NEW: Intuitive Channeled Twin Flame Readings: 

  • Providing intuitive insights, more clarity on your situation and a read — as well as distance healing sent through Reiki.
  • The reading I provide is based on intuitive, clairvoyance and claircognizance gifts.
  • Sent with a spread of 3 Tarot cards also explaining what I felt and saw from another perspective.
  • You may send me a short question, inquiry or situation you want to investigate about, and I read from there, even if the share is very short.
  • The price is of 44€. The reading is of 10/15 min length approx., and is sent directly to your email box with the cards, and the recording, within the 24/48h following your purchase.

Send me a message to for any questions, or to arrange your reading. 

NEW: Sabian Symbols Astrology Readings 

I offer a new type of astrology readings, based on Sabian Symbols. In a symbolic way, these refer to your soul gifts, purpose and the evolutionary path of your life. They are based on the exact degrees of your birth chart, for instance if you were born with Venus in Cancer 28° — the degree will be studied in-depth! They open up new horizons within the self as they relate in a mystical way your unique design and soul blueprint.

  • Sabian Symbols readings can be done for yourself only, or to study in a non classical way the chemistry & potential of a couple.
  • Sabian Readings are audio recordings of 30 to 45 min long for the individual, 45 min to 1 hour for the couple’s analysis. The cost is respectively of 77€ and 99€.

Send me a message to for any questions, to arrange your reading.