Dear friends,

Please find my new poetry relating how I eventually healed my own Twin Flame relationship, and let it go — in the sense of seeing the truth of it, giving it space, and giving it time.

Find the poem here. 


“I don’t know how many times within one’s life we are supposed to fall in love.

I don’t know if we are even supposed to fall in love that deeply once.

I don’t even know if this was sane, healthy, or intelligent.

But it did happen to me.


And it took a bunch of years to recover.


I still don’t know how I did it.

How I coped.

I still don’t know either why it hurt that much.

I remember that I healed through presence. Acknowledging that it was over.

I remember that I had to feel the loss and the longing and the ache fully to actually live again, breathe again, smile again.

I recall this time as a long, long voiceless tunnel.

At first the hope that I still had for us to resume would carry me forward. You were my morning thoughts, my afternoon dreams, my evening prayers.

The trust that I still had in you changing your mind would lift me through the days as some colourful, Christmas, dreamy songs.

We were both the past and the future.

After a few months, I started to feel the opposite way.

Hope was destroying me.

Your silence was rose thorns.

Waiting was hell.

I had to let it go.

I had to let you go.


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