portal where some Twin Flame couples and not all — not all because that wouldn’t be possible all at the same time due to the massive energies and turbulences that TF coming closer in the physical are causing and are about to cause — are about to jump past the edge, to cross a very new layer within their heart, and be able to reconcile in the very physical and let their love unfold in whichever way the Soul has chosen.

It will happen for some and not for all, but we would like to remind you that some of you even if ready at a soul level have not yet taken enough forward action, physical forward changes, the ones who are able to allow the landing, the physical possibility of a “reunion” or “reconciliation”.

Some also need more time as they still have an important role to play in other people’s timelines — some are still needed where they are now and for whichever purpose (union with another, taking care of someone or something, anchoring something at a specific geographic space, etc.) and so won’t be able to jump the portal right now, but will most likely have the opportunity presented many times in the next years, and will “jump” when their shared higher self has decided so and as agreed before.

We would like to underline too that an important moment of geographical movement is happening in pairs and this is one of the ways Twin Souls have used to grow fast when in separation, and this is one of the action they must take and do in Faith in order to allow what is now inevitable.

All Twin Flames are asked to be in absolute trust of what is happening and keep in their heart the precious, golden knowing of what is meant to be and what they know — as in truth nothing can cancel or stand against what has already been planned.

We are all asked to embrace exactly what is happening — some will be asked to take very physical action of transportation or words or a new place or a new job, while some will have the feeling that they need to remain where they are because more has to be revealed and more need to happen there — however nobody is stuck, all is happening as it always has as it should and we are reminded that “time” as we know actually makes no sense as that new space we are in,

Things simply happen physically when Souls have processed enough within but also when they have done what they were supposed to do elsewhere and with other people of the group (partners, family, etc.) and when they have gathered with them al the tools, even the career, self-discovery, attemps, successes and failures and all the unseen steps that their soul has planned for them to take before and in order to move closer to their Twin in absolute trust and high energy.

You must know that absolutely all events are part of the plan and nothing is happening as a coincidence.

We must remember that all has been, is and will be the plan.

We are reminded that what we call the Divine Feminine Must remain in stability – which doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t “process” the waves when they come as waves themselves are a huge, key, immense part of the releasing plan but She now knows what is the Truth and comes back to it a lot faster than she used to.

The stability of the Feminine as the Manifesting, Womb energy has become more and more paramount in the year in order to generate and cause a stable Response from the Masculine, Yang, Doing side.

We are reminded that no matter what we may see, Twin Souls higher selves are Always working together and all the skills that we have developed as individuals in the past few years, before and after they met, are as you may all see clues, omens, and huge open roads for more possibilities as for what will be their individual puposes in this life in the future.

All what we learn even in separation is the essence of what the Soul must learn.

We are now at a very, very special moment of our lives and of the year 2017 and I, as Sophie, can’t hide and run away any longer from the feelings of absolute inner knowing, magic and trust that I have in the Union for us all.

We are in a very special golden time of many blessings and we are begging you to remember what has been, to understand that the love you feel is the love they’ve been feeling too, the mistakes you made are theirs, the beauty you see in them is yours, the magic they represent in your memory and heart is yours as well — and it was never true that they ran, or you ran, or whomever was hard or mean at a Soul Level this was never true, 

At a soul level all is so very pure, those Souls as You reading this right now are of the uttmost power, freedom, softness, knowledge, abilities to change the world and build the new, and most importantly such open hearts and capacity to love, unconditionnally, in spite of everything, of what we saw, of what seemed to be true and of what everyone has “done”…

All the rest was only what at a given time and as human beings, we were able to see.

We have enjoyed connecting with you,

Channeled by Sophie Grégoire, July 30th

Keep watching… Everything that’s unfolding around you brings a greater awareness and understanding about what could be happening behind the scenes with your Twin…

On the path of Twin Flame “reunion” or coming together, we often times see things in black & white.

The depth of the love that we feel as well as the emotional intensity which characterize the Twin Flame bond might have us focus our energy on “them” and on “the situation”, and think that the only signs of its possible progression are found within that bond only… but the Universe actually conceals a bunch of other useful omens and signs on the path.


We learn in time that everything is intertwined — what happens with them and what happens with others, in the sense that what we heal is healed no matter what the specific situation which allowed the healing of a specific core wound is.

We may think that only through this specific Divine Partnership our wounds may be healed because “no one else” could take us that deep within, cause such a draw, etc. And this is partly true, in the sense that the way we feel for our Twins is not temporary and will stay in time  — which makes a big difference with “other people and partners in general” for sure. It is true that while we may feel drawn for a while to other people because they are a match to a given layer of ourselves, they help us see or heal or recover from a specific thing that we had within — the connection that we feel for our Twins has no time-limit and reaching harmony with them could actually be seen as the “destination” or the deepest part we may be able to reach within.

While people come and go on the path in general terms, our connection with our Twins shows ups & downs but never “leaves” or fully “fades”.

However and while Twin Flames are in “separation”, the Universe bring to them other rooms of experiences, other tests, other connections and adventures, other chapters of life, other shared healing journeys with others SO THAT they may heal more WITHIN themselves and while their Twin is traveling the healing path of self-discovery on their own and they are “unavailable” to trigger their partner and help them dive within.

While Twins are in separation, other “things” happen in their lives and help them Raise their Vibration — therefore feeling closer and closer to the level of energy that the Twin Flame bond represents  : deep knowing of the Self, acceptance of the different parts of the self, ability to process the emotions on their own, ability to open their heart to love, ability to step out of codependency relationships and partnerships, ability to walk toward their truth while finding balance and anchoring in the human world that we live in, connection with both above and below, ability to become “powerful” from the heart and without imposing oneself based on the ego restrictive ways of being seen in the world.


We also understand in time that even when we have no physical clue or evidence about what may be going on on the other side of the Soul, and in the heart of our Twin — an easy way to know is by having a closer look on our personal situations and what is their recent evolution or history.

Three types of relationships may be “studied” : the one we have with ourselves, the one we have with others in general and with other romantic/intimate partners if that is our truth.

For example, the level of acceptance that we have for our own selves is a good reflection of the level of acceptance that we have for our Twins. It is interesting to always remember that, and even if all lives are different, Twin Souls share similar patterns, personal stories of “achievements” and “regrets” about life, as well as what we sometimes call “qualities” and “flaws”. When we start to see that our “biggest mistakes” actually find a reflection in their own lives, as well as the opposite, we learn to understand, have compassion and forgive everyone at the same time.

What is that specific thing in their lives that we have difficulties understanding and forgiving and, where is the mirror within our own selves?

We may feel often “they are too much in the ego”, “how could they do this or that?”, “how could they hurt me that much and run that far?” etc, but if we can see what is the reflection within us of that specific pattern, we have the ability to heal it within ourselves and therefore for the couple.

We are reminded that if we can always bring ourselves back within any time we are triggered through the unfoldment of the Twin Flame Relationship, we actually heal both our own wounds and fasten a little more the access to the heart, the core, the treasure that our partner carry within. In other words, the layers that we uncover within ourselves, are actually layers that we uncover for them and for the relationship too.

As individuals, we are the path toward reunion and the path shall be found always within… however healing ourselves, is healing themselves too.


Other people are interesting “indicators” as well. Our growing ability to process what the “world” throws at us, and of staying in peace and grounded no matter what our closed ones may do or say is a great sign of the healing which happened within.

If we can stay with others and being ourselves without running away even if they disagree, meaning if we can be both in our power and in respect for other people’s paths — it shows that the knowing of the self that we’ve built paradoxically allows us to be more outwardly and to eventually separate from the cloack we had once built around ourselves to find our center, our truth, our passion, our authentic self sometimes in isolation in order not to feel too exposed while we were doing that sacred and sometimes difficult exercise.

Our ability to remain ourselves while functionning with others shows that a solid core and foundation has been built within — and that solidity is also a beautiful asset for the Twin Flame relationship, as it proves to be very useful when our partner shows a face of themselves that we didn’t know about, which seems “fake” or which triggers us for any reason (coming from the ego, not “spiritual”, not respectful of our freedom, etc.).

In other words, on the Twin Flame path, each training that Life offers is one that the Soul should accept to take. 

As athlets, we are trained and we practise on many playgrounds — but eventually, all of those skills, the successes of many battlefields and stages always benefit and serve the ultimate truth and place where we want to use all that we know… and that space is the one of the Twin Soul connection.


Likewise, there are things that more intimate connections with others, even if they are temporary or fleeting, may help us heal and this therefore paradoxically speeds up the Twin Flame journey.

The way we relate with the people that we are or could feel drawn to at an “romantic” level is an interesting indicator of where we ourselves stand, who we draw to us and why, how we respond to the energy of “love”/”sexuality” in general, how we connect with others when we get closer to them, how we relate to people when love brings fear.

This is an interesting indicator of the “level” the bond with our Twins is currently aligning with.

We may be reminded that, what we could be tempted to do with our Twins is exactly the exact same thing we reproduce with others. We receive the same triggers from other connected people, because ultimately it is always about US. They make us fear the same things, they come in and out with similar energies and we learn with them, those “other people”, how to find balance WITHIN even when connected with other souls.

For example, we may enter the life of people and practise with them — therefore providing and offering a sort of “sacred space” or container to explore ourselves. Fears of speaking our truth, of being too much, of showing ourselves, of being naked in love whatever that means to us, don’t HAVE TO be healed only with our Twin Flames.

We learn, if that is what we need, to explore and “be with” without attaching, needing, identifying with it, searching.

We learn that we don’t have to “withdraw” from the energy of love when it is not exactly what we wanted or expected, we learn that if we can feed ourselves on our own it is actually OK and beautiful to accept people exactly as they are.

We learn that, if we can feel comfortable and full enough within ourselves, it becomes safe to be with the ones we feel attracted to and we feel love for, even if they don’t answer our “needs”.

We explore how we can be guided more by the energies of love, adventure, interest, physical draw, friendship, joy, pleasure, or whatever feels “light” — rather than by the energy of fear, attachment or “will they answer my needs and make me happy?”, which actually come from a place of lack).

By allowing life in general, we understand as well that beauty is found in many places actually, it is always there and always goes at the same time, it flows and fluctuates in life, as our Twin Flame do…

We learn that our joy and peace is found within. Yes, love increases our own inner feelings of happy, and the departure of love makes us feel weird and sad and empty sometimes…but in the truth all of this is an illusion, we are always safe and full on our own, even through the wind and waves of love, and that is precisely why we can let it in.

I’ve enjoyed connecting with you,





An essential post…

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The Truth About Twin Flames.

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