« When a King enters your life, be ready.

He’s not looking for a woman who’s still acts a child, but a woman all her own;

A Queen.

She’ll come with pride, and she’ll come with scars.

He will know this and will adore her all the more.

The tears that should never have been hers to bear, he will gently wipe away. Gladly and for good.

She will trust him because he is trustworthy.

She will receive his total devotion and respect.

And ladies, damn straight he’s going to make you laugh and experience joy like you’re a newborn freakin’ unicorn!!


When a king enters your life, best be ready to ROAR. He won’t claim you halfway but COMPLETELY and will tear down ANY barricades around your heart, no distance too close or too far, to be right by your side.

He’ll fight for you. He’ll wait for you. He’ll listen to you. He’ll reassure you. He’ll build a goddam kingdom for you.

Anything within his power he will give to you.

Not because he feels obligated but because his very instinct, primal urge, and deepest need propels him to.

And he’ll never leave you guessing how he feels.

Yes, he needs you.

And you, dear Queen, must show him with the confidence of your eternal, unstoppable grace and feminine light, that he is safe and that he is welcome. That he is desired, more than enough, and that you are crystal clear with a heart of gold that he is yours and that you, in turn, would move moons for him.

And with the authority of his own soul, he will assure you every day that you, his family and his life’s work are equals as his life’s greatest treasures he will work hard, and even die for. It’s in his bones. No question.

It is possible. And fucking real. Terrifying to the princess, yet satisfying, fortifying and nourishing to the Queen who knows the true value of true love (after her many battles both lost and won)

Ladies, PLEASE don’t sell yourself short with jesters or knights, and men who will only meet you halfway.

Be a Queen, who from her deepest Source, magnetizes her perfect King.

And let your heart be healed and revered in every way, every single day. »

– Catlin Narramore