Hi Friends,

How are you feeling during this Eclipse time? We are moving through such a powerful start of the summer.

You could feel that your energy is being drawn to very new ways of thinking, being in the world, working & sharing your gifts.

Things, people & places that you felt very close to or attached to even recently could feel faraway, or dramatically fading. A new path is possible. Feelings around your Twin Soul & the possible destination of this connection / pathway to Reunion could be changing & evolving towards a higher level of love & maturity.

Whenever lost, ask yourself:

Which path is the most self-loving, self-empowering & serving the communities that matter most to you? Your bonding & sense of “this holds meaning or not” as far as family, tribe, groups of friends or relationships could now entirely be reshaped. Groups that almost had no importance to you, could start & become of a paramount relevance for your healing & path of personal liberation.

Where do you feel that you had abandoned yourself by having restricted perspectives & glasses of the world?

Which long standing issue or cycle could be approached in a brand-new way?

What is coming back up which started or unfolded in 2002/2003? How do you wish to approach things differently now?

Where soul can show that it has reached a greater level of maturity?

To respond to needs of guidance & insights, without the need for you to connect at a specific time of your day through a video call — I have created the following offering:

Intuitive Channelled Recordings (10/15 min length):

They provide intuitive insights, an intuitive read of your situation, as well as distance Healing sent through Reiki.

These are sent with a spread of 3 Tarot cards also explaining what I felt and saw from another perspective. The price is of 44€.

The reading is sent directly to your email box with the cards & the recording — within the 24/48h following your purchase.

You may send me a short question, inquiry or situation that you want to investigate about — and I will read from there (even if the share is very short).

To ask for more information or arrange your reading, write me directly here: sophieanna.gregoire@gmail.com.