Hi friends! We are approaching the Full Moon that will take place on January 28th/29th.💫🎆This is not the easiest one! It is inner patterns, limiting beliefs and ways that we see ourselves that we are releasing. Much can change or manifest externally — but this time we are especially being asked to cleanse our inner landscape so that old behaviour don’t affect us that much now, don’t carry weight. ❤️Change starts from within. Your rebirth is fully allowed as you allow another layer of your old self to be shed.

I’m offering the 4 following specials for this Full Moon!💫🎇

✨Soul Blueprint Astro Natal Reading: Discover the astrological blueprint of your birth. This is a powerful reading that taps into your main placement and aspects, and key traits of your birth chart that most astrologers wouldn’t dive into. I study the Symbolistic aspects of your self by using many Sabian & Chandra symbolisms through the study to connect to your essence in a different way, more poetic and profound. Your Karmic storyline is majorly discussed with your Lunar Nodes, showing what you came here to transmute, release and reopen compared to past incarnations/DNA. This is a magical dive into your authentic self! The Reading is sent via email (recording, links to trusted sources, picture of your chart), or done via a one hour Zoom call.Price: 99€

✨AstroNumerology Reading: This Reading is all the above (Soul Blueprint Astro Natal Reading) COUPLED with the study of your Numerology Natal Chart. I dive into your main key numbers: Life Path number, Destiny number, Soul Urge number, Maturity number, Personality number… and tap into your soul identity, strengths and gifts from a numerology perspective. Through this study, we discover how you attain your highest potential within but also in the world.The Reading is sent via email (recording, links to trusted sources, picture of your chart), or done via a 1h30 Zoom call.Price: 122€

✨Your Year in 12 Cards:This Reading is a set of 12 Tarot cards, one for each month of your 2021 Year. It comes via email with a picture of all cards and a recording detailing their meanings for you. This is a beautiful energetic & divinatory roadmap for this new cycle!Price: 47€

✨Your Numerology Year & the Vibration of Each Month: This Reading is a detailed forecast of your year based on the specific vibration of each month. Will your March vibrate as a 3 or a 9? What can happen specifically in a 8 month? Discover the numerology map of your 2021 & tap into the energies that will rule each of your months to come! Price: 51€

🎇💖To book your reading, send me a message directly here or go to the calendly link below. If you go through calendly, you’ll see that these services above start with “SPECIAL”. ❤️>> calendly.com/sophie-gregoire

Much Love!

Sophie xxx