May 2018

And you’ll keep going to them, and feeling and releasing and shedding, and going deeper into yourself through it, and revealing new layers and truths about it — until you reach that beautiful space where you love without longing, where you feel without a need, where you can remember, acknowledge and be grateful, without expectations or desires, without linking beauty, magic, mystery and the importance of a past journey to what could be.

That space where you can move forward and on, but without anger, rejection or blame. Where you can choose yourself, but without judging another’s journey. Where you can have your life and follow your own joy, while not saying at the same time that they were wrong or bad. Where you can take full responsibility and ownership of your path, while not burying a connection or painting it in the colours of hell. Where you can move forward, in all ways, yet be so unattached that you still love. Where you can rise, without belittling. Where you can expand, and grow and find beauty without any link to it – yet you remember, and you won’t say it didn’t matter. That space where you don’t wait or hope, you don’t accuse, you don’t entertain fantaisies – you just keep walking in love.

Life Always Resumes, And The Sun Is Always Meant To Come Back.

Sometimes in life, we feel so much for someone that we think that it will never go away. That there will never be a day, a week, when we don’t feel about them. Never a week, a month, when we don’t feel that we should have done things differently. Never a real, satisfying amount of time without feeling that there is maybe another way possible, another thing to do or maybe another hope to feel.

Sometimes in this life, people connect with us so profoundly that we think it will never go away. That never, anyone will make us feel that same way. That never, we will be fully free of it, detached, liberated. That somehow life in a way or another will always be connected to it, even if slightly. That there will always be something, even if insignificant like a song, reminding. That somewhere a cord will always persist and that there will always be apart of us, even if small and easily controlled, that will feel about it, wonder or think.

But as we precisely go through it, feel all which desires to be felt, process the beauty as well as the ache, as well as the questions. As we precisely dive in the feelings, try and stumble, travel and heal the layers – something ends up changing dramatically.

One day, we end up feeling that what we thought wasn’t accurate.

Actually, all wounds could be healed.

Actually, progressively, we think less and less about it, wonder less and less. It is undeniable that something is progressively shifting, until it fully does and we eventually wake up thinking – it did.

One day, we realize that life was more fair, less violent than we thought. That it could be back in all its magic and wideness, fully.

One day, we end up feeling that those things and that story mattered, a lot even, but that it is now finished. That it has now taken the colours, detachment and distance of those other things, those things we’ve truly said farewell to.

Not the past like something which comes back in loops, spiralling, from time to time but the past like completed.

And so, we understand that life had planned it all – the ache as well as the recovery – the fall as well as the rebirth. We understand that life was kinder than that, than this process, and that life knew that we could make it.

Sometimes, we have to go through all the feel-s of something, to be fully back. But if we do, if layers are shed one after the next, one day something shifts.

Our energy is back. Colours are free, again. Music and streets, and hopes and goals, and even dreams have no past, no link, no cord to it.

Life starts to move, one more time, freely, like a bird which doesn’t have to come back to a given tree or nest, to a past dream. It starts to move and flow like before it happened, before it started, before we were hit.

Our thoughts are refocused, redirected. And our Heart becomes free, available, cleansed, green, liberated.

Love Them Unconditionally.

Love them Unconditionally. Love them as they are, because they have the right to live their own journey and to go through their own steps, and things, and joy. 

Love them unconditionally, even if this means moving on because today, your versions of love are different, and what they seek is not what you want. 

Love them unconditionally, even if they didn’t do the right thing, for you. Love them anyway, because they didn’t have to do anything for you, actually. They are traveling this road called life as they wish, you see, and this is their perfect birthright to choose for themselves whatever way they want to love, to live or to be. 
Love them unconditionally, and as they are, but please don’t forget yourself. 
Don’t forget yourself, and your heart and, the way you deserve to be loved, cared for, talked to and looked at. 
Love them as they are, and don’t blame. Don’t blame because, in this life we all have all rights to behave the way we desire and, you see, your responsibility is yourself and only yourself, not changing others, neither their hearts. 
Love them as they are, but don’t forget. The way you, yes You, you deserve to be seen, embraced, talked to, cherished, loved, hugged, received, listened to. 
Love them as they are, but don’t forget to move on, to continue your journey, to honour your tears and the time you need to come back and, the beauty of the stories that could be books without existing and, please love them but love Yourself so much that you keep yourself on track. 
Love them, but from afar. Like gardeners love their flowers, like parents love their children when they now live a thousand, a million miles away – to live their own lives. 
Love them, even if you thought things would be different. 
Love them, if it hurt you maybe even more than the way the sun shined, tall and bright, the other day. 
Love them, even if you couldn’t understand, even if your mind failed to see. 
Love them, even if it could have taken another turn, even if it could have been great. 
Love them, and don’t blame, but please choose Yourself. Because you are the most beautiful flower, your most precious art. You are your own garden, and you see, such a masterpiece needs to be loved right, seen, respected, received, listened to, cherished even as what’s best – as the most precious poem, as a wild summer song, as the smell of the woods after the rain, as your best friend would smile at you, tonight, as cities are photographed when the sun sets, & as life has made you, pure, and beautiful and tall and kind and wild. 
Love them, because this is their life. 
Love them, but please, don’t forget yourself. 
Love them, but know it is you, the beauty, the flower, the poem, the adventure,
The Christmas tree, the song. 
Love them, and don’t blame, and even don’t analyse – what they do, their choices, the way they live and behave and all that – but, on this journey as you walk further, and let them in and talk and connect and everything, always remember,
If there is ever a Choice to make, 
To Choose Yourself. 

Services Offered For Twin Flames

Dear Twin Flames,

I was asked lately about the services that I currently offer for Twin Flames.

I offer Guidance Sessions of either 30min or one hour – with a suggested donation of respectively 40€ and 55€. They offer a safe space to share, acknowledge your experiences and the steps of your journey as well as receiving intuitive guidance and insights about the Twin Flame healing path in general.
Those sessions allow to focus on your own personal situation and be guided to move forward in it… as well as replacing things and events in the wider context of the Twin Flames relationships.
I also offer Readings. Those are based on your situation after you’ve shared part of it with me through email. They are directly sent to you in the form of a recording. The suggested price Readings is of 35€.
For both Sessions and Readings, I also pull cards which provide additional insights for this moment in your journey.
In order to book, please use the Contact form – or write me directly at
Much love and blessings on your path,

But if you ever wonder why it happened that way, why it has been that difficult and strange sometimes, you will remember. You will remember that they did it for your Soul, for the revelation of Yourself and for your growth. To trigger your sacred expansion, to make you Become your highest You.

It’s a soul contract, a partnership… concealed behind some twists & turns of love. A blessing of the Sacred, disguised underneath failed crossroads, behind silences.

A blessing of You, remembering you. Such a magical, improbable task in fact… but not, truly not, a disappointed work of love.

A Tale of Time, Forgiveness & Love.

When you’ve found Love for those who Hurt you the most, those who left the most scars on your skin and disappointed to the deepest the light of your eyes, would they be a mate, your mother your father or any of your soul — you can feel the joy of knowing that the Heart has opened loads.

When in your heart, about them & in time, love has ended up winning over the memories of hurt, of struggles, misunderstandings and even worse.

When in their heart, an understanding of when you couldn’t understand before and the art of forgiving you, wins over what you said wrong in the past of your dark moons.

When in a connection the strength of love, the importance of sharing space, of giving, of not repeating what happened before when we were all triggered, perhaps too wounded or sad and when we couldn’t take a step back to understand another fully — ends up becoming bigger and much more important, relevant, than the images of what happened.

When Love and Forgiveness, ultimately win over the memories of where we failed and hurt each other — we can feel the joy of knowing that so much has healed, and changed, and grown.
The joy of feeling that hearts have opened like precious flowers, flowers who might have failed their art of colours without this delicate, painstaking work of love, forgiveness and time – flowers which needed years to bloom, that no one gave up on because they mattered to all.

Processing the feelings… yet not growing expectations or chasing.

There is a fine line to find as we navigate the Twin Flame Journey. 

Allowing feelings to surface, listening to them, letting them flow through the heart as well as releasing the heaviness matters and « should » be done as it allows the healing of the heart and the progression of the journey.

It allows the release of « negative » or « karmic » energetic layers and therefore should be allowed and embraced — so the deep healing of the heart that we can access through this Twin Soul journey, such a rare and potent catalyst, is not postponed or blocked.


However, we can do this without chasing, clinging or attaching.

We can allow the feelings to surface when needed without going to our counterpart from there.

We can allow what has to be listened to within to be heard, without transforming this into a potential « reunion », new expectations or fantaisies, or the landing of an immediate fairy tale relationship. 


I’ve found in time through experiences and by working with clients that this journey is not black and white, in the sense that « fully dismissing it / running away from the feels » AS WELL AS « living for it / attaching to it / closing our doors to the rest » both end up being temporary states or strategies rather than a stable and joyful ground to rely on as we navigate our journeys.

Sometimes an actual physical reconnection is needed to remind us of the current state of affairs. Who is available, who is not, what issues are ours, how tall the love feels, how disappointing things can be, how strong the bond seems to remain, and so on.

Sometimes it is a calling and strong guidance to write, meet up, reconnect and that is ok and necessary even to actually see more truths, and allow deeper feelings to come up and be processed and heal.


However, it is important to see that both things are possible — first, allowing all that’s coming up because of “it” to come up… WHILE on the other hand not blocking our lives, waiting, expecting, making choices for it, being on a standstill on our own individual paths, doing things with the deliberate intent to not lose them or to make it happen.

There is a fine line and important difference between « not running away from the feelings » & « attaching to an outcome or chasing ».

Sometimes, processing the feelings doesn’t even require to be with, connect to, talk to. It happens, will happen, with us focusing on it through our lives or not.

The journey keeps unfolding, anyway, 

Most importantly because the Journey is Within. 

The Twin Flame journey always keeps happening, evolving and shedding within ourselves.

This is not something we will forget about if we don’t organize our lives around it.

This is not something we have to deliberately work for with them, or in connection to them.

This is something we can work for and do our best for, with Ourselves only, within ourselves only & therefore also when living our lives, adventures, and moving forward our own individual journeys freely.

This relationship is not something we have to force ourselves to work for or commit to — it just happens and unfolds according to the inner work travelled and done by both parts. 


There is a difference between not running away from, and not chasing or forcing — and this is the Key we have been looking for.