Dear Community & Friends,

I’m currently writing a new book, made of short stories. It is partly autobiographical (only partly!), relating major moments of my life and love stories. Most of it doesn’t take place in France but abroad.

It relates stories of daring & strong women. That follow their passion to change their own lives & possibly the world. It also includes MY OWN TWIN FLAME STORY.

To write this book, I would need your support for two reasons :

— I don’t have any passive income and will have to reduce my coaching sessions rhythm early 2022, in order to follow my dream. I will not stop working fully, but will have to decrease the pace in order to dive more completely into my writing activity & focus on the creation process – at least for the first part of the year (3 to 4 months)

— I want to travel again in order to add more sensory aspects to my writings and dive more fully into the atmosphere of the faraway places where the action is taking place — and be more inspired, again.

 This will greatly help my dream come true.

If you have loved my writings over time, and want to give a little bit of yourself into this big project, you can donate something — even little.

By creating this donation link, I’m trusting this book will be in part co-creation between myself and the Universe.

Myself and my past and future travels. Myself and the people that have mattered on the journey. Myself and all the Muses. Myself and all of you, who have supported my work big time over the years & have helped me believe in the power of my words.

I will be extremely grateful for your support. I think it’s ok to co-create with others.

I think it’s ok to show our life situations, struggles and wishes as they are, and that is OK to stop letting the biggest dreams dormant somewhere in our heart.

So the funds will be used to finance myself as I write, and to travel shortly as mentioned above.

It’s a big step for me to send this, knowing it’s the REAL start of a new writing journey.

Knowing I have some support for the early months of 2022 will help me continue with less worry, in a more serene way.

If you want to contribute, please go Here! 

Thank you for reading this in the first place, Thank you for your presence over the years, and a BIG thank you too to those who will support my dream

Love to all



Some have asked about donating in $ instead of € so Godundme says they don’t have conversion fees so if you want to donate in $ or £ for instance, you can check on a currency conversion link like this one – – what the amount you wish to donate would be in Euros, and then choose that amount for your donation on Gofundme

That should work! If not, Paypal is ok too. In that case, please go Here.