June 2018

A Journey Of Many Layers, Always Closer To Your Homecoming.

With Others and through bonds with others, you will release certain layers of you that were “blocks” on the way to true, pure, unconditional love. Others will help you feel, bring to the light and release Layers of you that were in fact unnecessary for your moving forward.

Those layers sometimes were only yours – but also, sometimes layers of trauma caused by the karmic stage of the Twin Flame relationship. A negative imprint they left on you. A memory which stays, never flies away. A feeling of rejection, deep abandonment, betrayal or fear. A deeper wound that can only come up and be worked through in the context of closeness or intimacy.

Those layers can’t be released and worked through by thinking or intellectually. They are identified when doing something, connecting or participating in life as a whole. It is like, Wholeness is only tested in the contexts of Sharing Space.


In all cases, you will always Trust. Any step, no matter how it looks like, is always You releasing more of what’s no necessary & progressively  basking more and more into the Sun.

You coming back Home, to Yourself… in all ways.

As a consequence, you will allow your journey without judging it. Knowing that nothing, is not synchronistic. Remembering, that on this path there are no coincidences.

That all has been orchestrated… for the final meeting, the ultimate dance, the lightest, and deepest, Homecoming.




What was this all about, what was the point, if not in sharing love & learning how to love right?

Sometimes, some remain out of deep connections because it is hard to both connect deeply, and to not long for.

Hard to intertwine profoundly without melting – hard to share, hear and listen without relying on.

Hard to encourage the rising of the Self through something external, unpredictable, somehow bigger than it – without feeling that fear of losing the Self at the same time.

Hard to connect deeply, and feel – without feeling at all this wave of attachment, of longing. Hard to give, while not knowing what will be received – hard to trust, without being able to know for sure what is trustworthy.

In truth, it is difficult to connect deeply without fear. Without that fear of losing one’s strength, one’s direction. One’s heart.

It is difficult to feel things within -within that beautiful sacred palace of love that we’ve built in efforts and time – because of an unpredictable external.

It is difficult to feel disappointment – without erecting walls as a response. Without going back up in the castle of those queens & kings, living in inner, protected, alone joy.

It is difficult perhaps, but where is Joy if not in connecting, deeply, and feeling seen, all facets

Where do we learn if on our own, if up and locked in that castle. If we choose in this life to swim outside of the pool, and with an armour of ‘already know, already been there, personally out of the practise of the edge, personally out of the experience of diving’.

It is difficult yes, but you might wonder – what was this all about, what was the point, if not in sharing love & learning how to love right?