January 2017

Let Love Flow Freely From Your Heart Space.

Sometimes we repress the love that we have for someone in our hearts – because we’re scared of what the other may feel or think, if we speak our truth.

We decide in those cases to choose silence because it feels safer and less risky, and we think : the love in the form that we now have won’t be taken away from me if I don’t speak more of my true feelings — while if I do so, my love may run away, because this could be too much for them and therefore scare them.

Yes but NO.


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You’ve Become Love – its Vibration, its Energy.

Dear Twin Flames… This is a Congratulations! message… New beginnings are ahead of you, shifts are about to happen in the physical.

Why? Precisely because you’ve slowly moved on & detached from it — from the perception that you had of this relationship as being your only possible Joy.

Now you only Love, and it’s Unconditional.

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The Power Is In You.

Message for Twin Flames : The Power Is In You.

« The power is in you. The answer is in you. And you are the answer to all your searches : you are the goal. You are the answer. It’s never outside » ~ Eckhart Tolle.

I’d like to speak to you of a new energy for Twin Flames. This, is the energy of the weeks to come. I’m not saying « the energy of 2017 » because honestly nobody knows what 2017 will bring… did you know last January what 2016 would be about ?

I’d like to tell you today something very straightforward and that may seem triggering and destabilizing — STOP FOCUSING ON THIS. STOP FOCUSING ON THIS TWIN FLAME RELATIONSHIP. So now here is what I suggest : COME BACK TO YOURSELF AND EMBRACE LIFE. CREATE THE PAINTING OF YOUR OWN LIFE AND MAKE IT AS BEAUTIFUL AS YOU CAN.

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Poetry. Dear Kindred souls.

As the flames of sacred love develop and the journey unfolds, we sometimes wonder what we truly want. If we’d prefer to have our counterpart in our life or not, if we’d truly like to see them again or not, if the magic is forever vanished or if the hours, days and months of separation were no more than an organized play of love — before we come together again.

This is a poetry I wrote a couple years ago, but that feels timely again… Continue reading: Poetry. Dear kindred soul.