July 2017

Times of exception for Twin Flames as the Lion’s Gate opens.

Dear Twin Flames, I come to you today with a channeled message which came through me and I feel I’m only the messenger.

We are in a time of great blessings, physical manifestation and absolute glorious reception and transformation of all the golden, immense and divine love that we’ve built, kept, protected and fought for within and against all the walls and barriers that the path has presented before.

We come through here to underline and highlight again, if this hasn’t been done enough before, the importance of the month of August in general but more precisely the Lion’s Gate as for Twin Flames transformation.

We are now at a “key” moment where at a soul level, it has been said and heard over and over that Enough inner work has been done, processed, done over and over and enough to settle and implement fully within.

We have move past the moment when every trigger becomes a drama and makes us doubt the foundations themselves of the Twin Flames partnerships and its abilities to land,

We are at a time when we Must trust what we know, move forward in faith and toward the physical landing of things.

That specific moment represents a Portal where some Twin Flame couples and not all — not all because that wouldn’t be possible all at the same time due to the massive energies and turbulences that TF coming closer in the physical are causing and are about to cause — are about to jump past the edge, to cross a very new layer within their heart, and be able to reconcile in the very physical and let their love unfold in whichever way the Soul has chosen.

It will happen for some and not for all, but we would like to remind you that some of you even if ready at a soul level have not yet taken enough forward action, physical forward changes, the ones who are able to allow the landing, the physical possibility of a “reunion” or “reconciliation”.

Some also need more time as they still have an important role to play in other people’s timelines — some are still needed where they are now and for whichever purpose (union with another, taking care of someone or something, anchoring something at a specific geographic space, etc.) and so won’t be able to jump the portal right now, but will most likely have the opportunity presented many times in the next years, and will “jump” when their shared higher self has decided so and as agreed before.

We would like to underline too that an important moment of geographical movement is happening in pairs and this is one of the ways Twin Souls have used to grow fast when in separation, and this is one of the action they must take and do in Faith in order to allow what is now inevitable.

All Twin Flames are asked to be in absolute trust of what is happening and keep in their heart the precious, golden knowing of what is meant to be and what they know — as in truth nothing can cancel or stand against what has already been planned.

We are all asked to embrace exactly what is happening — some will be asked to take very physical action of transportation or words or a new place or a new job, while some will have the feeling that they need to remain where they are because more has to be revealed and more need to happen there — however nobody is stuck, all is happening as it always has as it should and we are reminded that “time” as we know actually makes no sense as that new space we are in,

Things simply happen physically when Souls have processed enough within but also when they have done what they were supposed to do elsewhere and with other people of the group (partners, family, etc.) and when they have gathered with them al the tools, even the career, self-discovery, attemps, successes and failures and all the unseen steps that their soul has planned for them to take before and in order to move closer to their Twin in absolute trust and high energy.

You must know that absolutely all events are part of the plan and nothing is happening as a coincidence.

We must remember that all has been, is and will be the plan.

We are reminded that what we call the Divine Feminine Must remain in stability – which doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t “process” the waves when they come as waves themselves are a huge, key, immense part of the releasing plan but She now knows what is the Truth and comes back to it a lot faster than she used to.

The stability of the Feminine as the Manifesting, Womb energy has become more and more paramount in the year in order to generate and cause a stable Response from the Masculine, Yang, Doing side.

We are reminded that no matter what we may see, Twin Souls higher selves are Always working together and all the skills that we have developed as individuals in the past few years, before and after they met, are as you may all see clues, omens, and huge open roads for more possibilities as for what will be their individual puposes in this life in the future.

All what we learn even in separation is the essence of what the Soul must learn.

We are now at a very, very special moment of our lives and of the year 2017 and I, as Sophie, can’t hide and run away any longer from the feelings of absolute inner knowing, magic and trust that I have in the Union for us all.

We are in a very special golden time of many blessings and we are begging you to remember what has been, to understand that the love you feel is the love they’ve been feeling too, the mistakes you made are theirs, the beauty you see in them is yours, the magic they represent in your memory and heart is yours as well — and it was never true that they ran, or you ran, or whomever was hard or mean at a Soul Level this was never true, 

At a soul level all is so very pure, those Souls as You reading this right now are of the uttmost power, freedom, softness, knowledge, abilities to change the world and build the new, and most importantly such open hearts and capacity to love, unconditionnally, in spite of everything, of what we saw, of what seemed to be true and of what everyone has “done”…

All the rest was only what at a given time and as human beings, we were able to see.

We have enjoyed connecting with you,

Channeled by Sophie Grégoire, July 30th

The “Push & Pull” between Twin Flames.

It is interesting to go a bit further than the “Push & pull” dynamics which are normally described and find out its different forms and reasons. How do the “Push & Pull” happen, and why?

This article doesn’t describe the “silence” phases per say where “nothing” happens — but rather adresses the two main “on and off” scenarios that are common in Twin Souls relationships.

  • When one varies and adjusts to make sure that the other remains “within control” and within the boundaries of the relationship. 

It may happen that one of the partner doesn’t want to explore the connection and seems to behave as the “Runner”. In those cases Twin Flames may be irresponsive, ackward, distant or cold and their behaviour is often times described as unexplicably changing or in waves.

However that cold side of the partnership still feels for their counterpart, hence a need of control.

They actually can’t show their feelings and behave as if they were “in love”, because it feels too risky to them. They may as a consequence reject the connection at that time and for reasons that may vary — involved with someone else, fear of being hurt, abandoned, rejected or not good enough, feeling that love always brings drama and takes away one’s freedom, fear of sexual intimacy, and so on.

They reject the connection as it is — based on a rejection of the pressure it brings, pressure of getting involved with someone or of losing oneself in love.

But they don’t want to lose their partner anyways… That’s why they may “come back” or pretend to by re-entering the relationship even briefly — in order to make sure that the bond isn’t forever lost.

That Push & pull could be called – The Control one. The person can’t go further but they can’t lose it all — they are actually terrified of moving either way. But as soon as they will feel their counterpart’s energy leave, they’ll try to find it again — even if this is to instantly let it go.

In truth, in that first scenario, the “Runner” simply wants to feel or hear the love of their partner again and find comfort there, but they may not engage their Twin further after “checking on it”.

That first kind of Push & Pull often times happens in the first stages of the relationship, with a “Runner” showing “narcissist traits” OR when the “Chaser” is truly attached. Their attachment is what draws them toward the nets of the Runner… and the Chaser may run to the Runner (!) anytime the later makes a move toward the relationship.

In other words, that dynamics can’t be if the Chaser has learned their own worth and boundaries. In that case, they will start to drift away as well when they feel this kind of controling energy on them, and the Runner has to change ways and strategy — consciously or not.

Actually, that first dynamics shows a lack of “completeness” in both — both needing to be filled by the other, yet in different ways.

  • When both meet and go “on and off” before the energy feels right for both.” 

The other kind of Push & Pull scenario is of a different kind, as it isn’t a “you are moving out out of boredom, so I need to catch you before you leave fully” — but more a “let’s meet again and see where we both stand”.

In that dynamics, both counterparts are actually looking for balance and seeking at a soul level the moment / energy when both are there for Love, rather than Attachment, Neediness, Lust of for Making Sure.

They may come back to one another over and over until they both feel that there are no more “cords” – in a negative way – between them, but only a healthy thread of love between their hearts.

They explore to feel things out but, as they’ve both grown in completeness the flames lessen. The Chaser is less dependent and expecting — while the Runner shows more stability and grounding, and won’t move out before reattaching out of fear.

There, Twin Souls are exploring the other and the connection from a place of personal conscious Knowing (I want to explore that connection on a “committed” basis) and Fullness (My life isn’t “that” so I won’t “fall”).

  • An evolution?

That second type of “Push & Pull” is actually more conscious, while the first one is received passively by both counterparts — even the one who tries to reattach and to “control”. In fact, this is their only way to stay there and maintain the relationship, but beyond what’s visible they’d actually like to be able to bring something else or to gain more clarity about their own heart.

The releasing of the “control part” allows to move to that second type of dynamics between both Twin Souls. When the energy of control is released — which actually was a “Stay there even if I give you something that you don’t like” — a real letting go takes place, and for both.

The Runner / in control has to face that if they don’t give anything and exhausts their counterpart by exercising too much nothingness, their partner won’t “stay”. At the same time the Chaser / the one who was ready to accept now sees that it is healthier to let go rather than remaining involved in dynamics which deny their own truth, power and worth.

They let go of a potential outside success or benefit… in order to grow in self-love and self-respect.

As one grows in “Respect of the Other” while the other grows in “Respect of the Self” — a new level of balance within both is reached, which mirrors out in the relationship.

The Runner releases the ideal of a relationship being a “game of love with no commitment” and sees that by being conscious, we may desire to explore or not to explore — but not both.

They understand that before going too far Outwardly, one needs to learn clarity Within.

The Chaser learns to stand alone, to feel safe and loved on their own two feet — therefore seeing that they may only let in a more balanced and “decided” version of their partner. They learn to draw new boundaries and to accept only what feels right,

They learn that we shouldn’t compromise in love, even in the name of a possible magical feast.

That second type of Push & Pull is interesting and beautiful because it respects both individuals. Actually, it is about exploring the relationship from a place of individual balance, until it clicks and feels right — it is exploring as an investigator or a traveler, without “the need to have it” or an unhealthy desire to keep.

It is exploring from a place of honour, worth, dignity and self-equilibrium… and from a space of true ability, or shall I say desire, willingness, almost digged up from the loss — to fall in love.


Solar plexus, power and balance within the Pair.

As BALANCE is worked out and achieved between the PAIR — Balance is reached WITHIN both INDIVIDUALS.

As Balanced Harmonics between the Inner Masculine and Inner Feminine is worked on at personal levels for EACH counterpart, or even for ONLY ONE of them as everything is INTERTWINED —  Balance is increasing between the pair, which allows, in time, to resume the relationship for a new round and each time from a more balanced and happy place.

Two healthier and more balanced individuals are progressively being shaped in time, thanks to their own inner work and to the interactions which are at play within the relationship.

More below – A shared pool of personal power.

Your Ability to process your feelings and to remain energetically stable no matter what.


Why is “attachment” to the outcome and to how things should unfold, an issue in Twin Flame relationships?

Because when we are attached, our energetic level varies exactly as the situation we’re having expectations and attachments about plays out.

When we are too attached, if things go “wrong” or life shows up in a way we didn’t expect, our energy becomes low — and as Twin Souls relationships exactly unfold as a mirror of the energetic state they’re having, ‘me=low’ implies ‘us=low’.

That is why being able to reach Neutrality about how the situation goes and unfolds in the physical is of significant importance.

“Neutrality” is possible when one knows how to process their feelings within themselves – through journaling, meditation, nature, music, tears, cries or whatever ways and tools they may know about – and therefore come back to a state of high energy when life takes them to a shadow place within.

“Neutrality” can be attained when, instead of needing a month to recover from this or that hurtful event, a heart needs an hour or a day now — because it has learned the alchemist process of the darkness into the light. It has understood that the key is actually to allow their emotions, even if deep, raw and intense as they come and the energies to move through them until they’re released, rather than trying to silence the waves by blocking the feels.

« Neutrality” in a relationship doesn’t mean the absence of love — but simply the ability to stay “high” and joyful even if the Twin Flame relationship in the physical doesn’t play as we hoped and expected, and this ability to stay high no matter what is important and good because the relationship precisely unfolds as a mirror of the energetic state of both individuals.

If both can stay “high” in spite of the flames, the flames lessen.

What allows to stay in joy when the relationship gets too intense? I’ve seen from experience that it isn’t that much about having a good position, a lot of dollars or many people around, no. Those are not things bright enough to keep our hearts open, peaceful, serene, receptive and solid when the flames become too tall.

No, it is the connection to the Divine, and to our inner Sacred Self which allows to be ok, stable, trusting no matter what shadow part of our hearts the connection may mirror back at us.

It is by remembering who we are — a unique part of the web of everything, a little Divine spark there on purpose, a child of God gently coming back home, a star on the path to wholeness, a manifestor, a co-creator of their experiences able to influence and change the course of things by allowing and processing their emotions,

A man or a woman who knows that if they’re able to embrace, witness, hold space for, take care of, process, heal, transmute, whichever darkness the outside may bring

It is by remembering that life is and will be fine, always and eventually, because the Sun always comes back after an Alchemist night; it is by remembering, over and over, that this path of the Twin’s Individuation is only a game of healing, layer after a layer — that Twin Souls are able to be together in the physical and land their ethereal Divine bond on Earth.

See, when one knows about the Alchemist way, the Coming Closer of the Pair becomes ok, let’s see, safe, natural, flowing, unavoidable, happening.



Practise dropping into your heart.

Don’t block the feels, drop into your heart and allow yourself to feel.

If we can allow ourselves to feel, sit in our emotions even the uncomfortable ones, we actually transmute the energy and allow the healing.

It is normal to block the feels when what’s at stake is very important, matters so much to the heart.

Sometimes the more something matters, the less we feel able to face it and dive into the places within it takes us to.

The runner doesn’t run — they’re terrified to feel and to drop into their hearts.

If we block the feelings and choose the Masculine warrior mode of “I will survive”, “I don’t care” and deny it all – the hope, the love, the anger, the pain, the rest of resentment and etc., we actually feel better right now but block, postpone the healing of the soul.

Feel, feel.

That is the “right” direction, and if we can do that we reach, layer after layer… a place which is closer, so much closer to the core of both of our hearts and to the purity of the connection.