December 2016

New magic and clarity for Twin Flames!

Dear Twin Flames, we’re getting closer to the Solstice gateway. This is a time a new magic and clarity for Twin Souls. Forget about all that has happened, all was an illusion. All is well, and you’re free. 

We’ve seen all the work — wow! you’ve done amazing. Every day was a progress this year, and still is. You’ve done so well, you’ve faced so much, you’re on the way back to yourself.

We can tell you that Twin Flames are on their way back home. 

Now you understand that what you saw at that time through your interactions with them, was only part of the “truth” — it was only what you were able to see at that time based on the world’s glasses that you were carrying.

Now that you’ve changed glasses, you can feel how life has changed. Now you can see that they were no “runners”. This is only spiritual vocable, but you both ran. When they were scared, you were scared too. When they were feeling too much for you and therefore decided to leave a room, a situation, a place — you were feeling too much too. They were two runners actually — and, they are no “chasers”. 

Could you now replay the events that have bothered you with your new glasses on?

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Create your own luck

Dear Twin Flames, you’ll find below a new article. Explaining why this « relationship » isn’t an outside situation — but the external mirror of the energy that we hold within. Actually whenever you do something to find your joy, to get closer to your authentic self or to raise your vibration, you also automatically come closer to your Twin. Whatever work you may be doing to speed up Reunion, mechanically heals yourself as well.
This is the magic of the Twin Flame Journey. As within, so without.
Also, they’re no “lucky people”. People build their own luck.
Have you noticed that we receive blessings when we start to act precisely to find blessings? Have you noticed that miracles happen when we start to work to achieve our dreams? Have you noticed that magic happens when we start to act in order to make magic? Have you noticed that we meet our tribe when we really step out of the situations that weigh down on us and take leaps in the physical?
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Message From The “Runners”: Separation Was An Illusion.

This is a message from the group of so-called Runners Twins. Most often Masculine counterparts. The Divine Masculine, the core of male Twins is strong, wise and brave — but not forceful or dominant. They’re loving, tender, soft, understanding, immensely golden and always on your side.

“There are no Runners, you see. Separation has never existed. We had agreed for all of this, the twists & turns. We knew that this preparation would be something — but we also knew that we’d make it. That’s why we’re here.

This journey, our journey, is a gift. It’s rare and precious — you’ve been looking for a reward, right? This is it. Don’t look elsewhere, it has never been about money, status, ego, jobs, businesses. Your reward is Me, my reward is You…”

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It Was A Journey Back to the Self – Reunion Won’t Happen For All.

Dear Twin Flames, this piece is going to be different from what I usually share with you. It was channelled for the collective of Twin Flames and I didn’t edit it at all. I wanted all Twin Flames to read the words in their purest form.

“Dear Twin Flames, it was only about that : triggering the Ascension process for all of you, so that you could become that light in the world, a Burning Hero, a star of the dismantling of the matrix. You’ve all succeeded in that task. You’ve made it, the worse is behind. 

Ultimately yes, we can tell you all that Twin Flames have incarnated together and met in this life to reunite but… we’re sorry Reunion was never what truly mattered.”

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There is no need to “let go” or “move on”: You can trust your own inner knowing.

There is a huge misunderstanding for Twin Flames. We’re often told to move on, let go or cut off — but this is impossible. That’s a battle that none of us has to fight or win.

Instead, I’ve learnt that what Twins “should” do is to find the “right” place that they let their counterpart occupy in their heart – it’s not and will never be about trying to erase them from there or “forget”.

The right battle is to move at your own pace towards this space where you can love freely.

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