February 2017

Message for the Divine Feminine

Ladies, you’ve been told that relationships mean to compromise and that you need to change yourself, a little or more — to adapt to someone, to a man, to your partner, to your « love ».

You’ve been told that if you really do what you want and feel, if you really speak your heart, act, behave, live as you want to & if for those reasons you could loose him – then you shouldn’t, then you shouldn’t be yourself.

So you change your mind about what you truly need, and you ultimately stay no matter how you feel deep inside — because you want to keep him. The truth is, you want to keep “love” because you don’t know what will happen to you if you don’t.


This is from the womb of the Earth — don’t become a Lady in suffering to make sure that you’ll maintain a relationship.

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Skype sessions available!

Twin Flames, more people are reaching out to share about their own experiences and receive guidance from me.

I’m therefore now offering Skype sessions — of 30 min or one hour. If Skype isn’t possible where you are now or based on your current possibilities, other means can be found (like messenger).

Have a very nice day!

Sophie, for The Twin Flame Journey.

Twin Flames : Heal Yourself First.

The Twin Flame journey is not what it seems. It’s not about you both, IT’S ONLY ABOUT YOU. We can’t tell you if it may work out or not. The only truth is, you need to walk your own way first.

The only truth is, YOU NEED TO HEAL YOURSELF FIRST – which means to walk your own unique way and not what seems to be the easy way.

You will never be able to come together in the physical, until getting closer to them takes you away from yourself & from what’s right for you — from what you like, from your path, from your growth, from your joy, from what feels right.

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