Energy Update: Abundance Fears Keep Twin Flames Away.

There is a paradox on the Twin Flame journey. Money fears presently keep many Twins away from one another, while the coming together itself is the Solution.

I’ve seen that when we believe that a financial help will be provided, a shift between both counterparts instantly happens — and this change smoothes the path towards reunion in the physical world.

On the opposite, survival mode keeps love away.

Money worries and fear of lack are keeping Sacred Lovers far from each other because it is a distraction from what truly matters.

This mostly concerns Masculine counterparts.

The feeling of lack lowers our vibrations and pull us away from the heights of unconditional love, because love opposes fear.

But the past doesn’t truly matter, I’m hearing. Love is bigger than fear and love is about to win.

Masculine counterparts are scared because they believe that they won’t be able to provide if they truly take a leap towards Purpose.

How will we survive if we truly live from our hearts?

What will be our status if we take that road? Masculine Twins are wondering.

But first, men don’t have to provide for women in this new world. Twins are strong, safe and able on their own.

Above all, Twins share a common purpose — that’s why life has brought them together. And this common purpose is precisely the solution.

Twins are expected to come together for the love that they share as individuals, but also to support the rise of the collective consciousness through a common activity — they shall come together to become “business partners” for the new world.

That’s how ressources are created — but from a place of purpose, truth and independence this time.

Common Purpose is the solution.

As we know what we don’t want to do, we shouldn’t go back to old careers but instead see that ressources will be created by doing what we like and leave – once and for good – the paradigm of grey lack.

The difference between what has been and what is about to be, is that now we are 2 that share the exact same vibration, ambition and desire to help and be of service.

I’ve seen that when we believe that a financial help will be provided, a shift between both counterparts instantly happens — and this shift smoothes the path towards reunion and makes it possible in the physical world.

We are afraid to come together because we know that this Union is one for the awakened ones — in other words, one for those that have a purpose and that believe that “work” is mission or isn’t.

So, we are afraid to take a leap into the new reality of Unconditional love and embrace our Twin in the physical world, because we don’t know how we “make money” there.

But the solution is the Reunion…

Reunion will allow to dive deeper into Purpose, in new and more stable ways…while staying aligned with Purpose for each counterpart raises their vibration, making the path towards Reunion faster and smoother.

It’s all magical.

So dear Twins, step away for all plans that hurt and only open doors that aren’t forced, feel like truth, heart’s opening and joy.

The reunion of Twin Flames happens from of a place of self-love and alignment.

Truth leads you to your divine counterpart. And then, you thrive together in Purpose.

This was always the plan, actually, for all Twin Flames.

Published on Love Has Won: Love Has Won – Abundance.


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