Love them Unconditionally. Love them as they are, because they have the right to live their own journey and to go through their own steps, and things, and joy. 

Love them unconditionally, even if this means moving on because today, your versions of love are different, and what they seek is not what you want. 

Love them unconditionally, even if they didn’t do the right thing, for you. Love them anyway, because they didn’t have to do anything for you, actually. They are traveling this road called life as they wish, you see, and this is their perfect birthright to choose for themselves whatever way they want to love, to live or to be. 
Love them unconditionally, and as they are, but please don’t forget yourself. 
Don’t forget yourself, and your heart and, the way you deserve to be loved, cared for, talked to and looked at. 
Love them as they are, and don’t blame. Don’t blame because, in this life we all have all rights to behave the way we desire and, you see, your responsibility is yourself and only yourself, not changing others, neither their hearts. 
Love them as they are, but don’t forget. The way you, yes You, you deserve to be seen, embraced, talked to, cherished, loved, hugged, received, listened to. 
Love them as they are, but don’t forget to move on, to continue your journey, to honour your tears and the time you need to come back and, the beauty of the stories that could be books without existing and, please love them but love Yourself so much that you keep yourself on track. 
Love them, but from afar. Like gardeners love their flowers, like parents love their children when they now live a thousand, a million miles away – to live their own lives. 
Love them, even if you thought things would be different. 
Love them, if it hurt you maybe even more than the way the sun shined, tall and bright, the other day. 
Love them, even if you couldn’t understand, even if your mind failed to see. 
Love them, even if it could have taken another turn, even if it could have been great. 
Love them, and don’t blame, but please choose Yourself. Because you are the most beautiful flower, your most precious art. You are your own garden, and you see, such a masterpiece needs to be loved right, seen, respected, received, listened to, cherished even as what’s best – as the most precious poem, as a wild summer song, as the smell of the woods after the rain, as your best friend would smile at you, tonight, as cities are photographed when the sun sets, & as life has made you, pure, and beautiful and tall and kind and wild. 
Love them, because this is their life. 
Love them, but please, don’t forget yourself. 
Love them, but know it is you, the beauty, the flower, the poem, the adventure,
The Christmas tree, the song. 
Love them, and don’t blame, and even don’t analyse – what they do, their choices, the way they live and behave and all that – but, on this journey as you walk further, and let them in and talk and connect and everything, always remember,
If there is ever a Choice to make, 
To Choose Yourself.