Message For The Divine Feminine : Be His Temple, His Stillness, The Way Back Home. 

This Eclipse Portal has brought major shifts in the consciousness of the Divine Masculine and of the Divine Feminine.

The Divine Feminine is now asked to remain strong and steady and stable.

This is a channeled message for all the women that have come in this life to resurrect the codes of the Sacred Feminine.

You are now the Grounding Shelter and the Sacred Space for your Masculine counterpart – this is now your Mission and your mission is Key.

They are sorry, He is sorry. He is sorry for the pain and the hurt and wants you to know that he couldn’t do otherwise.

He wanted to behave differently but he couldn’t.

Ladies, You are the Ones who need to pave the way and Hold Space for Them.



Ladies and Sisters, YOU are the ones who carry the POWER OF MANIFESTATION – he isn’t and he never was.

Please understand that, WHILE THE FEMININE STILL OSCILLATES between the vibration of fear and love for her masculine counterpart – while she can’t finally ground in Love, the ripples of intentions that she sends out there and to the Universe are perceived as UNCLEAR.

While the Feminine oscillates between the channels of love and fear, she isn’t energetically perceived as ready to receive.

If the Feminine still oscillates between love and fear, hope for the future and anger, dreams of a happy ending and a desire to hurt him back « because of what he did »… If the Feminine still oscillates between “that’s ok if you’not there for me” and “I’m sick of you because you’re never there for me” —  MANIFESTATION WILL NOT OCCUR & HEALING OF BOTH HALVES IS POSTPONED.

She needs to trust that now, THE OBSTACLES THAT SHE MEETS AREN’T WHAT THEY SEEM – it’s not an ending, it’s not a drama, it’s only a new step CLOSER to herself, to inner peace and healing, to her own freedom and to Her Counterpart.

The more she approaches the vibration of love, freedom and truth – the more he receives this feeling that he had been expecting for so long of being supported and understood by YOU, that girl, that woman, that One, the ONE – HIS ONE.

Support from everyone else is not what he needs.



We, the Feminine, thought that they were stronger than we are, stronger than everything — but this is not true. It’s harder for the Masculine to open up to feeling deeply and to share stories of woundings or traumas.



The truth is, we have blamed them for our pain because the pain that we received in this life came through them BUT THEY WERE ONLY THE VESSELS, THE CONDUITS, THE TRANSMISSION OF WHAT WE NEEDED TO HEAL.

It never was them as people — the cause of our pain, our dishonor, our fears, our tears. It never was them, as men.

What happened was an illusion : for each of us as the Divine Feminine we received through HIM exactly what we needed to receive in order to heal the pain of all our ancestors, of all our PAST HEROINES.

My Ladies, please don’t feel guilty when you’ll read this and see that you couldn’t be steady and strong, before – no you couldn’t because you needed to heal, and that’s OK.

That’s ok, they are saying – it couldn’t unfold in a different way.

If you had been steady before, you wouldn’t be where you are at now. If you had been strong and steady before, you both could never reach the paradigm of Union as He needed your breaking which led to your rising and your strength and gifts to be able to open up and reveal what’s hiding behind his armour, behind his carapace of strength.

You needed to rise first, Divine Sister. 

That’s ok, forget about what you couldn’t understand, what you couldn’t see, your mistakes, your words, the days you resisted love, the days when you lied, the days when you put all the pain of your heart on his shoulders, the days where you thought that HE was responsible for all the tears of your soul.


But it’s not their fault, his fault – they were only the vessels through which we’ve healed our own deepest wounds, the martyrdom of the Feminine.

As we carry the pain of our mothers, grandmothers, ancestors — as we do carry the blueprints of all our Past Heroines and Abandoned Lady Ancestors – They as the Masculine carry the shame and guilt of their fathers, of the patriarchal order, the manly dominant, disrespectful and sometimes even abusive way & the shame and guilt of the inflicted pain they gave us, in this life and others.

They consequently carry the burden and fears of FAILING AGAIN.

If we can’t show – as grounded sacred temples, as unwavering sacred flames, as unchanging ROCKS of understanding, beauty and compassion ~ If we can’t remain strong and stable and steady in those times of storms for the Divine Masculine, they won’t be able to Heal.

The Divine Feminine needs to understand that SHE leads the way now – IT’S NOW ENERGETICALLY SPEAKING UP TO HER.


You are the rock that resists breakers – you are the safe space where his storm didn’t enter.

You are his stillness when a World falls apart.

You are the smile he sees and seeks when he wants, at last, to surrender in tears of truth in the dark spaces of his nights.

You are the harbour, the light, the anchor, the helping hand, the last spark that ages of agony and turmoil haven’t erased.

You are the abseiling, his holding rope.

You must be – and remain – the stillness of his hope back home.

Can you see that it’s not about you anymore? They need YOU, you to hold space now.

You need to get ready to receive, to hold space, to hear, to witness, to rescue from afar and in silence, to smile words of wisdom and kindness and for him, to be there FOR HIM AND NOT FOR YOUR OWN HAPPINESS.

Do temples shift and blow and twirl around and oscillate, like the Wind?

Do temples flow and move and change, like Water? 

Do temples burn and scream and hurt, like Fire?

No, Temples are the Earth. Temples are what’s steady, unchanging, tall, strong, grounded.

Temples are sacred trees.

Woman, you need to become as steady and soft as the Earth.

Understand that homes are steady, that wanderers may not find their way back home if Home moves and shifts and changes Her mind and goes back and forth.

A wanderer can’t find his way back home if he can’t see that he has a HOME or if his home burns whenever She is disappointed.

Homes are homes & Churches remain even when it’s winter – even when it’s cold, even when it’s lonely, dark and foggy. Churches remain even when there are no ceremonies, no celebrations, no weddings. Churches remain even it’s the void, even when nothing happens, even when it hurts, even when people are dying – Churches ALWAYS remain.

The Divine Feminine is becoming the Healer, the Higher Priestess, the Sacred Prostitute, the Temple of Light – for her man, to lay down his weapons, his soldier’s lies, his heaviness, his tears, his fears, the wounds of a million lives ~

For her man to lay down all the suffering, in Her – because there and only there he will find true peace ~

For her man to come back, gently, one day and at his own pace – for her man, he will stop fighting so hard, so hard against himself and against what he always knew ~

For him to rest, at last, after a million lives of Hero’s type fights and guns and crimes ~

She is the sacred space, his temple — and when the temple is built, steady solid grounded soft serene peaceful golden strong loving unwavering trusting, full of light and joy and candles

When the temple is ready, God shall come back and drop everything – all the fears, the masks, the pretended overconfidence, the shame, the guilt

All the weapons that he used from a place of suffering

When the Temple is ready, God shall come back and feel, for the first time 

in a hundred centuries – I’ve returned, Home.



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