Sometimes it is about fully letting go of something to experience a rebirth.

About being cracked open, torn to the core, open to our last cell. About feeling love and the absence of the object of love, both fully.

About saying everything that’s on our heart. Feeling all the ache, the memories, the days we thought of them out of nowhere, or because something in the wind or underneath the smile of a flower felt like their music.

About saying everything, until there is no more to say. To share. No more that’s still trapped in our lungs, chest, heart, within. To try everything, to try it from every angle and side, each possible windows of hope, of possibility, of remnants of what hasn’t been tried or said.

About knowing that all that was possible was done.

And then, the heart becomes free. Free from the regrets, liberated from the weight of what has been done, or not done before – because this time it did it right, beautifully, kindly, honestly and openly.

Sometimes, it is about doing and feeling it all until a layer of a soul contract is over, completed. Going as far as possible, to the end of a road, until there is absolutely nothing more to say, to live, to repeat or to learn. Nothing more to hope, nothing else to feel.

Sometimes, we need to go to the end of something, to see what’s on the other side of the wave.

We have to finish a moment of life, a pattern. A way of relating, a part of a story, to come back.

And so, this is when we are ready for a Rebirth.