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A Journey Of Many Layers, Always Closer To Your Homecoming.

With Others and through bonds with others, you will release certain layers of you that were “blocks” on the way to true, pure, unconditional love. Others will help you feel, bring to the light and release Layers of you that were in fact unnecessary for your moving forward.

Those layers sometimes were only yours – but also, sometimes layers of trauma caused by the karmic stage of the Twin Flame relationship. A negative imprint they left on you. A memory which stays, never flies away. A feeling of rejection, deep abandonment, betrayal or fear. A deeper wound that can only come up and be worked through in the context of closeness or intimacy.

Those layers can’t be released and worked through by thinking or intellectually. They are identified when doing something, connecting or participating in life as a whole. It is like, Wholeness is only tested in the contexts of Sharing Space.


In all cases, you will always Trust. Any step, no matter how it looks like, is always You releasing more of what’s no necessary & progressively  basking more and more into the Sun.

You coming back Home, to Yourself… in all ways.

As a consequence, you will allow your journey without judging it. Knowing that nothing, is not synchronistic. Remembering, that on this path there are no coincidences.

That all has been orchestrated… for the final meeting, the ultimate dance, the lightest, and deepest, Homecoming.




When Dances Shift Melodies.

This piece of writing takes the example of a female person embodying most of the feminine energy of both parts. If the feminine energy is mostly represented in the male side, or another female person if the TF share the same gender, the writing above of course has to be changed accordingly. 

It is said that when One changes, in any type of dynamics, the other side changes as well if they desire to remain present energetically. The other side has to adjust and grow, to keep dancing. 

In many Twin Flame relationships and connections, it is the Feminine who goes through her “Falling” first and learns to embraces her depth fully. Her Divine partner is often times the greatest catalyst — forcing her to find emotional safety, peace and healing within, to find her personal truth in relationships and life in general, to find herself, to find her path and joy or even purpose. Also, ultimately, to release her attachment to an outcome in life in general… but most importantly in this given situation of the Twin Flame bond.

Magically, as she does so, she releases progressively and in time her attachment to receiving in the physical the attention and visible love of her Divine counterpart. She doesn’t stop feeling or loving, yet she stops needing, wanting, longing.

She releases her need to be with. Her desire to be only with him, and not others. She sees herself attracting new people and new potential romantic connections. She finds her energy again, back fully. She sees life resuming. Her inner feminine has healed enough to rest a little, to be able to shed a little less during the days… and so she can have more time, more energy, to embrace more of her drive, Masculine doing and building side, as before it all started.

She feels safe in life enough to be back, she has healed the hurt. She has recovered.

Yes her life has changed, transformed, people around are different and streets bear different names but, it is still her, with an essence clearly more revealed, brought to the Light, uncovered. She walks again with all of her strength, the stamina of before this Divine encounter brought up the dark and the light — but differently, higher, more magical and free.

As she has healed enough herself, because she went to the End of it, of a cycle or a pattern — she can detach and that is when things have the opportunity to shift.

As she has travelled to the end of a road, checked and double-checked that she has done all she could, expressed all of the words of a loving heart, used the magical tools of compassion, respect, kindness and forgiveness.

As she sees that she has gone to the end of a journey with Him, even cleaned the way of what was said and done before and when less aware, when she can really feel there is no more to do or say on that road and so a part of a Path can be left at rest happily and peacefully, with warmth in the heart even, no anger resentment and fear but warmth, peace and a feeling of completion… then things change. 

She can truly Let Go, in beauty.

And when she does let go, a Void is felt on the other end of Things. 

And this is when, the other side, the Counterpart… is given the biggest opportunity for their own heart opening, and saving grace. 

And after, it is in the hands of the Divine mystery, in the hands of the magicians of soul contracts and of individual soul healings… They will catch the train or not, decide to feel at a deeper level and act on their own healing path, respond Yes to the inner call, to the reminder from within… or they will decide to pass their turn. This is for them to feel out, decide, and see.

Who knows, what lies in the hands of Magic.

But, she is Free.

The above piece of writing takes the example of a female person embodying most of the feminine energy of both parts. If the feminine energy is mostly represented in the male side, or another female person if the TF share the same gender, the writing above of course has to be changed accordingly. 






The Story of Soul Contracts.

The greatest gift we can offer someone, sometimes, is to not encourage and support anymore a certain type of their own behaviour.
It is to withdraw from a certain shared dynamics – which causes that the Other can’t find anymore, the room or space, that they were using to behave in a certain way. It is to not feed anymore a certain level of shared dynamics – so that people have the opportunity to evolve, grow and… eventually, if they actually embrace the opportunity, come back anew, latter on, and Realign elsewhere, at a new level.
Very often in Karmic Partnerships and Soul Contracts, the initial shared dynamics comes from, and feeds, the respective wounded parts of the Two Individuals. It is a dance between two energies, energies that are still on the path of healing and of reclaiming their highest selves.
But as One grows and evolves, they decide that for their own well-being and self-love – a certain type of behaviour or pattern from the Other, or of dynamics between the Two, is no longer supported.
As One evolves, and therefore withdraws from the karmic / wounded thread and dynamics between the Two, they actually offer, almost unknowingly and unconsciously sometimes, room, space and opportunity for the Other to grow.
Actually, even, things go both ways.
When one grows and therefore outgrows the current version of someone else – people organically go separate ways, a matter of two frequencies not being aligned anymore. A lack of alignment being generated, often, by the existence of Two different rhythms on a soul’s journey.
But when One grows, everything can change.
Because, by not giving room to the Other to express their karmic, lower-self, wounded traits anymore… they push them, knowingly or not, to Grow.
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You need to keep walking toward a Vision, even if not manifested yet.

Fully Letting Go To Experience A Rebirth.

Sometimes it is about fully letting go of something to experience a rebirth.

About being cracked open, torn to the core, open to our last cell. About feeling love and the absence of the object of love, both fully.

About saying everything that’s on our heart. Feeling all the ache, the memories, the days we thought of them out of nowhere, or because something in the wind or underneath the smile of a flower felt like their music.

About saying everything, until there is no more to say. To share. No more that’s still trapped in our lungs, chest, heart, within. To try everything, to try it from every angle and side, each possible windows of hope, of possibility, of remnants of what hasn’t been tried or said.

About knowing that all that was possible was done.

And then, the heart becomes free. Free from the regrets, liberated from the weight of what has been done, or not done before – because this time it did it right, beautifully, kindly, honestly and openly.

Sometimes, it is about doing and feeling it all until a layer of a soul contract is over, completed. Going as far as possible, to the end of a road, until there is absolutely nothing more to say, to live, to repeat or to learn. Nothing more to hope, nothing else to feel.

Sometimes, we need to go to the end of something, to see what’s on the other side of the wave.

We have to finish a moment of life, a pattern. A way of relating, a part of a story, to come back.

And so, this is when we are ready for a Rebirth.






You Are Travelling Right.

You’re always here for a reason.
It’s always longer, less clear than you thought, for a reason.
It’s all working well every day, actually, also every time you wonder.
The hours know.

You’re always here for a reason.
Exactly where you are, right now, and this is right where you are meant to be.
It’s always longer than you thought, and more convoluted, and less clear, and there are detours and you always change your mind and spiral for a reason.

And they always come and go, come back and leave, for a reason.
And you’re exactly where you are meant to be.

And the wait is long, some days.
But the minutes know.
But you wonder if this is the right track.
You are on the right path because you always were, all those days, because there is only one path in a way and,
This road has been yours.

And those are your people, and those were your teachers, and those are your Soul and,
This story has been your path.

And this has been the way you travelled and right now again, you are travelling right.

And things change for a reason.
And life feels like a game, sometimes, it evolves and plays and learns until it knows.

You are here for a reason, and it is all unfolding or not unfolding for a reason.
And even you wondering if this is right track, is the right thing to do and all is well.

Yes it is often longer, and less clear than you thought.
And yes there were days when you thought it would be instant and fast, and that life would be a game for grown-ups, where all works well and simple and settles like it should be in a world of adults where people know where they are going to and, where boats moor and all that.
You couldn’t know about the game, and that life could push people that hard.

It is longer, and less clear, and seasons move this way or another and you can’t always know.

But trust the path, and the hours.
You should.
The speed of some days, the rainbows, and also the length of things and the wait, and the game of time and people and spaces we all play like guided dolls and,
Trust the unknown.

And life, and its spell, and the mystery of things and what takes time, and what you didn’t know and what you know now,
And the whole symphony of what has happened and was because,

This has been the way you travelled and right now again, you are travelling right.