This is a post about my own Twin Flame journey.

“You know you really love someone when you don’t hate them for breaking your heart.” ~ Unknown

It relates our story.

It is a love letter to the man who never came back. It is a love letter to maybe the most important love of my life — but we never got closure.

Read an extract below:

“When we met, I was engaged and my whole life was on the other side of the world, so at first I resisted you. A new chapter of my life was starting and I could feel it, but I couldn’t acknowledge it and allow you in.

You insisted. I told you I needed time to think. You kept being there. You were an energy, a calling. I was drawn to your spirit, to your soul, to your words. The first night that we made love, I felt guilty but this was only a side note, because what I had been looking for was you. With a capital Y.

Nobody had ever clicked with me that way. I thought you would be my all: my hero, my husband, my best friend, my soul lover.

During this trip to Cambodia, I would travel often outside of the city. I would think of you daily. What a life could be like with you. Why you felt so similar to me, yet distant and ethereal. Almost unreal.

In fact, you were too good to be true.

The power of our possible union made it almost unrealistic.

But I couldn’t be fully there with you yet either. I had to let go of the rest of my life. I travelled back to France. You texted while the taxi was driving back home. I thought I had to make a decision. The more I was avoiding feeling you, the more you were there—in my body, in my heart, like pink honey in my thoughts.

In time, the desire that I had to be with you won over everything else. I quit the rest of my life to be with you.

This is when you said no.

But the leap was worth it. Otherwise, I would have spent a lifetime regretting you.”

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