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The Divine Consort.

The divine relationship starts with sparks of soul, cosmic recognition. Something draws your attention, seems to call you up. It has this feeling of both highly intuitive, almost mystical – and so familiar, so much like Home.

The sparks of love and a kind of mysterious attraction develops in a deeper recognition. Souls share the same dreams and ways and, much more feels like “known”. Most likely yes: they Knew each other Before.

The tale continues, both facing their own woundings, desires, needs and inner desesperations.

Sometimes, the cosmic tale even stops. This is when the wounding was bigger than the Truth, when the inner blockages started to control one’s behaviour more than the Heart could.

He can be scared of her power. He can see in her radiance, of the Pallas Warrior Queen — those things that he hasn’t done himself or been up to.

He can lose his ground in front of her waves. He may be too much impressed by her flowing waters, by her emotions, by the intuitive, Oracle way that she sees life.

He may have never seen before a Woman of softeness & fire — a Divine mother at the same time Truth-Sayer, Weak-Defender.

She may become disoriented in front of his unwavering, strong, anchored stillness. In front of his ability to decide, lead without going back, select choices fast and steady in times of adversity.

She may be lost when discovering his Truth. She may take time to get that, under so much Hero’s images of God that he looks like — there is a pure, full of hopes and dreams, sometimes hurt, sometimes stressed out by the burden and pressure of what it is to be a Man, Heart.

But in time, sooner or later. They get to see clearly in each other.

He understands that she never had any other way, in the past, but being fierce, real, raw, fully honest and self-protective — the Queen of Swords — if she wanted to intimate respect, especially from masculine principles.

She sees that he could never be fully himself, before, that they never truly respected his own softness, sensitivity, needs and heart. They expected him to be a movie King figure. They expected him to be the doer who completes with calmness and grace all of the tasks. They couldn’t see that he was tired, exhausted — in search for a home, in search for a shelter, in search for a woman who would love Him for good and for All — not only his Diamond sides.

In finding each other, and actually working together through the different phases and steps of what it means to be fully seen, accepted, recognized and loved — both are being reborn, majorely and irremediably altered in a positive way — like Diamonds unearthed and revealed to the Light.



Twin Souls share a very similar essence, energy & higher calling — even if it may show up in different forms in the physical reality or the current choices that both are making.

Twin Flame Soul Reports study both natal charts & their interferences, intersections and soul similarities to answer the following:

What are the marks of a past life, and soul deep connection between both in the charts?What are the key traits of your shared Twin Flame energy that we can learn from your charts?What is the calling & destiny of your unique couple soul’s blueprint? Which type of lineage & soul group are you likely to be originated from?

Sun, Moon, Venus & Mars placements, as well as the Lunar Nodes, Lilith, Asteroids & Sacred Geometry Composite symbolisms will be primarily studied.

Contact me via Message here to arrange your Twin Soul Astro Report. Two formats available: 1h20 Zoom video call or 1h recording directly sent to your inbox.

Twin Flame Couples Astro Reports

Twin Souls share a very similar essence, energy & higher calling — even if it may show up in different forms in the physical reality or the current choices that both are making.

Twin Flame Soul Reports study both natal charts & their interferences, intersections and soul similarities to answer the following: 

* What are the marks of a past life, and soul deep connection between both in the charts?

* What are the key traits of your shared Twin Flame energy that we can learn from your charts?

* What is the calling & destiny of your unique couple soul’s blueprint? 

* Which type of lineage & soul group are you likely to be originated from?

Sun, Moon, Venus & Mars placements, as well as the Lunar Nodes, Lilith, Asteroids & Sacred Geometry Composite symbolisms will be primarily studied. 

Contact me via the Contact page to arrange your Twin Soul Astro Report. Two formats available: 1h20 Zoom video call or 1h recording directly sent to your inbox. 

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On Codependency vs Healthy Romantic Love.

Hi friends,

Please find below my latest writing about codependency vs more mature, healed and healthy ways of romantic love:

7 Signs You are in a Codependent Relationship.

The partnership that I’m currently in is asking of me to release remnants of such ways that I still have—especially when facing triggers.

What makes a relationship codependent is the prominence of the traits stated below compared to the healthier aspects of a romantic connection. If you have felt yourself doing one of these in the past rather regularly, you may simply have further inner work to do.

Here is what I have learned about how to identify traits of codependency and how to heal such dynamics within our relationship:

1. Time spent apart is lived as a threat.

In a codependent relationship, fear may arise when one takes space out of the partnership unit. Time spent with families and friends can be lived negatively for one or both.

As the relationship progresses, one may start to disallow their lover to do things without them. It develops slowly and insidiously, but once the relationship is settled, its container starts to feel like a trap because every attempt to be away from the couple or with others is received negatively. This can also lead one or both to hide part of their activities, to avoid the drama that may follow the announcement of time about to be spent away.

This pattern obviously finds its roots in a lack of trust—one fears the love isn’t strong enough to endure separation or the presence of others. They don’t trust the solidity of the connection, they think it must be controlled or managed to work. As a consequence, when away from one another, partners may have to over-function to not feel the void.

2. We feel that we are losing our sense of self.

We are scared of sharing our dreams, visions, or goals when they don’t correspond to what our partner wants or their own image of us. We hide parts of our passions because we feel we may be less loved if we were to share fully who we are.

We are trying to be the man or the woman of our partner’s dreams. It becomes more important for us to keep the connection than to develop and mature ourselves. We are scared we could lose them if we were to fully embrace our own journey. What if one of our goals doesn’t fit the relationship framework as defined so far? We may even feel like changing ourselves to fit into our partner’s expectations and images of us. We may also see ourselves asking for approval and losing self-agency.

For the two reasons stated above, we may not be feeling anymore that we have our own, independent life as an individual.

3. Feelings, wants, or needs are not fully spoken out to avoid rocking the boat.

When there is a disagreement, we say what we think is going to be accepted by our partner. We avoid expressing fully what feels wrong or what we need because we are scared our partner could break up with us if we were asking too much.


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Channeled Twin Flames Readings + Sabian Symbols Couple Astrology

NEW: Intuitive Channeled Twin Flame Readings: 

  • Providing intuitive insights, more clarity on your situation and a read — as well as distance healing sent through Reiki.
  • The reading I provide is based on intuitive, clairvoyance and claircognizance gifts.
  • Sent with a spread of 3 Tarot cards also explaining what I felt and saw from another perspective.
  • You may send me a short question, inquiry or situation you want to investigate about, and I read from there, even if the share is very short.
  • The price is of 44€. The reading is of 10/15 min length approx., and is sent directly to your email box with the cards, and the recording, within the 24/48h following your purchase.

Send me a message to for any questions, or to arrange your reading. 

NEW: Sabian Symbols Astrology Readings 

I offer a new type of astrology readings, based on Sabian Symbols. In a symbolic way, these refer to your soul gifts, purpose and the evolutionary path of your life. They are based on the exact degrees of your birth chart, for instance if you were born with Venus in Cancer 28° — the degree will be studied in-depth! They open up new horizons within the self as they relate in a mystical way your unique design and soul blueprint.

  • Sabian Symbols readings can be done for yourself only, or to study in a non classical way the chemistry & potential of a couple.
  • Sabian Readings are audio recordings of 30 to 45 min long for the individual, 45 min to 1 hour for the couple’s analysis. The cost is respectively of 77€ and 99€.

Send me a message to for any questions, to arrange your reading. 

You were somehow toxic but I fell in love with you…

“I have thought of you a lot, today.

So often, I have missed you.

It’s inexplicably hard what happened. You were toxic, but I fell in love with you.

Some said you were a sinner, a manipulative golden man, a narcissist. But I didn’t trust their judgment.

I trusted the memory, the ghost of you, who you were in our beginnings. I trusted the memory of when you were at your highest, your kindest, your most loving.

So often, I have wondered if this version of you was real. I sometimes feel that after that beginning, I never saw “you” again.

I remember that I fell in love with the way that you looked at me. Your promises, too.

You see, I didn’t know exactly what love was in those innocent times. I wanted passion, I wanted to be impressed. I wanted someone that was magnetic.

Love, I thought, was fire and sparks. But I know now that love is also presence, staying, understanding one another—feeling safe and protected.

I know now that I misunderstood the idea of love; that’s why I found you.

I thought that our love would be crazy, because you were one in a million—so special and free. But the way you disappeared was one in a million, too.

As time passed, you refused to talk—even a word—about us. You decided to go without any proper farewell.

You chose to erase me.


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Hi Friends,

How are you feeling during this Eclipse time? We are moving through such a powerful start of the summer.

You could feel that your energy is being drawn to very new ways of thinking, being in the world, working & sharing your gifts.

Things, people & places that you felt very close to or attached to even recently could feel faraway, or dramatically fading. A new path is possible. Feelings around your Twin Soul & the possible destination of this connection / pathway to Reunion could be changing & evolving towards a higher level of love & maturity.

Whenever lost, ask yourself:

Which path is the most self-loving, self-empowering & serving the communities that matter most to you? Your bonding & sense of “this holds meaning or not” as far as family, tribe, groups of friends or relationships could now entirely be reshaped. Groups that almost had no importance to you, could start & become of a paramount relevance for your healing & path of personal liberation.

Where do you feel that you had abandoned yourself by having restricted perspectives & glasses of the world?

Which long standing issue or cycle could be approached in a brand-new way?

What is coming back up which started or unfolded in 2002/2003? How do you wish to approach things differently now?

Where soul can show that it has reached a greater level of maturity?

To respond to needs of guidance & insights, without the need for you to connect at a specific time of your day through a video call — I have created the following offering:

Intuitive Channelled Recordings (10/15 min length):

They provide intuitive insights, an intuitive read of your situation, as well as distance Healing sent through Reiki.

These are sent with a spread of 3 Tarot cards also explaining what I felt and saw from another perspective. The price is of 44€.

The reading is sent directly to your email box with the cards & the recording — within the 24/48h following your purchase.

You may send me a short question, inquiry or situation that you want to investigate about — and I will read from there (even if the share is very short).

To ask for more information or arrange your reading, write me directly here:

A Letter to Younger Me: He Didn’t Break You.

Dear Twin Flames, you will find a new writing below. Designed for the hard times of the Twin Souls Journey.

When it’s tough, we we lose hope. A reminder that we always recover from love, even this one… perhaps, until it comes back…

“I thought I would spend a life not being in love, because of our love.

I thought no other man would have eyes of that same blue.

I thought nobody else would feel so close.

None of these were true.

It’s funny, yet so beautiful, how life is—one day you think you are dead, that you already passed away—but you aren’t.

You think that life has left you, but it didn’t.

You think love only had one name—it doesn’t.

One day he leaves and you see yourself laying on the floor, breathless, lifeless, desireless, hopeless, futureless. You think you lost everything that was you—but in fact, at that exact moment that you thought you were forever laying there, you were up. And you became something you never were before in your life.

A broken heart that stood up.”

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Much love,


You Gave Me the Sex that I Wanted.

Read below my latest blog on love, intimacy & sacred sexuality: 

I had always been looking for somebody who would be both primal and sensitive. Connected to his heart and strong. Deeply present, loving and nurturing and soft — and wild too. Sexual. In his power. 

That was you.

I have thought and talked a lot about sacred sex in timebut as an idea, because I didn’t know until I found you. 

Until that point I believed that a man, in the bedroom as in life, was either too soft, too tender, and even reserved — or conversely dominant, disconnected from his heart and possibly there, in the bed with you, more for the performance and the fact of making the woman orgasm  partly in order to reinforce his own pride.

Before you, the men of my life may have had technique — but they lacked presence. 

Some can miss the key point, which is: doing the love making with you, deeply connected to you — in response to your opening, to your love.


It’s funny because now that I’m typing this, I realize that the reason why our sexual life is so beautiful, to me, is because you gave me the love that I longed for. 

It is because of the trust that we built together that my body agreed to let you lead. 

It is because you were always present, consistent, reliable and sure, that you didn’t meet any resistance within my body, within my soul.



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Much love and gratitude,


Art: @_kallenmikel


I No Longer Need You.

This is again a personal share about how I happened to detach, to lose attachment and this in a positive “way” for my soul mate. How I have lost in time attachment to what he could bring. How we started to be two individuals, yes living together and interdependent and in love — but on two separate journeys. 

“I remember thinking we were soul mates, we would be best friends, and we would travel the world together.

We would endlessly explore France. Road trips, the sun, lightness, adventure, and you.

I also remember thinking that now that I was with you, you would be my joy—and that I was saved, and that I would be happy, because now I was with you.

You see, I was used to plenty of space, freedom, and autonomy as a single woman. But when we started to dive deeper as a couple, I think I started to lose this: I started to need you.

Love is fanciful, as attachment is.

I was starting to make promises to myself through you.

I was starting to feel better, not because of myself, but because of you.

It is an illusion to think that people heal us.

Men are not there to fill voids, in truth.

It is a princess dream to think that one day, a knight on a white horse will come for rescue.

It was a maiden mistake to think that a man can truly change a woman’s life, and that woman can be fed through man.

So I have stopped needing you. And I think this is for the best.


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A Love Letter to the Man who Never Came Back.

This is a post about my own Twin Flame journey.

“You know you really love someone when you don’t hate them for breaking your heart.” ~ Unknown

It relates our story.

It is a love letter to the man who never came back. It is a love letter to maybe the most important love of my life — but we never got closure.

Read an extract below:

“When we met, I was engaged and my whole life was on the other side of the world, so at first I resisted you. A new chapter of my life was starting and I could feel it, but I couldn’t acknowledge it and allow you in.

You insisted. I told you I needed time to think. You kept being there. You were an energy, a calling. I was drawn to your spirit, to your soul, to your words. The first night that we made love, I felt guilty but this was only a side note, because what I had been looking for was you. With a capital Y.

Nobody had ever clicked with me that way. I thought you would be my all: my hero, my husband, my best friend, my soul lover.

During this trip to Cambodia, I would travel often outside of the city. I would think of you daily. What a life could be like with you. Why you felt so similar to me, yet distant and ethereal. Almost unreal.

In fact, you were too good to be true.

The power of our possible union made it almost unrealistic.

But I couldn’t be fully there with you yet either. I had to let go of the rest of my life. I travelled back to France. You texted while the taxi was driving back home. I thought I had to make a decision. The more I was avoiding feeling you, the more you were there—in my body, in my heart, like pink honey in my thoughts.

In time, the desire that I had to be with you won over everything else. I quit the rest of my life to be with you.

This is when you said no.

But the leap was worth it. Otherwise, I would have spent a lifetime regretting you.”

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Much love,