Dear Twin Flames, you will find a new writing below. Designed for the hard times of the Twin Souls Journey.

When it’s tough, we we lose hope. A reminder that we always recover from love, even this one… perhaps, until it comes back…

“I thought I would spend a life not being in love, because of our love.

I thought no other man would have eyes of that same blue.

I thought nobody else would feel so close.

None of these were true.

It’s funny, yet so beautiful, how life is—one day you think you are dead, that you already passed away—but you aren’t.

You think that life has left you, but it didn’t.

You think love only had one name—it doesn’t.

One day he leaves and you see yourself laying on the floor, breathless, lifeless, desireless, hopeless, futureless. You think you lost everything that was you—but in fact, at that exact moment that you thought you were forever laying there, you were up. And you became something you never were before in your life.

A broken heart that stood up.”

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Much love,