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I had always been looking for somebody who would be both primal and sensitive. Connected to his heart and strong. Deeply present, loving and nurturing and soft — and wild too. Sexual. In his power. 

That was you.

I have thought and talked a lot about sacred sex in timebut as an idea, because I didn’t know until I found you. 

Until that point I believed that a man, in the bedroom as in life, was either too soft, too tender, and even reserved — or conversely dominant, disconnected from his heart and possibly there, in the bed with you, more for the performance and the fact of making the woman orgasm  partly in order to reinforce his own pride.

Before you, the men of my life may have had technique — but they lacked presence. 

Some can miss the key point, which is: doing the love making with you, deeply connected to you — in response to your opening, to your love.


It’s funny because now that I’m typing this, I realize that the reason why our sexual life is so beautiful, to me, is because you gave me the love that I longed for. 

It is because of the trust that we built together that my body agreed to let you lead. 

It is because you were always present, consistent, reliable and sure, that you didn’t meet any resistance within my body, within my soul.



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